Analysis Of Deadpool Trailer – Plot, Characters & Conan Goodness

If you were at San Diego Comic Con, then the newly released Deadpool trailers – normal and Redband – might seem very familiar. With about 90% of the same footage – noticeably minus the Stan Lee Cameo – you would think these would seem less entertaining. WRONG!

I could just say go read my former analysis of the SDCC footage ; but now that we have all that glory in HD, we’ve spied a bunch of new things in the trailer. SO I’m going to analyze these puppies from scratch, so grab your chimichangas, watch the Muthaf#cking Redband trailer and let’s analyze this sh%t!

Origin Story Time! – Weapon X, Ajax & More:

Much like how yesterday’s Deadpool teaser trailer teaser trailer, this trailer sets up the film as a completely legit, straight-faced “against all odds” stories. Despite having cancer in his “liver, lungs, prostate and brain”, Wade Wilson (played of course by Ryan Reynolds) remains humorous in the face of such somber odds. This all changes when a mysterious stranger offers him a life changing deal – something that won’t just save him, but allow him to save others. This is where the tone changes, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

As the trailer continues, we see Wade being tortured and experimented on as a part of the Weapon X program – the same program that gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton. So how does Wade escape? Well we actually see that in the trailer for a moment as there seems to be a breakout/explosions while a newly created Deadpool battles his lead tormentor Ajax (played by Ed Skrein). This is the same man we see Deadpool battling toward the end of the trailer, so it’s safe to say those from Deadpool’s past come back into the picture and plan on making his life a living hell once again.

Getting Meta With The Merc With The Mouth – Conan, Green Lantern & The 4th Wall:

Unlike most other highly anticipated trailers, this Deadpool trailer WASN’T Leaked! It’s originally planned aim of premiering during Conan O’Brien worked; but we didn’t just get the trailer but also a lot of fun asides and set up. We saw Deadpool massaging Conan O’Brien with Panda Tears – no comment – and then becoming infuriated when he couldn’t find his but. Though the best moment had to be when Ryan Reynolds explained how he’s practiced the serious trailer voice – as we saw in the teaser trailer teaser trailer – around the house. His favorite being:

“Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in Green Lantern 2, Rated: OGNA for Oh God Not Again”

This is of course a dig at Green Lantern, an AWFUL superhero movie he and wife Blake Lively were in a few years ago. Much like the mouthless version of Deadpool Reynold’s (Deadpool) mocked in the teaser trailer teaser trailer , here we see Deadpool mock Green Lantern as well. It’s so fitting that this is the moment where the film’s tone changes from serious to self-referential and meta.

“Just promise me you’ll do right by me, so I can do right by someone else … and please don’t the super suit green OR animated”

Of course the biggest thing about Deadpool is his ability to break the Fourth Wall and speak directly to the audience. He knows it’s a movie, much like he knew he was a comicbook character. He knows his actor. This trailer of course gave us a good taste of this as Deadpool turned towards the camera and told the audience that “[He’s] touching himself tonight”.

Updated Test Footage:

It’s great that the original Test Footage we got a year or so ago actually made it into the final product. Considering the outcry and love of this ‘leak’ was so loud it actually bent Fox’s arm and got them to accept Reynolds and Miller’s vision for Deadpool, it needed to be honored. Although it is nice to see the footage was updated for the film, not just with coloring and real actors; but also some slight visual changes as well. Additionally, it seems like this is the set up for where Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead enter – speaking of which.


Additional Characters:

Andre Tricoteux and Brianna Hildebrand join the cast as Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead; but this trailer didn’t actually give us too much of them aside from brief introduction shots. The first one to talk about is Deadpool’s later love interest Vanessa Carlysle (aka Copycat) – played by Morena Baccarin – whom you can see hooking up with Deadpool during the trailer. Yes, she is a mutant as well and whether or not something happens to her – and causes Deadpool to proclaim “Daddy has to express some rage” – remains to be seen.

Although while we can ponder about her and the other characters in due time, we really have to give a hand to T.J. Miller’s character Weasel. Weasel is not only Deadpool’s informant but also his friend/ insult punching bag. And judging from his and Deadpool’s back and forth about Wade’s face, T.J was the perfect cast for this role!

Deadpool Trailer Redband

“Greetings munchkins, did you enjoy that dose of GreenBand goodness. Hankering for some more action, some big boy curse words maybe?“

So there you have it! Was this trailer everything you wanted it to be and more? Can you now see why it was the most well received thing at SDCC this year? If not, then maybe you need to watch it again. Also, be sure to watch the normal ‘GreenBand’ trailer for this film. At the post credits, Deadpool has some fun interplay with the audience as well, which you can again expect TONS of for this film.

So stay tuned for February 12th, 2016 because you and Senior Deadpool have an eHarmony date with Destiny!

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