A Closer Look: The Flash – “Potential Energy”

The Flash Potential Energy Closer Look

The Flash returned this week as we find that Barry is just as haunted by his battle with Zoom as ever; but will those fears start ruining his life and the lives of those around him. We have a bigger than ever Spring Season ahead of us, so it was imperative that this episode set up what’s to come. And it NAILED IT!!!! – as usual.

So let’s take a Closer Look at The Flash “Potential Energy” and see just how much “Potential” this Spring Season has!

Episode Meaning – “Potential Energy”:

For you people who passed 8th Grade Science, Potential Energy –explained simply – is the counterpart of Kinetic Energy. Where ‘kinetic energy’ is the energy an object has in motion, ‘potential energy’ as you can imagine is the energy it has store. So think of a car on a hill. Right there it has ‘Potential Energy’; but then when it’s given a push and starts rolling down the hill its Potential Energy becomes Kinetic Energy. Why am I explaining this? Simple, because that’s how you should view this episode in terms of The Flash’s Spring Season.

Sure this week’s villain was all about stealing Kinetic Energy. Additionally, the way his powers works – creating fields acting upon outside forces – does kind of parallel to the more scientific explanation of “Potential Energy” as the energy an object has due to its position in a force field; BUT there’s so much more than that. Remember my example with the car on the hill.

This episode set up multiple factors: Jay’s sickness, Harry’s immense drive to truly do anything for his daughter, Zoom’s merciless nature, Wally’s motivations, etc. All of these factors start to set up greater stories of their own. Will Harry help rob Barry of his speed or recall how merciless Zoom is and know he’ll go back on their deal – like Zoom had done with the cop he spared to tell his story? Will Harry try to use Turtle’s blood to create a way to slow Zoom – can’t be for Barry since his mission was to make him faster. With all this talk of Zoom and the revelation that Jay is dying, there is absolutely a trip to Earth 2 planned in the near future.


Beyond all this we also have Wally’s set up as the boy who’s using his speed to try to save his mom without a dad… sound familiar? This helps set up Wally’s transformation into a different – yet similar – Flash. Speaking of which, we also find that Reverse Flash is somehow still alive! This episode was all about setting up the “Potential Energy” of this season, and in the weeks to come we’ll see each of these set ups get the push they need.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • In the comics, “The Turtle” was Legacy name in which many have played the part, much like how “The Trickster” almost became a Legacy name in Season 1 Flash.
  • Seriously though, ‘wants to take away what people cherish most because his wife left him’. The particle accelerator really did effect more messed up people than good.
  • Even though Ollie he admitted he was wrong about the whole “heroes don’t get the girl thing”, recent events on Arrow and now The Flash seem to confirm he was originally right as both Felicity and Patty became targets.
  • Whereas it’s sad to see Patty go, we knew it wouldn’t last.
  • Quotes: Winner (As Always) – Cisco
    • “From Hell’s mouth I stab at thee” – Cisco channeling his inner Captain Ahab
    • “30 something metahuman not a ninja turtle” – Cisco
    • “I am needed… somewhere… I’ll go there!” – Joe

Wait, so how is the Reverse Flash back? And on a related note, nice touch making his entrance very reminiscient of the first time he and Barry fought in the past… future… OH NO MORE TIME TRAVEL, MY BRAIN HURTS!!!! And our brains might hurt more once we learn how this is achieved. Is this Earth 2 Reverse Flash? Is Eddie still alive but lost in between worlds? Does that confirm that Zoom is Eddie ripped apparent through time and dimensions? We might be getting ahead of ourselves so stay tuned for next week’s Closer Look.

AND stay tuned for my coverage of Heroes & Villains Fan Fest – THE Flash/Arrow convention – this coming weekend… if it doesn’t snow.

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