Lost Girl: “Origin / It Begins” Recap


The Pyrippus Rises!

With Hale’s funeral – and this season – coming to an end, the biggest fight is just about to begin. With the fog of mystery and confusion slowly being lifted, the answers we’ve sought for so long are starting to be revealed. Between Bo’s denial and the Fae world being thrown into chaos, will they be able to stand together to defeat the true enemy?

Hale’s Death & Vengeful Kenzi

vengeful Kenzi

With Hale’s passing, Kenzi only has one thing on her mind: revenge. After storming into the Mossimo’s lair with Dyson and Bo, she hesitates to kill him herself several times, but is more upset at what follows. Mossimo knows of the Wanderer and Rainer so Dyson decides to take him to Trick  so they can learn what he knows first. Kenzi feels betrayed and alone. She doesn’t care what happens to anyone else anymore, she just wants her revenge – and if you’re not with her, you’re against her. This all ends with her demanding Bo to un-claim her when she finds herself the only one not mentioned anywhere in a prophecy.

            Bo’s Continued Denial and Break Ups:

When Lauren tried to show Bo what she found on the Wanderer, Bo dismisses it and doesn’t believe it could be the same guy standing in her kitchen – despite the fact that they do sort of look alike. She even goes as far to say the book doesn’t even look real and insinuates that Lauren probably just made it up herself. Lauren tries to explain how she was skeptical at first too, but history’s memory of Rainer is returning and it doesn’t pain a pretty picture.

Bo adds historical writings to the ever growing list of things she won't listen to.

Bo adds historical writings to the ever growing list of things she won’t listen to.

After reading some prophecies and learning that Bo is the Queen they predict, Lauren is scared for Bo and tries to help, but Bo just pushes her away. She claims that Lauren is doing all of this just to get back at her for something. Lauren then explains to Bo that this has all been for her – which we’ve known and could see. Still in perpetual state of mind-numbing denial, Bo passes the buck and tries to say Kenzi needs her – oh wait, then why aren’t you with her – and then tries to make up how Lauren broke her heart.

To go on further about this would be beating a dead horse – or Pyrippus. Bo has been nothing but idiotic lately. She is pushing away everyone who loves her, and then says its them who pushed her away and wish her ill. Her egocentricity is almost as bad as Massimo’s – the man who tap-danced into lava but blames it on Kenzi and Bo.

The Doctor’s Moves:

Sexy Time Lauren

After dealing with Miss Ignores The Obvious, Lauren still tries to protect Bo so she goes to see the Morrigan with a few tricks of her own. Lauren successfully seduces the Morrigan by talking her language. She paints herself as the weak, helpless human who owes the Morrigan everything. The Morrigan, who is used to humans fawning over her and becoming nothing more than play-things, accepts Lauren’s proposal without a second though. And why would she suspect anything, Lauren’s just a human. What could she possibly do? Oh that’s right, be awesome!

A few episodes back when Lauren kissed Evony, she took a DNA sample from her lips. From that sample she was able to create a serum that would reverse the Morrigan’s DNA and make her human. Hey if the Doc can make humans Fae, why not the other way around?

The real kicker is how she did it. No, she did not poison the champagne or anything. She actually had the serum on her . . . . ummm . . . . yah. And when the Morrigan went to go . . . . .  uhhhh. Yah, there is no way to non-graphically describe this in an article. So if you get it, congratulations! If not, let’s just say this was the first reported case of a Sexually Transmitted Cure. Although, despite all this awesomeness by Doctor Lauren, was it really for the best?

"Are you trying to melt me? That's adorable!" - Lauren mocks a now human Morrigan.

“Are you trying to melt me? That’s adorable!” – Lauren mocks a now human Morrigan.

Earlier this episode we saw Evony talking with someone about killing Bo. Hearing this, Lauren packed up her things and left before she could find out that that someone was Trick, who was proposing an alliance to take out the Pyrippus. Now to be fair, there was a REALLY long pause between The Morrigan saying ‘lets kill the succubus’ and Trick finally chiming in – so I can’t blame Lauren too much.

Either way, taking out the Morrigan – though brilliant – was a hand played too soon. All Lauren accomplished was weakening the team to stand against the Pyrippus. Did the Morrigan deserve this? Of course, but not right now. Lauren was only acting on what information she knew. Though I still think that pause between Evony’s threat and Trick’s appearance was too long. Yes the writers wanted to set this scene up, but make Lauren leave faster then. If you pause for like 10 seconds, it becomes less a tragedy and more of a ‘you asked for it’.

            Vex’s True Nature:

When we last saw Vex, we were afraid he might let his darker side take hold and ignore the goodness within him. What we find out this episode is that he is still quite good, although maybe too good. Having given his blood oath to protect the parentless Mossimo, he keeps trying to cover for the little brat and make him go hide and stop causing trouble.

In one exchange, we see Kenzi actually begging Vex to be his bad self. She doesn’t want the good in people, she’s gone dark herself. Vex refuses to kill Mossimo and sets him free, hoping he will finally listen to him and just leave. I for one am happy that Vex is still good. He’s much better as a good guy – more balanced too.

Oedipus Much?

So. Much. Awkward

So. Much. Awkward

In a turn of events that Norman Bates would be proud of, it seems as though the Morrigan is Mossimo’s mommy. As a child, she abandoned him to Vex, although at some point brought him back into the fold – giving him just enough attention to keep him obedient and wanting more. Since she’s Fae and he’s human I doubt there’s a biological connection, but its still creepy as hell.  Although I do really appreciate Vex’s Psycho reference – because that’s exactly what this is.

Also, when you consider how its looking more and more like Pyrippus and Rainer are connected, I think the biggest chance of incest is still going to be Bo and Rainer. So let’s move on quickly.

The Women of the Horse:

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 1.27.32 AM

The insignia for the Women of the Horse

Keeping with the growing list of things just thrown into this episode a little too easily, the Women of the Horse are some strange cult that are either worshipping the Pyrippus or trying to stop its coming. Yes, that’s right. No actual story of them is given, nor what their purpose is. There are just a bunch a back and forth actions that can be taken in many ways. Do they want to kill Bo because she can unleash the Pyrippus or because she can kill it?

Considering Rosette’s hidden agenda – and the fact that she has a prior knowledge of these women – I can only assume that they were all in this together. So that means that Rosette set them up as the enemies and faithful worshippers – a plan which they were in on. If they seemed ‘afraid’ of Bo and Rainer being bound, then that meant it must be a good thing right? Well no, again that’s just the plan. I mean why keep the thing that would kill your God in your shrine.

Just what we needed, a creepy horse cult.

Just what we needed, a creepy horse cult.

In actuality, them being bound was what everyone wanted. Before you say its pretty mean to have a group of devout followers take the fall to make something happen, remember that the Pyrippus is pure evil. As for caring about his followers, he killed Rosette after she did all that he asked. In short: not a nice guy who likes to use a lot of intricate long-winded plans.

Connections – Rainer, The Wanderer, and The Pyrippus:

Lauren finds new writings about Rainer

Lauren finds new writings about Rainer

While investigating the Dark Archives, Lauren stumbles upon some history books in the process of being rewritten. They tell of Rainer, a horned and fanged monster that will unleash evil and destruction upon the land once he is unbound. Bo of course doesn’t believe it, and this leads to Rainer even saying the Pyrripus might not be that bad since the history books got him so wrong. Everyone has said that Rainer is The Wanderer, and later that The Wanderer is the Pyrippus. But how?

Perhaps the Pyrippus is a spirit that can inhabit people. We did see it take control of Rosette when she walked into fire. Thought the Pyrippus might not be its own entity, but rather an off shoot of Rainer. Maybe Rainer and the Pyrippus were once one and then were separated. We hear how Rainer will become a monster once he is unbound. That could mean his current handsome self is his bound form. His original form was too powerful and thus had to be separated a long time ago – maybe even before the Great Fae Rebellion. That would all mean that his current form isn’t fully complete.

Special thanks to Mark Gillen for pointing out that the Wanderer Card's MMXV (2015) and artwork can be seen on the Pyrippus temple doors.

Special thanks to Mark Gillen for pointing out that the Wanderer Card’s MMXV (2015) and artwork can be seen on the Pyrippus temple doors.

That would also explain the curse. With Rainer (the vessel) on the train and the Pyrippus (the spirit) in Hel, they would be in different dimensions. If Rainer returned to this plane of existence, then he would have to die so that the odds of him and his spirit being reunited would be lessened. Sadly, with Bo breaking both curses, the Pyrippus will be released and both sides of the coin will be reunited. This is all just a theory, but it would nicely explain all the confusion over naming this past season.

Inconsistencies – Rosette, Rainer, Twig of Zamora, etc:

We meet one of Rainer’s lieutenants named Rosette, his most trusted aid on the battlefield and the one who had been trying to get them off that train. This character brings up many questions. For starters, if Rainer and all memory of him were erased, how come his lieutenant – someone who knew him before – still remembered him?

Additionally, Rainer in this scene mentions how the Pyrippus has been manipulating him. Since when was that a thing? It seemed almost like a last minute admittance to absolve him of any evidence that will soon be released. Considering all that we learned this episode, it makes sense that he’d want to create an alibi of ‘manipulation’.

Fangs and horns aside, there is a striking resemblance

Fangs and horns aside, there is a striking resemblance

Another inconsistency that I noticed last time was how the Twig of Zamora is different. Originally tasked with protecting people from all harm, it still lead Mossimo to be chi-drained by Bo. Even if it wasn’t a lot, there was still injury. Mossimo adds to this inconsistency when he explains how his skin was burning while in the lava pit. If he had the twig he shouldn’t have felt any of that – or have been scarred. Initially the twig protected from all harm like that insect the Morrigan released on Hale after he became Ash. Even non-fatal injuries were stopped before they could start – like when the Morrigan threatened to taser Kenzi.

All and all this season it seems like the writers have forgotten what they wrote about their own characters. If there’s problems in long term continuity that’s one thing, but continuity within the same season – to at most 13 episodes ago – is ridiculous. This is one of the reasons I cannot stand the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who. Originally an amazing creation, Moffat can’t even remember the abilities of his own creations and seems to bring them back stronger and stronger every time. If you aren’t committed to your own stories, how can you expect the viewers to be?

As soon as he swallows the Origin Seed, the transformation begins. Note the freakishly large eyeball.

As soon as he swallows the Origin Seed, the transformation begins. Note the freakishly large eyeball.

As for the season finale, I doubt they can wrap everything up at once. Even if the new Una Mens Mossimo and Pyrippus kamikaze each other, what about the Hellscore? What about the black sludge from episode one this season? At this rate we’ll have to see if there’s a Season 5, though if it means another season like this, I’d much rather cut it off 10 minutes before the end of Season 3 – oh hell, Season 2 even.

One thought on “Lost Girl: “Origin / It Begins” Recap

  1. This was an amazing write up, Joe. Concise, to the point, and more importantly complete. It was such a mess of an episode, IMHO. And you’re right, if after binge watching the first three seasons in rapid succession only to have it all crash and burn at my feet with the season – I’m voting we stop halfway through season 2 and call it a wrap. Great post!

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