A Closer Look: Arrow – “What We Leave Behind”

IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!! We think…. What am I talking about? Well clearly you didn’t watch the episode, so turn back now. But if you did… yah! That final reveal was something I had basically given up hope on, but here we are. Though there’s much more to talk about than just that scene. It seems like Prometheus is even further ahead of Team Arrow than we thought. And even though we got answers, we still have more questions.

So let’s take a Closer Look at Arrow “What We Leave Behind”


“Actions Sometimes Have Unintended Consequences” – Prometheus, Betrayal, Manipulation & Identities?:

We’ve known for a while now that Prometheus was going to be someone from Season 1, but having them go all the back with a Season 1 Flashback was an epic choice. After all, Prometheus is the result of Oliver’s Season 1 Crusade and as we heard Diggle in the flashback, maybe Oliver’s choices weren’t the best in terms of making sure he didn’t create more enemies. Prometheus has thus far played Oliver like a fiddle and has not only caused one of his new team members to betray but also goaded Oliver into killing the new boyfriend of the woman he loved. But who is Prometheus?

We learned this episode that it’s supposed to be Justin Clayborn’s son but is it really that simple? For a major kick, it has to be someone we’re seeing in present time and I can’t help but shake the feeling Susan Williams is tied to him (or actually Prometheus). Prometheus is certainly obsessed and considering Susan served Oliver the same vodka he had from Russia, something is feeling fishy. Besides, women have always been Oliver’s weakness in the past and this could be the biggest blind spot ever.

How Is Laurel Alive? – Hallucination, Lazarus Pits, Doppelgängers & More:

First and foremost, I just want to say that if this is some kind of cruel trick and Laurel is just a hallucination…. SHAME on you writers. Do you enjoy playing with our emotions? Though if it’s true, I love you all! Though if it is real HOW did it happen? Personally, I’m just more excited that it happened at all; but let’s look at the possibilities.

For starters, we could think Lazarus Pit but there’s two problems with that: 1) The Lazarus Pit was destroyed by Nyssa al Ghul 2) There’s no sign of Bloodlust or wild beast in her like there was Sara. Now with Thalia al Ghul set to make an appearance later this season, it could be her doing and perhaps she has some reserved water like Darhk used to. Would water separate from the pit still cause Bloodlust? It’s hard to know but at the moment I’m more convinced that Thalia is Oliver’s Russian teacher. This could also explain how he knew of Ras back when he was first mentioned back in Season 2.

The next option is one that I personally have been hoping for and it revolves around Earth 2 Laurel Lance aka Black Siren. How she got out of the Pipeline remains to be seen – perhaps a Christmas gift from Barry or escaped during the Savitar encounter – but IF this is Earth 2 Laurel, we could have an awesome story of redemption and second chances on our hands. Remember that on Earth 2, it was Oliver who died not Robert Queen. So what if Laurel’s turn towards villainy was due to the loss of the love of her life. Finding Earth 1 Oliver could be a second chance for her to find her love and life again, and fight to make up for everything she’s done. Additionally, this would actually be closer to the comic storyline where the Black Canary Green Arrow got involved with was originally from Earth-2.


For all we know, it could be an entirely new reason; but it’s most likely not related to Flashpoint. Remember that during Heroes Vs Aliens (Part 2) Oliver had a memory flash in his dream of dead Laurel. This means that event remained unchanged; but there can always be more to be filled in. Perhaps Laurel actually whispered something different to Oliver and they did fake her death last season. Either way, PLEASE don’t be a hallucination. Unless…. Unless The Human Target is now trying his hand at impersonating a woman. If that was the case, then that’d actually be hilarious… really mean…. but hilarious.

Rapid Fire– Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Favorite Quotes:
    • “I’m Curtis by the way, the guy awkwardly standing in front of you waiting to be introduced” – Curtis
    • “My favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard” – Oliver
    • “You must be the super hot reporter” – Felicity
    • “Yah, he does that Dig might end up with 5 kids” – Renee
    • “Five years and he still doesn’t listen” – Felicity
  • The episode title “What We Leave Behind” not only references the unintended consequences/ leftovers of Oliver’s Season 1 Crusade, but also reference Laurel as something he left behind.
  • If you’re a Robin Hood: Men In Tights fan, then let me just say: ‘Prometheus split Oliver’s arrow in twain!!!!!!!!’
  • It’s safe to say Olicity will never happen now as that Oliver just killed Felicity’s new boyfriend. Yes it wasn’t his fault, but that is an unimaginable load of baggage and awkwardness that can never be overlooked for a believably relationship to reemerge.
  • At this point, it’s uncertain if Diggle was tricked into being captured by the army on their own or if Prometheus tipped them off/ set him up.
  • It’s great that Arrow really embraced the Alien Aftermath and not only mentioned it, their dream sequence but also Flashpoint.
  • Turns out Artemis didn’t start bad but actually was turned by Prometheus after she found out about The Hood. If he turned her, could he turn others?

Much like how last night’s episode of The Flash left us with anxiety over the end of Season 3, tonight’s Arrow left us with hope that a favorite character might have returned … or is setting us up for even more heartbreak. OH GOD THE ANXIETY IS BACK! And Arrow returns end of January, so see you all then!

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