Arrow: “Beyond Redemption” – Looking Ahead

This week’s episode of Arrow might have been fairly straightforward; but was an absolute joy to watch thanks to multiple apparent Easter Eggs and one of the most powerful exchanges yet. If Detective Lance has gotten on your last nerve, then this was the episode for you as Oliver finally got to tell Lance off and we see the Detective fall and rise renewed. Years of trust and distrust came to a head as new alliances were formed and old ones broken. So let’s take a closer look at “Beyond Redemption”.

Believe That [They] Are Not “Beyond Redemption” – Quentin, Oliver & Sarah:

As the episode kicked off, the title “Beyond Redemption” had a very somber tone as we not only saw Sarah acting like a caged animal but also Oliver Queen discover that Lance has been working with Darhk. The Lance/Queen confrontation was one of the most powerful scenes we’ve seen in quite some time. Oliver has been working to earn Lance’s trust for seasons and once he got it, it was lost all too soon due to something out of his control. In fact, Oliver even worked to earn Lance’s trust back when he and Laurel were dating. So to find that the man you’ve been trying to prove yourself to for years ends up being a traitor, you can imagine how this shatters Oliver. His whole run for mayor was also riding on that trust in Lance, so when Oliver discovers all this it seems like any chance for one to redeem themselves to the other is gone for good.

Although as the episode nears its conclusion, we have a reversal of this notion as Lance gives an empowered speech about how people and this city are not “beyond redemption”. He not only saves Oliver’s life, but also ends up reversing everything we thought for most of this episode. Lance had to work with Darhk because Oliver wasn’t around. He made a mistake and now realizes how bad things are; but he has a chance to make up for them. Similarly, Oliver now has the chance to prove to Lance that he too is a good man and a hero. And so if these two can be shown to not be “beyond redemption”, does that mean there’s hope for Sarah too?

Arrow Beyond Redemption

A Dangerous Game Of Infiltration – Flashback Purpose & Quentin’s New Gamble:

This week’s flashbacks provided us with some nice remembrances of things Oliver learned on the island; but the real purpose behind them as always was to parallel something going on in the present story. Oliver infiltrating the island militia could be a parallel for the dirty cops in the SCPD; but it can actually be a foreshadowing of what’s to come with HIVE.

After the dust settles, Oliver decides to keep Lance working with Darhk in order to get close and find out what he and his men are up to. Considering Darhk still thinks he holds sway and just commented on finally feeling like he and Lance have a working relationship, this is the perfect time to act. Though if the flashback setups are to be trusted, the trick won’t last very long. We see one of the lead soldiers discover Oliver’s ARGUS relay, which means Oliver will soon walk into a trap. Will the same happen in the present and Darhk will discover Lance playing double agent?

Rapid Fire – Easter Eggs, References & Other Notables:

  • It was nice seeing that the anti-vigilante taskforce actually had gear to counteract everything Team Arrow had – even the canary cry. Although resourceful as always, Team Arrow tweaked their approach – and frequencies – a bit.
  • You can imagine how dumb Oliver feels that he finds out Lance has been working with Darhk a few hours after he let Lance into their new lair
  • Making Arrowcave 3.0 originally Sebastian Blood’s office was the perfect disguise for Team Arrow as well as perfect tie in for Arrow Season 2 and bring things full circle.
  • OF COURSE Oliver used part of the “after 5 years in Hell” speech for his mayoral run.
  • Wait, did Darhk say if it was “his daughter”. Does Darhk have a daughter? Is the Felicity theory going to come true?
  • If Felicity’s isn’t Darhk’s daughter, then I’m willing to offer another theory. With all the cult symbols we’ve been getting lately, what if Darhk’s estranged daughter is the soon to be introduced Hawkgirl? She is after all the vessel for
    Egyptian reincarnation of a Hawk warrior. (Just a theory)
  • In case you couldn’t figure it out, the thing Thea thought Felicity would be wearing was an engagement ring.
  • What was in that strange box Darhk just received?
  • Neal Adams is actually a famous comic book artist who’s worked on Green Arrow in the past, so nice Easter Egg of Curtis thinking a man by the same name was the Green Arrow here.

Next week John Constantine will join the fun and help track down and fix Sarah. But will it be a permanent fix? Will there be a cost? We’ll find out next week so stay tuned here!

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