New York Comic Con Ticket Sales 2016 – Why Fan Verification Is The Right Call


NYCC 2016 Tickets

Anyone who has ever tried to get Passes to New York Comic Con knows things can get out of hand. The past few years have resulted in overloaded servers and bots harassing the site until it crashed so that scalpers can put tickets up for up 500% face value. Although all of that is about to change as this year New York Comic Con will be introducing a new Registration system for Con-hopefuls.

Now due to the timing of this and the success of Captain America: Civil War, it’s very easy to make a Superhero Registration/ Sokovia Accords joke – and you should because they’re hilarious. But all joking aside, this is actually a brilliant call by ReedPop and is precisely what many fans have been calling for for years. SDCC and similar large scale conventions have long since been tying badges to particular individuals in order to prevent scalpers. NYCC kept open registration as long as possible, but last years was so severe that there was word that ReedPop voided all discoverable scalped tickets and resold them at Midtown Comics.

Thankfully all that madness is hopefully behind us and this year’s Registration Process will make it a much more manageable endeavor – even if all tickets go on sale at the same time.

So what do you need to know? Here’s the details:

  • Whether you’re buying tickets or buying for someone else, EACH ticket must be tied to a Verification Profile. (ie: if you want to buy a ticket for yourself and your two friends, all three of you need Profiles) – and potentially have to have your profiles links or assign a designated ‘buyer’
  • Fan verification opens Friday May 20th 12:00 PM EDT and runs until Monday June 13th at 11:59 PM EDT
  • Fan verification does not guarantee you a ticket; but you will be notified 48 hours before tickets go on sale. That email will contain a unique link to purchase tickets, but note that the link enclosed will only allow 1 Transaction.
  • There are no longer VIP Passes
  • Tickets will only be sold online and not at any other events/place (ie: Midtown Comics, NYCC Special Edition, etc)

More will be discernable when registration goes live Friday; but there is one final piece of news concerning New York Comic Con 2016. New York Super Week is now NYCC Presents and will feature a wider variety of events and attractions.

Stay tuned for more details.

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