A Closer Look: The Walking Dead – “No Way Out”

The Walking Dead returned tonight for one of it’s most action packed episodes ever; but with a town full of walkers that’s to be expected. What wasn’t expected was all the ways in which various characters stepped up and fought to take back their town. Many beliefs were proved wrong and many were supported in brilliant fashion. So let’s take a Closer Look at The Walking Dead “No Way Out”.

“No Way Out” But Through:

If the first half of this season of The Walking Dead was about splitting our heroes and Alexandrians further and further apart (both physically and ideologically) this midseason premier was all about bringing them together – unless you’re Son Of Porch D!ck, but more on that later. Beyond him though, this episode slowly built up to a stunning montage of everyone fighting side by side at the end. Alexandrian or Team Rick, all were united which even Rick himself explained by Carl’s bedside at the end. Maybe these people can learn and step up.

Sure there’s probably another fragment of unresolved issues to resolve – ie: Deanna’s son – but conversion was a HUGE aspect of this episode. The easiest to see was Gabriel, who’s been quite the coward the past few seasons and even tried to stab Rick’s group in the back when they first got to Alexandria. But here we see him finally realizing that “God providing” is actually God giving them the strength to save themselves. Instead of hiding in his church (AGAIN) or turning Alexandria against Ricks group (AGAIN), Gabriel steps up and leads a charge to Rick’s side. Although Gabriel’s change wasn’t the only shocking one…


Maybe People Can Change:

The major point of antagonism between Morgan and Carol was how Morgan felt the Wolf survivor could be fixed and didn’t have to die. As the last episode ended, it seemed as though he was indeed “too far gone” and Morgan was just wasting time. This episode picks that feeling up as Carol wishes she had killed Morgan for his arrogance and naïveté; but not long after tie we see the Wolf starting to turn. Morgan’s pure goodness alone might not have been enough to turn the wolf, but after seeing how Denise was still willing to help might have been enough of an added push.

Though sadly, we might never know as Carol killed him just as he was making his way back with Denise. After this revelation, Morgan’s stance gains more support and it appears now that Carol might now be the out of control one. Pair this with Carol’s original threat to Sam being played as he freaked out, and this episode didn’t paint Carol in the best of lights. Will her and Morgan start to make amends or will she start spiraling even more as the season continues? Though considering Neegan and his group aren’t too far away, Carol’s abilities are still incredibly important.

Quick Bites – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • As I – and many others – called last episode and the one before that, the Sam, Jessie, etc scene followed the comics perfectly substituting Sam for Ron and Ron for Monroe. It’s so satisfying when they follow the comics.
  • Not to defend Ron, but he went to shoot Rick because in his mind he’s the man that has now killed both his mom and dad. He of course forgets that his dad was an awful human being and his mom was already getting devoured by walkers…
  • Forget the crossbow, a rocket launcher seems to be Darryl’s new badass weapon of choice! 2 shots down, 2 to go?
  • For the second time in one season, we almost lost Glenn… anyone else having trouble breathing?
  • Rick carrying Carl like that was an excellent reminder of Season 2 – the last time Carl was shot. My how everyone has changed since then.


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