Godzilla (2014) Official Trailer – The True King of Monsters

With about 3 months until its highly anticipated release, Godzilla (2014) just released their official full-length trailer. With little to no media coverage to start, word of this movie has spread like wild fire after the teaser trailer released in mid December of last year. Much like the King of Monsters itself, nothing can contain this movie. If you were afraid that teaser was a one-hit wonder, think again. The official full-length trailer not only lives up to expectations, but continues to crush the competition.

Wait, is there a zombie outbreak too?

Wait, is there a zombie outbreak too?

The trailer opens with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston – who plays scientist Joe Brody – yelling at someone while various scenes of destruction play out. Tidal waves in city streets, nuclear facilities being evacuated, explosions, and multiple car pile-ups all set the stage for some apocalyptic scenario. He claims that all of these occurrences aren’t just natural disasters, but are in fact a cover up for something that will “send us back to the Stone Age”.

"In 1954, we awakened something!" - unknown voice

“In 1954, we awakened something!” – unknown voice

As the narration ends, we start to get some backstory on our favorite kaiju – Japanese for “strange creature”. Unlike the prior 1998 Godzilla movie, those nuclear tests did not cause some strange mutation in an island iguana. In fact, they weren’t tests at all, but rather all attempts to kill this monster. This immediately places this film in a much larger context and goes back to screenwriter Frank Darabont original ambitions for this film – making Godzilla an unstoppable force of nature.

“The arrogance of man is thinking that nature is within our control, and not the other way around” – a voice says while plans fall out of the sky like snowflakes.

Countless scenes of destruction, nuclear facilities and fights are what we expect from monster movies, but there are some scenes that hint at a story rich in detail. For starters, there is one scene where it appears a bunch of soldiers are trekking through some prehistoric graveyard – which might mean Godzilla was some kind of prehistoric beast. But is he the only monster in this film?

Wait, those aren't cave formations. Those are ribs. . . .

Wait, those aren’t cave formations. Those are ribs. . . .

Edwards is a huge fan of Destroy All Monsters – arguably one of the best/most popular Godzilla films of all time. As the title hints at, the story is basically Godzilla fighting against a lot of monsters. He’s already said he hopes to expand his new remake into a franchise and have a sequel based off of Destroy All Monsters. If he wanted to do that, then he has to do what the post-credits for Ironman did to set up for The Avengers – place the movie in a larger context where other monsters do exist. And if you look at this trailer, you can already see some hints.

With all these various scenes of destruction all around the world – Vegas to Japan – can Godzilla really be to blame for all of it? The King of Monsters certainly gets around, but I’m willing to be there is another monster – or group – in this film based on several pieces of footage we get in this trailer:

Are those . . . . eggs? Growing on a missile. That can't be good for development.

Are those . . . . eggs? Growing on a missile. That can’t be good for development.

  1. Falling Planes: Godzilla might be enormous if you see the scale the movie posters places him in, but can he really knock planes out of the sky. In the opening scenes we see a passenger jet that crashed in the middle of nowhere. If a mile high monster did this, someone would have seen it walking across the planes. Tie this in with the slew of free falling jets and it’s safe to assume we have a flying monster(s).
  2. The Hive: One scene shows us a bunch of explorers coming across some glowing coral structure forming around what appears to be wreckage and undetonated missiles.
  3. Monster Leg: Among all the confusion and destruction, one scene shows a piece of wreckage that looks too polished. It might not even be a piece of debris at all, but rather a leg.

All and all, it seems like the enemy for Godzilla in this film – besides the military – will be an insect-like monster(s). Regardless this continues to look like one of the most anticipated movies this summer – and one of the most anticipated remakes ever.

Godzilla's face is revealed in the brief seconds the door closes.

Godzilla’s face is revealed in the brief seconds the door closes.

Are you excited yet? Sound off in the comments about what you’re most excited about. Also be sure to check out the gallery below and follow on Facebook for more updates as they arise.

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