Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Trailer Analysis – Opening, Final Battles & Comedic Gold!

This weekend we finally got the first full-length trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to the 2014 hit Guardians Of The Galaxy. Unlike other Marvel Studios films – where we got to see our favorite characters return in Avengers and/or Civil War – the Guardians have remained in their own world…. Uh, worlds. Though now the waiting is over and we finally have a trailer to dissect – or do we?

Much like how the original Guardians Of The Galaxy trailers focused more on character interactions and less on the movie plot, the sequel seems to be following suit and gives us very little in terms of story motivations. If it’s anything like the original, we’ll have to wait for Trailer #3 (or the International Trailer #2) to get some actual plot framing; but rumor has it Disney wants much of the plot to be kept out of the trailers, which makes sense considering how in recent years trailers have given TOO much away.

That being said, we can absolutely infer some things from this Trailer. So do we look at character? Do we look at Plot? Bit of Both? …. BIT OF BOTH! So let’s take a sweeping look at what we can expect from Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Release The Abilisk – What’s With The Giant Octopus Battle?

The first moment that probably caught your eye was the giant octopus looking monster Drax seems to be fighting. Is that the big bad? I mean he’s literally a BIG BAD, but is he THE Big Bad of the film? Did Marvel just give everything away? Calm down, this monster is called the Abilisk, and while imposing it’s far more likely that this is part of the opening sequence of the film.

Whereas the last film’s opening had to focus on bringing these misfits together, this one can kick us right off. And considering where we last left our heroes, it’s not too outlandish to think they’d travel around and have some random adventures. Search for treasure. Track down some bounties. And this certainly could be Option #2. Besides, kicking off the film with the team arguing as they fight a giant monster would be a fun way to immediately shock the audience back into the world. Additionally, the Abilisk isn’t even a Marvel character but rather something created purely for the film. So if there was ANY place to stick a randomly made up creature to kill, it’s much more likely it’d be at the throw away opening of the film – something that doesn’t need explaining but simply happens and resolves itself.

Baby Groot & The Final Battle – Location, Threat & Atomic Adorableness:

Now let’s get on to the real draw of this trailer: Baby Groot! From the moment we saw him in the mid credits of Guardians Of The Galaxy, he danced his way into our hearts. And now he’s running, screaming, and blowing us up with adorableness! Though we have to try to compose ourselves and not get TOO distracted by the cuteness because each Groot scene gives us some interesting glimpses into the film plot. Let’s start with the famous bomb scene.

First off, we see Rocket explaining a pretty complex plan to Baby Groot. Why is this happening? Where is this? When is this? What’s going on? Well (again) ignoring the cuteness of Baby Groot and even the comedy of the moment, we can find some answers. If Rocket’s going through all this trouble to explain something to a potentially less than capable Baby Groot that means two things: 1) The Guardians are in serious trouble 2) Baby Groot is essential to this plan working more than any other Guardians.

We see the guardians are overwhelmed but a bunch of swirling ship-like things so they are clearly in trouble. Additionally, considering Rocket is teaching Baby Groot how to use an ATOMIC bomb, it’s safe to say this is the final battle of the film. The stakes are high and “atomic bomb” isn’t something you throw around willy-nilly. Additionally, if this is the climax of the film, then it means that Baby Groot isn’t some transitionary phase and we’ll actually get to see this stage through all of the film. But where are they and why must Baby Groot do it?


Well at first glance it looks like Rocket and Groot are in a cave while Quill is outside fighting. Though due to all the spaceships, it’s more likely to assume they’re in/on an asteroid or even some kind of strangely shaped planet. We can infer this by figuring out Baby Groot’s angle of the plan: size. Baby Groot runs into a tiny hole and if this was a porous asteroid or cavern, it makes sense why the currently smallest member of the group is the only one who could save everything… if he pushes the right button of course. Though as I said earlier, this isn’t the only Baby Groot scene that shows us something of the plot.

The Ravagers Return – Yondu In Trouble OR Seeking Revenge?:

Another adorable part of this trailer was seeing Baby Groot go savage on someone. It might not be as vicious as he was at the ends of Guardians Of The Galaxy when he took out Ronan’s goons with 1 branch and a very long hallway; but it was still a badass – and adorable – sight to behold. But again, if we put the cuteness and those tiny fists of fury aside for a second, we can actually see something interesting. The man Baby Groot is attacking is wearing the reddish brown clothing common among Ravagers. So why is there a Ravager?

Well when we last left the Ravagers, we saw them celebrating while Yondu discovered that Quill tricked him and gave them the wrong orb. So is this Yondu getting his revenge and coming after Quill? Personally, I don’t think so for two important reasons. For starters, when we did see Yondu discover he’d been tricked, he smiled. He seemed proud of Quill rather than pissed. Second, we see Groot getting the jump on this Ravager rather than the Ravager coming after him. This second fact makes me lean more towards this being an infiltration mission. That could also explain why Baby Groot seems to be wearing a similar reddish brown get up.

So what is the situation? Why would the Guardians infiltrate the Ravagers? Well either the Ravagers have something the Guardians want/ need OR Yondu is in trouble. If the other Ravagers do discover the fake, they could be upset with Yondu or worse even blame him. With this film supposedly exploring Quill’s parentage, a rescue mission to save his ‘foster-father’ would be a nice touch and fit in really nicely. How the Ravagers were able to separate Yondu from his whistle arrow however I haven’t figured out. Perhaps a late night mutiny? Either way, Guardians and Ravagers will face off again in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.

(Sexual) Love Is In The Air? – Starlord, Gamora, Mantis & Drax:

The final point of comedy – and plot – is something that was actually hinted at in the previous teaser trailer where we see Drax telling Quill that he and Gamora aren’t a match. I’m of course talking about the post title card scene where we see Mantis for the first time, who’s not only a new character but also has the ability to discern someone’s true feelings. Now we don’t know what’s the extent of her role in this film, but for now it’s setting off a hilarious moment.

Though I’ve gotten off track. This section is about Star Lord and Gamora. Flirting between the two didn’t go so well last time considering Gamora put a sword to Quill’s throat when he tried to work his “pelvic sorcery” on her. This time though it seems like things might be a little different since when Quill’s feelings are announced, Gamora actually smirks. Did these two try dating before the start of the film and are having problems OR is Quill still working up the courage for asking her out on the first date. It can honestly go either way at this point, but we do know that by this point in the film that scene from the previous teaser with Drax has already occurred since he knows Quill’s “secret”. Whatever happens, it certainly seems like Gamora is into him this time…. Or at very least not repulsed/ contemplating murder, which considering it’s Gamora is kind of a good sign.


There’s much more to this film obviously and I really wish it was 2017 already; but that’s all for now! What did you think of the trailer? What was your favorite part? Did I miss anything? Sound off in the comments below!

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