Captain America: Civil War – Top 5 Funniest Moments

Captain America Civil War Funniest

Before we get to all the MAJOR Spoilery content of our Declassified Analysis article for Captain America: Civil War, let’s look at some of the lighter moments. Sure the film was full of turmoil and heart wrenching moments, but it’s not a Marvel film unless they find that key balance between tragic and humorous. So let’s countdown the Top 5 Funniest Moments in Captain America: Civil War.

*Spoiler Warning – If you haven’t seen the film yet, check out my Spoiler Free Review, see the movie and then come back later. I’ll wait*

  1. Tony Stank – Stan Lee & The New ‘Language’:

Kicking off the list, we start with a good-ole Stan Lee cameo, but this time it’s less Stan’s appearance that makes the list and more what he starts: “Tony Stank”. It’s a simple joke to be sure; but that’s what makes it so funny. How did we not see this one coming? Furthermore, considering the moments immediately prior with Rhodey are so emotional, we desperately needed something to lighten the mood and this was that something!

Additionally, hearing Rhodey constantly hit Tony with these jokes and say “that’s not going away any time soon” should also remind us of Avengers: Age of Ultron when Tony was bashing Capt for saying “Language”, which also “wasn’t going away any time soon”. And considering this entire film is a Cap/Ironman story, hearing Tony finally get a recurring joke thrown at him was a great little tidbit to help bring this film to a close – and kick off our Top 5 Countdown.

Lord Mesa Civil War Stank

Lord Mesa as always capturing the best of the moment!

  1. Stark Irony – “You’re Killing Me Manchurian Candidate”:

Just before the climax of the movie, we see Tony come to Steve as a friend and help him prepare for his upcoming fight with 5 more Winter Soldiers. It was a great release considering everything that just happened and showed these two friends coming back together – but also set us up for a heartbreaking and tumultuous moment to come when Tony learns that Bucky killed his parents. I’m of course talking about Tony’s comment during this amiable reunion to Bucky where Bucky still has Tony in his sights and Tony says “you’re killing me Manchurian Candidate”. A funny moment between a sea of strong emotions; but this funny moment actually turns tragic when you see the irony in what’s about to happen.

This comment of course references the film “The Manchurian Candidate” in which someone is brainwashed and goes on a killing spree. Tony was certainly comparing Bucky to this considering what’s happened in the film; but minutes later learn how one of Bucky’s former “hits” was Tony’s parents. In the moment, this was an incredibly funny comment; but in retrospect it’s actually quite the tragic choice of words that bridges the two conflicts of the film. Funny moment or awkward moment, it deserves a spot on this list.

  1. Ant-Man Meets Team Cap – “Thinks For Thanking Of Me”:

Eventhough this entire scene was released before the film, it’s still one of my favorite scenes not just because it’s funny and oddly heartfelt; but also because Scott Lang meeting Team Cap is no different than how any of us would respond meeting Team Cap. From fumbling over his words to putting his hands on Steve to see if he’s real; any Marvel fan would be just as giddy as he was. Additionally, it’s also a great moment because of how he addresses Scarlet Witch.

The entire film, Scarlet Witch is afraid of herself and her powers. Additionally, everyone who meets her is afraid of her initially. Her first description in Avengers: Age of Ultron is “weird”. Cap and Hawkeye are the only two that are completely comfortable with her; but they have history together. So here we see Scott – someone who’s never met her before – and despite all he’s heard on the news addresses her as “great”. He’s not frightened or freaked out, but rather takes time out of his fan-boying to tell Wanda how great she is. All in all, Scott Lang earns a well-deserved #3 spot in humor and #1 spot for heartfelt heroes!


  1. Self-Referential Humor – Hot Aunts & Physics Defying Shields:

One trait we don’t see much in Marvel movies is self referential humor. Sure it’s everywhere in the LEGO Marvel/ Avengers games; but in terms of Meta-humor on the live action scale, that’s something we’re more used to in DC’s The Flash. Well no more because Captain America: Civil War has some incredibly spot-on and hilarious self referential jokes, two of which that stand out in particular:

The first involves Tony’s surprise visit to Peter Parker where he comments upon Peter’s very charming and unusually attractive aunt. This is of course a hilarious response to many fans who have been commenting on this Spider-Man Re-Reboot casting Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, usually depicted as an elderly/ stereotypical ‘mom’ vibe. In the film, May reminds us that ‘Aunts come in all shapes and sizes, and proves that she is the perfect person to bring to life Aunt May’s strong, sassy and adventurous side that we see in the Ultimate Spider series! PS: If Aunt May ever wants to tuck this panda in, I’m available! ❤

The second instance of self-referential humor occurred a little while later again connected to Spider-Man. During his fight with Captain America, he comments upon how Cap’s shield seems to defy the laws of physics, which is something many fans have joked about too. Now we can actually explain this away by Vibranium being completely reflective, Cap’s keen eye and the electromagnets built into his gloves – as we saw in Age of Ultron – but this is still a pretty Meta-joke. Again, if you know Ultimate Spiderman (at least the cartoon), you know it has some SLIGHT 4th wall breaking as Spider-Man references various items in humorous asides. So perhaps the appearance of this self-referential humor is a small taste of what’s to come in Spider-Man: Homecoming. If that is indeed the case, then I can’t wait for this Re-Reboot!

1: Bucky Vs Falcon Car Scene:

Of all the moments in this film, there was one duo who consistently had us laughing the most and that was Falcon and Winter Soldier after breaking the mind control. Now Falcon’s level of confidence, charm and badassery always leaves us satisfied; but seeing him paired with the usually quiet and reserved Winter Soldier was an incredible juxtaposition. Besides these two having a history from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, these two also represent Steve’s right hand men. Bucky was always the guy “on Stevie’s” left and now Steve is that guy to Falcon.

It’s plain to see what there’s a very “annoying brother” dynamic to these two characters in this film. And the scene(s) that embodies this the most is when Bucky and Falcon are in the car together. The deadpan in Falcon voice when he says “No” to Bucky asking him to move his seat up is hysterical. It’s as if Falcon unleashes all that built up tension he has towards Winter Soldier (i.e. Ripping his wings off, moving in on his and Steve’s bromance, etc) in one word. Though the only thing better than Steve’s Best Bro’s passive aggressively fighting with one another is their joint look of approval at Steve and Sharon Carter FINALLY kissing! Their boys all grown up and finally getting “the girl”… who happens to be the niece of “the (Original) girl”… Ehh, complication! Enjoy the moment you two, because we certainly enjoyed you two enjoying it! Bucky Falcon Smile

Notable Mention: Vision Finds His (Awkward) Humanity:

Before we close, there is one final moment(s) we must talk about, and that’s Vision. If he was “just born yesterday” in Avengers: Age of Ultron, then here we see him slowly try to discover who/what he is. Now this will of course be looked at a little closer in our Declassified article; but while Vision was discovering what he is/can be, he was also discovering what he should look like. If it was anyone else but the pure being Vision, then these awkward moments would have been cringe worthy; but with him they were kind of adorable. As if him trying to cook without taste buds wasn’t enough, we also see him freaking people out walking through walls – when the door is clearly open – and wearing sweater vests. A 12 foot cape is one thing; but a hero with a sweater vest? That deserves a notable mention!

But what did you think were the funniest moments of the film? Did you like the humorous branding leading up to it more? Or were you too busy riding the emotional rollercoaster to see the humor this time around? Sound off in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War – Top 5 Funniest Moments

  1. Definitely anything out of Spidey’s mouth during the big fight scene. He is so starstruck at all the big names that he forgets that he’s in the middle of a fight. The scene is made even funnier by the other heroes constantly trying to get him on track or cutting him off mid sentence.

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  3. I loved that scene between Falcon & Winter Soldier after Falcon’s redwing whisked Spidey away from them in the airport after he webs them to the floor.
    WS: “You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
    F: “I hate you.”

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