A Closer Look: Flash – “Trajectory”

After a few weeks off, The Flash returned last night with a powerful episode that not only set up some great possible future plans, but also gave our heroes the same dramatic revelation we all had a few weeks back. How can Barry get faster? What is in store for Jesse and the others? And HOW can Barry and the team defeat Zoom now that they know who he is?

We’ll examine this and more in this week’s Closer Look.

Flash Closer Look Trajectory

“Trajectory” – Hidden Meanings & Determining The Paths Ahead:

Well considering this week’s villain’s name was Trajectory, it doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out why this episode was called “Trajectory”. Although this wasn’t just a villain-of-the-week style episode as Trajectory actually taught us and Team Flash a lot about what’s going on; and similarly “Trajectory” as an episode refers to more than just this week’s villain.

Trajectory is of course a path or course a projectile takes. As the episode begins and concludes, we see Barry jumping over a wide gap making himself into a literal projectile of sorts. Although Barry’s journey overall this episode also relates to trajectory as he sees which paths are open to him and where each may lead. On one hand, he can take Velocity 9 in order to help bridge the gap between all these speedsters that are faster than him After all, if everyone else is fighting dirty, why shouldn’t he?

Wells of course reminds him that he’s a hero and shouldn’t take short cuts. We’ve seen Wells take short cuts to try to save his daughter Jessie and ultimately looses her this episode because of it. It an interesting way, this episode basically follows both Wells and Barry’s similar “trajectories” of trying to do the impossible and taking a short cut. We see Wells’s path didn’t work and made him loose his daughter. This is why Wells advises Barry to be more like Jay. Sadly, the pristine image of Jay is no longer an option as Barry loses yet another role model.

The Known & Potential Side-Effects Of Velocity 9 – Physical & Psychological:

As I started to explain in the last section, Trajectory was much more than just a simple ‘villain of the week’ and it might not JUST be because of the ‘blue lightning’ revelation. We saw the kind and friendly Eliza Harmon and how she was in a battle with her chaos-loving alter ego Trajectory. We have to wonder if that dark side was always a part of her or caused/magnified by the Velocity 9. There’s still plenty of questions we have about Jay Garrick/Zoom/Zolomon/Man in the mask; but Jay is a scientist so there is a SLIGHT potential that he was somehow able to find a way to separate the good and dark halves of him – and perhaps the good half is who’s locked in the cage. Or maybe Zolomon was the one split into two to match Jay’s speed. *shrug*

That whole identity issue still needs more evidence – and the dual Earth twin theory does still make the most sense – but we did get an interesting revelation at the end of the episode as well concerning Trajectory’s blue lightning. When she started running that fast, she disintegrated. Well she did, her costume didn’t. Pairing this with what we know about the cellular disintegration caused by Velocity 9, we actually get an answer for why Zoom’s costume looks the way it does – protection. The full mask of Zoom’s outfit could potentially be to make sure the same doesn’t happen to him as did Trajectory. Running at his speed with damaged cells could also cause him to disintegrate.

Lord Mesa Art Not Again

As always Lord Mesa Art brilliantly captures the full gravity of this powerful moment.

Whatever the effects of Velocity 9 might be on the host, we do explicitly see the effect it has on those around it – ie: Barry. Some might be wondering why his reaction to the Jay = Zoom news was so much greater than Caitlin’s. Well remember the atmosphere when Barry and Jay first met. Barry was fresh off the hurt of Doctor Well being the Reverse Flash. His trust issues had never been so high, and yet he found a way to overcome them and learn from Jay. As I learned when I interviewed Teddy Sears (Jay) at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, the relationship between Jay and Barry was very much one of older/younger brother. Barry was betrayed by a father-figure, and now he’s just been betrayed by a brother-figure. Both of which wanted him to be faster. How would you feel if the man you were dedicated to avenging, the man you swore to honor and follow in his footsteps was revealed the be the heartless monster that almost killed you and your friends multiple times? Suddenly feel like running off into the woods and screaming now huh?

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • It’s unclear whether Jessie’s bracelet was beeping because it ‘had a message’ or because it was in part a Metahuman detector. It went off by Barry, but also by Wally. Does that mean Wally might have latent Meta-human powers from a source other than the Particle Accelerator?
  • On one hand, I’m really upset Iris and her boss might be a thing now. Not only is it a potential HR nightmare; but it also comes right on the heels of Iris and Barry discussing being married and ‘doing it’. We know this won’t last, but I do understand why these little distractions have to be put in. If Barry and Iris were to get together now, that’s they’re future. We need the little twists and turns to make the eventual moment more worth it. And whereas they shouldn’t drag it out too much, this also isn’t exactly the best time for Barry to get in a relationship with the girl of his dreams.
  • On Earth 2 Beyonce is even more powerful as Senator Knowles
  • I might not know what the Earth 2 Equivalent of ‘Netflix & Chill’ is called; but I feel like it’d be horribly ironic with Killer Frost lol
  • Jesse went into shock while original Eliza didn’t because Eliza tried with a halfway serum first. Jesse was exposed to the more potent Velocity 9 in its full form. Though despite the transfusion, one has to wonder if she’ll maintain any powers minus the cellular degradation.
  • This is the second time we’ve heard of Opal City as Deathbolt – the first non particle accelerator metahuman – was once incarcerated there
  • Favorite Quotes: Winner – Cisco (As Always)
    • “Nothing in life is promised except death… Kanye West” – OH GOD, Earth 2 has Kanye West too lol
    • “Why you have to bring those drones alone Cisco? Oh I don’t know? Youre welcome everyone!” – Cisco
    • “Over my dead body… over my rotting corpse” – Wells being intense
    • “Sorry Miss Underage, none of us plan on getting murdered by your father tonight” – Barry
    • “I know I’m practically like your brother, and half Jay’s size, but wanna dance?” – Would have never pictured Cisco and Caitlin, but I’m very happy they danced
    • “Promise me if we ever do get married, you will not do that dance at our wedding” – Iris to Barry about Cisco
    • “Oh why do the crazy ones always name themselves?” – Cisco
    • “Villains gonna vill” – Cisco channeling his inner TSwift

Next week we meet… another Barry? A 3rd Barry? Who is this speedster? An imposter or something more? The preview makes it appears as though it’s future Barry or … the Death Speedster? Too much to explain and it’s not even next week yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see. But we won’t have to wait AS LONG as usual since Flash will arrive in National City next Monday to join forces with Supergirl. Between Flash needing to up his speed and multiverse in full effect, a trip to Earth 3 might just be what the Scarlet Speedster needs!

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