Arrow: “Unchained” – Looking Ahead

Arrow Unchained Analysis

This Season of Arrow has been one highlight after another; and as if things couldn’t get any better, this week’s episode went and did just that. From the return of Roy and Nyssa to the arrival of … Felicity’s Father? … this episode set up a wonderful set of side stories that are just as riveting as – if not more that – the main HIVE storyline.

So let’s take a Closer Look and see what’s coming next as we look at Arrow “Unchained”.

“Unchained” – Literal & Figurative Breaking Out:

From a literal standpoint, “Unchained” refers to Nyssa’s escape from the League prison. As the former Ras predicted, a marriage between houses – new Ras and Nyssa – was going to be an essential part of keeping the League strong and a match for Damien Darhk. We see that Nyssa has quite a bit of support in the League who are loyal to her above all else. Similarly along this path, we find Tatsu, who after the death of her husband Maseo has now formed her own chains and tied herself to protecting the Lotus. Though as it can be inferred through the ending, she too is now unchained from her responsibility as she gave up the Lotus to help Nyssa save Oliver’s sister.

Beyond all these semi-literal interpretations, it’s important to also note the figurative. The Darhk family is now pulling out all the stops as even Mrs Darhk (aka Ruvé Adams) has now entered public eye. Additionally, we find that Roy’s well crafted secret is at the risk of being let out thanks to the Calculator. All once strongly kept secrets are now slowly entering the public sphere. In this way, a more appropriate word for this episode is “released”. Even Felicity experiences this as we see her finally start to shake off the uncertain and nervous Felicity when it comes to Palmer Tech, and instead start to bring the super computer crime fighter we’ve come to love over the years to Palmer Tech.


Setting Up “Sins Of The Father”:

“Sins of the Father” might be the title of next week’s episode, but this episode did a spectacular job of setting up everything that episode will deal with. The obvious one is the shocking revelaton that The Calculator is indeed Felicity’s father. From his incredible hacking skills to his love of Cat Videos, it’s easy to see that he and Felicity are related. Why he’s a bad guy, well that’s still to be discovered – potentially next week – but either way we will definitely get to see some Felicity and Papa Smoak moments next week.

Though the real set up for next week came with Nyssa’s not so shocking request for Oliver to kill Malcolm. Revealing the Lotus as the counter for the Lazarus Pit was a very nice touch and I can’t wait to hear more about why it was cultivated/protected. Though Nyssa’s ultimatum to Oliver covers “sins of the father” on both ends. Will Thea die for her father’s (Malcolm’s) sins or will Malcolm sacrifice himself to right the wrongs. Though we mustn’t forget that this entire scenario is framed by the sins of Nyssa’s father (the previous Ras al Ghul). He’s the one who killed Thea, forced Nyssa’s hand and couldn’t let go of a prophecy. This is absolutely a power play, but as far as which way the tides will turn … we’ll find out next week. Though considering how much Malcolm cares about the Queens and has been making up for past deeds, hopefully everyone has a just end.


Arrow — “Unchained” — Image AR412B_0469r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen and Tom Amandes as Noah Kuttler/Calculator — Photo: Liane Hentscher/ The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Rapid Fire – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Keeping with the life for life theme of the Lazarus Pit, it seems as though if you refuse the ‘killing’ instinct, it kills you by reviving the very wound it healed you from. Sarah was spared from this thanks to Constantine, but Thea has no such luck.
  • Between his advance tech taking more of a center stage as well as his fighting prowes, Curtis is really shaping up to be the next member of Team Arrow
  • Show of hands, how many people teared up at the Roy and Thea moment #OneTruePairing
  • When you heard “who you find on the dark web” anyone else think “Darhk Web”
  • Favorite Quotes
    • “The good news is the burglar are heading straight towards you, the bad news is the burglars are heading straight towards you!” – Felicity
    • “That’s a superpower, Guilt Arrow” – Diggle
    • “Man, I cannot believe you shot me!” – Roy
      • “Really?” – Oliver

Next week Oliver and Malcolm will have an old fashion duel, but there’s much more to it than that. Both know there are larger plans in the works and much more than Thea’s life hangs in the balance. So be sure to come back for the next episode of Arrow titled “Sins Of The Father”.

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