A Closer Look: The Flash – “The Fury of the Firestorm

The Flash The Fury Of The Firestorm

Like most of the episode this season, this week’s episode of The Flash captured everything that makes this series great; but this time it gave us even more. Sure every episode gives us the perfect balance of humor and seriousness; but it’s this shows heart and inspiring tone that truly keeps viewers coming back. Although this week gave us something tremendous that no one would expect in their wildest dreams – unless it was spoiled for them before the air date. But now that it’s aired and you’ve seen it, let’s take a Closer Look at this week’s episode of The Flash and discuss the glory and “The Fury Of The Firestorm”.

Fear “The Fury Of The Firestorm” – Consumed With Fire, Rage & Purpose:

Considering last week’s cliffhanger and “Firestorm” in this week’s title, we knew this episode would focus heavily on the search for a new Firestorm. Although as we explore each part – set and potential – we find that “The Fury Of The Firestorm” takes on a different meaning for each. Stein for example is literally being consumed by the fury of the firestorm matrix and if he doesn’t find someone to match him, he’ll die. This is what brings the team to Henry Hewitt, who despite his stellar track record has many personality flaws. After being teased with the idea of becoming something bigger, he is consumed by that belief and lashes out with jealousy and his own fury – which was awakened by the firestorm matrix.

This finally brings us to Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, who despite lacking the fire of becoming a hero finally accepts this chance life is handing him – but I’ll explore this more in the next section. The actual Fury of this Firestorm is then experienced as Henry – now Human Reactor/Tokamak – starts attacking Jefferson’s old highschool football field. With Stein’s mind, Jefferson’s wits and athletic ability, AND Jefferson now fully committed to becoming a hero, the full fury of Firestorm 2.0 is unleashed in a perfect tag-team takedown.

Accepting The Opportunities Life Puts In Front Of You – Powers, Love & Family:

The thing that separates The Flash from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and most other ‘hero’-based shows is that The Flash actually inspires. It has tremendous heart and each episode kind of has a moral to be learned and this one executed that brilliantly. The main theme of this episode is that yes, life gives you problems; but if you’re willing to look for them, life also gives you opportunities.

This is of course true of Jefferson who had his whole life ahead of him until the particle accelerator explosion ruined his chances. What he comes to find in this episode though is that he gave us his college career and now has a chance at being a hero. Similarly to this, we find Cisco dealing with the onset of the same problem. Will he accept his powers as a blessing or see them as a curse that will most likely bring pain to his friends. Though as Stein advised, hopefully soon Cisco will realize that he should accept this ‘great and honorable’ destiny.

The Flash Fury Of The Firestorm

Though gifts can come in many forms – not just powers. We see this with Barry who on one hand likes Patty; but on the other knows she will never live up to the standard Iris set. With a little help from Joe, Barry is able to realize that maybe Patty can be the one for him IF he gives her a chance. If he’s constantly dwelling in the past, he’ll never find out and see what could be right in front of him.

Meanwhile Iris is going through her own dilemma as she learns her mother is still alive and wants to see her. At first, Iris openly refuses her mother; but after learning that she is dying she decides to meet with her. However, there is still more hesitation to come as Iris learns that she has a brother neither her nor her father ever knew of. Now Iris has a big secret on her hands and it’s going to eat away at her. And whereas it might look like Iris isn’t accepting this opportunity right now, things will change when we finally meet her long lost brother – Wally West.

A Few Final Surprises –Wally West, King Shark & Savior Wells?:

That’s right, Wally West – usually the nephew of Barry and Iris – will be brought into the show as Iris’s younger brother. This is a much more favorable option than ‘a cousin that no one ever talked about’ and actually gives reason why he’s never appeared until now. As for where/how Wally will get his powers remains to be seen; BUT this age different does allow for Wally to eventually end up in a relationship with Linda Park if the show wants to stick to the comic relationships. Although Wally wasn’t the only surprise in this episode.

The biggest was the reveal of King Shark (or “man shark” as they were calling him in the episode). At first it seemed like a nice little nod to the comic character; but when it was revealed the cells were just human it seemed like it was nothing more than an Easter Egg. That is until Barry started talking about taking hold of opportunities when they present themselves, and King Shark certainly did. The CGI looked incredible and once again demolishes the competition in terms of bringing comics to life. Although the only thing more shocking that King Shark being real is probably who saved Barry.

The Flash King Shark Fury Of The Firestorm

When that blue light struck King Shark, many viewers probably assumed Zoom himself or Captain Cold. Although neither make sense as King Shark JUST revealed that he was sent by Zoom from Earth-2 and if it was Captain Cold, it would have been blue wind and not blue lightning. Barry was just as surprised as us; but when the mysterious helper revealed his identity as Doctor Wells, it all made sense to the viewers. It seems like Earth-2 Wells is good and has come to Earth-1 in order to put an end to Zoom’s evil plans. Although it is Wells so we can always guess there’s a bit more to it.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, References & Other Notables:

  • “Tinder app for potential metahumans?” – Cisco wastes no time with the funny this episode
  • The way they were able to find a new partner for Stein is that his cells were unstable. Thus they had to find someone else whose genes were similarly unstable.
  • With the case of Stein and Jackson, we find the old saying “opposites attract” true
  • It’s worth mentioning that even though this is Earth-2 King Shark, King Shark was a part of The Flash Season Zero comic series. There we learned that his mutation came about due to him having a strange illness that was going to be remedied by injecting him with shark cells. The Particle Accelerator then exploded and the rest is … well not sure if it’s canon or not.
  • When Patty told Barry “so progress” that refers to both the case and their continued flirting with each other.
  • We learn that Francine has an illness known as MacGregor’s, which was the disease Mr Freeze’s wife had in the Batman & Robin
  • Last Season Iris was upset at Joe and Barry for keeping a secret from her, now she’s the one who will understand what it’s like to lie to protect someone.
  • We have a mention of the ‘Cosmic Treadmill’
  • This is indeed the Firestorm we will be seeing in Legends of Tomorrow, and since he and Stein went off to train there’s a chance we’ll see him with even more powers soon.

Next week we’ll find Barry and the team meeting with Earth-2 Dr Wells. Will Jay Garrick be able to help them confirm his ‘goodness’? Will Cisco finally tell his friends about his powers? Is this the last we’ve seen of King Shark? Does anybody else want a King Shark vs Grodd episode? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned here for more!

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