Arrow: “Haunted” – Looking Ahead

Arrow Haunted Analysis

So you brought your sister back from the dead and now she’s on a killing spree? Looks like the perfect opportunity to bring an NBC show back from the dead and give it its just reward. That’s right folks. Constantine is back and he’s joined the Arrowverse; but this episode had more than just him. So here’s a Closer Look at Arrow “Haunted” to see what’s coming ahead.

The Meaning Of “Haunted” – Episode Focus:

As the episode title suggest, this episode is all about characters being haunted by not only their choices but also by those from the past in general. With Sarah’s return from the dead and her return causing pain to Laurel, Quentin, Thea and all those around her, it’s safe to say that she is the “ghost of vengeance” of this episode. With all the supernatural aspects, it’s easy to see why this was the perfect episode for supernatural expert John Constantine.

We also see this episode how Felicity listens to Ray’s last message, a voice from beyond the grave as she sees it. Though as she learns at episode end, he is still very much alive. Although “haunting” doesn’t have to refer to one specific person returning from your past; but rather your past and past choices coming back to hurt you. This is what Oliver’s new Political Strategist fears will happen to Oliver due to his association with Laurel. Although if his past has taught him anything, it’s that shutting people out of his life and lying has led to nothing but pain. By choosing to face everything openly and head on, Oliver isn’t allowing these past choices to “haunt” him; but rather stand side by side with him and help.

We have to stop meeting like this Thea

Spoiled Memories – Sarah Lance & Andy Diggle:

What made Quentin break down last episode – and Laurel this episode – is realizing that the soulless shell of Sarah running around now killing people is spoiling her memory. Rather than letting the spirit rest, Laurel put everyone in danger trying digging up her sister. Thankfully everything worked out in the end – so it looks – but we soon discover that Sarah isn’t the only memory that was to be spoiled this episode.

Earlier this season we heard Diggle talk to Sarah about how he wants to solve his brother’s mysterious murder. This was the starting point of these two characters’ parallel paths – each one risking everything to help a sibling. So it’s only fitting that their paths should seemingly end in the same episode and in a similar way as Diggle quest led to spoiling his brother memory. Had Diggle just let things lie, he’d have preserved the memory of his brother Andy rather than learning he was apparently a drug lord while overseas. Will Andy’s memory get a second chance like Sarah’s did? It’s too soon to tell; but after all that build up I can’t help but think there is a little more to the story left to be told.

Rapid Fire – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Alex Davis is set to become a love interest for Thea this season, which considering Thea’s history (Roy Harper and League Of Assassins spy) means he’s either a great guy or an AWFUL guy.
  • The opening of this episode mirrors the Black Canary’s (Sarah Lance’s) first appearance in costume as she saved a girl. What follows here… not so much.
  • On one hand I could say the Orb or Horus is a rename of the “Orb of Ra” in the comics; but I can’t help but feel like we’ll see this again when Hawkgirl and Hawkman are introduced. Seriously, SO. MUCH. EGYPTIAN REFERENCES LATELY!
  • Wonder what insurance Constantine gave Oliver
  • I loved that Constantine not only got an intro in the flashbacks; but also a farwell from Oliver saying he’ll be there if he ever needs him. *crosses fingers* PLEASE keep Constantine a recurring character in the Arrowverse!
  • “Gotta admire her consistency. Keeps [Sarah’s] death secret from me and her resurrection secret from you” – Quentin has a point
  • Come to think of it, most people from Oliver’s past are gorgeous women… or Deathstroke.
  • “I haven’t always been the best friend for you but id be grateful for the opportunity to start to be” – GOD that is such a good line from Oliver. He’s so on point this season
  • “This is your overlord Felicity Smoak” LMAO

We just revived Sarah – and brought that Chess Piece back to the board for Legends Of Tomorrow – so next week it’s time for Team Arrow to bring back the Atom. The problem is that he’s being held by Damian Darhk, and if Darhk scared Constantine that much, we can only imagine what plans he has in store for the future. So come back next week. Same Arrow time. Same Arrow ‘Looking Ahead’ article.

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  1. The Orb of Ra was what created metamorpho, I don’t know if you remember but Simon Stagg ( his father-in-law was killed by Harrison Wells in Flash 0101.

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