A Closer Look: The Flash – “Fast Lane”

The Flash Fast Lane Closer Look

The Flash returned this week and despite seeming like a run-of-the-mill ‘villain of the week’ episode, it actually served to kick off the next phase of Flash’s second season – the Journey to Earth 2 – but that’s not all. Beside Operation Save Jessie there was also a lot of strong development with the West family, including what becoming a speedster will mean to him.

But that’s enough teasing! Let’s get started with our Closer Look at The Flash “Fast Lane”.

The “Fast Lane” – Gaining & Loosing Speed:

On one end of the spectrum, we again return to Wally West who is getting more and more parallels to Barry every episode. I already spoke about how these two both have primary motivations with their mothers, but this episode hit a home run by exploring WHY Wally truly races – even despite his mom’s medical bills. By racing, he is reminded of when he was younger and go on drives with his mom. Feeling the rush of everything around him is how he is able to reconnect to a simpler time in his life and keep his mother’s memory alive. No doubt gaining Speedster powers will be quite the blessing for him.

On the other end, we find Barry slowing down. Well’s has finally perfected a means to tap into and siphon the speedforce out of Barry. It seems as though they’re going right past the ‘help the Flash get faster’ part and going right for the ‘steal his speed’. The initial speedforce withdrawal is minimal at best, but it’s that 2% that made all the difference in Iris getting hurt. Much like how Wally feels most at home with Speed, Barry does as well. Him loosing speed is like him loosing a part of himself (even at 2%), so you can imagine how Jay feels mentally and physically since all of his speed has been stolen.

A Father’s Dilemma – Joe & Harry Wells:

In a similar fashion, the two fathers’ this episode took very opposing and yet oddly similar roles when it came to their children. On one end, Harry Wells is stealing Barry’s speed and makes the choice to betray these new people in his life. He hates what he has to do, but it’s the only way he sees possible to save his daughter. On the other end, Joe West is giving Wally some distance and is trying not to do anything to drastic. These two might be opposites when it comes to doing something ‘drastic’ or ‘non drastic’, but both hate the path they have to take. Just as Wells is scared of losing his daughter, Joe is scared of loosing his son.


Though by episode’s end, both realized there is another interestingly similar way for both to reunite their families. For example, by Wells admitting to what he’d been doing, he shows he cares about Barry and the team, thus getting another kid in a sense as well. He might have begun the episode by saying he doesn’t need another kid, but by episode’s end he kinda has one – and that’s how he’s going to save Jessie. Similarly, it’s Joe’s other child (Iris) who helps make the most progress with Wally.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Tarpit’s final form is very nice nod to his comic form.
  • Did you hear it? One of the TV casters mentioned Oliver Queen’s run for Mayor in Star City.
  • The West’s were eating from Coast City Pizza, last seen in season one where Barry ran there to pick up pizza while everyone tried to decide if Harrison Wells was good or bad. Wonder if Barry did this takeout as well? Lol
  • It’s important to note that this is Wally’s first real interaction – if you want to call it that – with the Flash. Wonder if this is where the fascination will start.
  • Well now that one of the breeches ha been destroyed, there’s only 51 left… guess that’s a 52 Easter Egg without saying the word 52 lol
  • Favorite Quotes: Winner – Cisco (as always)
    • “Did I just make the meta0human Tinder… Nope, not starting that fetish!” – Cisco
    • “Who’s the best hacker in the world people?” – Cisco
      • “Felicity Smoak” – Barry & Caitlin
      • “What wrong with you two? That’s not friendship!” – Cisco

So it looks like Barry just decided to become the hero of 2 worlds. You know what that means, EARTH-2 FIELD TRIP!!!! What old friends/ new enemies will they meet along the way? Will the mission be successful? Will this be the only trip to Earth-2 or will Barry cross dimensions again? Most likely considering at the end of March both The Flash and Supergirl are set to crossover – which is what we always knew would happen, but MUCH sooner.

So much to be excited about! So stay tuned for the next episode and review

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