Analysis Of Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer(s) #1 – Accords Backlash, Original Spidey Suit & More:

Let’s face it, the Spider-Man franchise has been the subject of a lot of jokes in terms of “Reboot”. Hell, it only got 2/3rds of the way through it’s last reboot so what can we expect from this next one? Well considering Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was one of the highlights of Captain America: Civil War, we can be hopeful. And that’s where the mindset of viewing this trailer comes into play. Are you viewing it as a standalone Spidey flick (with a cameo or two) OR as the next chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Jimmy Kimmel might have given people their first look at the Spider-Man trailer, but quickly following a second International Trailer was released. And whereas both trailers are about 80% alike, it’s the added scenes in the International Trailer that really help bring everything together. So let’s take both Trailers together and see just what to expect from Spider-Man: Homecoming and how big of a role the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe will play in it.

Proving Yourself vs Protecting A Kid – Tony Stark & The Accords:

Early on in the trailer, we find Tony and Peter discussing his status as a hero. Whereas the Jimmy Kimmel Live trailer focused on the comedy of the exchange, the International Trailer actually gives us some key added details. For starters, the comment that Peter can “keep the suit” suggests not only that this is early on in the film, but also that we’re picking up not too long after the events of Civil War. Additionally in the International Trailer, Tony clearly points out that “this does not mean you’re an Avenger”.

For starters, this confirms to the audience that this is the ‘starting out’ Spider-Man in every way, but it also frames this film along the lines of Peter having to prove himself. This can even be seen later in both trailers when Tony tells Peter to “forget the flying monster guy”. It’s because of these moments along with Peter’s reception of these comments, that this film will largely operate as a chance for Spider-Man to prove himself – to both Tony and the audiences. Though there is still one major thing we’re forgetting that isn’t directly brought up in the trailer: The Accords.

Spider-Man Homecoming.png

“Identity Theft, we have you covered?” HA! Nice one Marvel

The Accords are still the defining government legislation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the moment, and even though Spider-Man WAS on Team Stark in Civil War, remember that Tony didn’t take the legal steps to add him. This was Tony acting on his own and recruiting a temporary member to assist in peacefully capturing Captain America. So when Tony is telling Peter to stay low and leave big heroing deeds to others, he’s in part doing it to protect Spider-Man. There is a scene in the trailer – and even the teaser – that shows Spider-Man being tracked by the Police. Why would he need to escape the cops – unless he was an unregistered superhero. This can also be a set up for why this universe’s Spider-Man is called a “Menace”. Rather than the unfounded rantings of J Jonah, it could actually be based on the atmosphere of the Accords. I’m sure this film will play out with Spider-Man proving himself and Ironman coming to assist him, but it won’t be the easiest of battles to start – especially considering his enemies and limitations.

Frightening Face Offs – Vulture & Shocker

As great as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, we’ve rarely gotten a truly terrifying villain. Vulture looks to change all that as he truly has a horror movie-esque look. He’s both human and otherworldly and seems to be an absolute wrecking ball. He might not be an alien army or rampaging monster, but his presentation is the stuff nightmares are made of – and future Cosplay goals. Though he isn’t the only villain in this film.


In the JKL trailer, we saw a scene of Spider-Man getting hit by a bus and assumed it was another fight with Vulture. Though in the International Trailer, we see it is actually another villain entirely, Shocker. It’s unclear whether this is a preliminary battle and he’ll get another costume or if it’s just a pop up cameo villain (ie: like Batroc the Leaper in Winter Solider), but even here he is a force. Though is Peter at more of a disadvantage than we thought?

The Original (Pre-Civil War) Spidey Suit Returns – Flashback Or Punishment:

Upon Closer inspection of the Shocker fight, we see that Spider-Man actually isn’t wearing his Stark issued Spidey suit, but rather a street level suit that we caught a slight glimpse of in photograph in Civil War. Thanks to an additional still from the Facebook Group Marvel Cinematic Universe of the JKL Trailer, we see that Spidey is also wearing that suit during the (I’m guessing) Coney Island fight scene seemingly against the Vulture.


Why in the world would Spidey go up against these two villains in a bunch of rags with zero to no gadgets to help him? Well there’s one of two explanations. The first is that these are both flashbacks and the Coney Island scene isn’t actually a fight against Vulture – it just looks to be due to editing. The other explanation (and more believable) is that at some point Tony takes back the Spidey suit “for Peter’s own good”. Since we’ve already addressed how this film will see Spider-Man trying to prove himself, he’ll of course keep fighting with his old suit, impress Tony with his resolve and get his suit back – with some additional tricks (ie: the web wings). These upgrades weren’t around with the Civil War suit and seem to be specifically crafted to battle Vulture.

Final Quick Notes:

  • Whereas that shot of Spider-Man holding together a ship is epic (and a call back to the days when both prior Spider-Man tried), it is NOT a cruise ship as some have suggested but rather a ferry. Still really frigging impressive, but not as overwhelmingly big.
  • The heavy Darth-Vadar-esque breathing they use for Vulture is not only epic for the scare factor but also appropriate since the larger wings/ thrusters means he can fly faster than Falcon and would thus need some breathing apparatus to make sure he doesn’t black out from oxygen loss.

There’s still more trailers to be seen and more details to be revealed, but as of the moment this trailer seems to portray a Spider-Man film that embodies both the nerdy teen (Tobey’s Spider-Man) and the quippy hero (Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man).



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