Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Trailer – The Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For

During this years Superbowl, we got a sneak peak at the new Transformers movie due out this summer. Between a new cast and the rise of the iconic Dinobots, it seemed as though this would be the sequel Transformers fans had been waiting for since the first film debuted back in 2007. With no more Shia Labeouf and company taking center stage, this film not only keeps continuity, but also distances itself as quickly as possible from its former failed installments to give fans more than they could ever want. So how is this new full-length trailer? In short: Everything you could want and more!

Remember Chicago

Despite the lack of its former cast, this film does acknowledge the fallout and consequences of the events in Transformers: Dark of the Moon


From the first few seconds of this trailer, we see a sign that says “Remember Chicago. Report Alien Activity”. Despite everything that is new – and right – about this film, this immediately sets Transformers 4: Age of Extinction within the continuity of the prior films. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the line between Decepticons and Autobot seemed to fade as all of Chicago was destroyed in their enormous battle. Due to this, all Transformers – Autobot or Decepticon – are being hunted down and exterminated, which brings us to our new cast.


Cade Yeagar (Mark Wahlberg) and his daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz) welcome their latest truck for the scrap heap.

Mark Wahlberg plays a mechanic named Cade Yeagar who is just trying to make enough money to support his family. While out looking for cars to scrap, he comes across a beat up old trailer cab – Oh my God, it’s Generation 1 Optimus Prime. As he’s working on it, he discovers countless bullet shells inside as well as a strange metallic armor which makes him realize that he has found a Transformer. Whether he alerted the authorities or not, a group of government agents led by Harold Attinger (played by Kelsey Grammar) are soon tearing his home apart looking for Optimus Prime – Called It!

Growing Enemies:

In case a government agency hunting down Transformers wasn’t enough, the Autobots are about to get more problems as an armada of spacecraft invade earth. One is of course the – now confirmed – chaos-infused Megatron reincarnation named Galvatron, but there is a new combatant that is much more fearsome. Who he is we have yet to find out, but he appears to be named Lockdown and he’s a Transformer within a Transformer. How so? He can effortlessly turn his head into a long range railgun. Considering he put a hole through Optimus’ chest without breaking a sweat, it’s safe to assume that this is the guy in charge.


Lockdown has arrived

Optimus Prime vs Grimlock:

The last new big reveal of this trailer was seeing Optimus Prime and Grimlock (the gigantic T-Rex leader of the Dinobots) fight. Now if you read my review of the teaser, I commented on how the Dinobots and Autobots are allies. So why are they fighting? Well as I said in that review, Grimlock has tried to overthrow Optimus as leader of the Autobots more than once, but when push comes to shove Grimlock has tremendous respect for Optimus and will always stand with him.

Did Optimus Prime just bitch-slap Grimlock into submission?

Did Optimus Prime just bitch-slap Grimlock into submission?

In the fight scene we see them both screaming at each other, which to see Optimus do is strange. He’s never gotten that angry with Megatron. That is because unlike his battles with Megatron and other Decepticons, this is a disagreement – probably about leadership. Optimus and Grimlock clearly have a frustrating history with each other, but I’m willing to bet that after this fight, they decide to put things behind them and realize they are much better as co-leaders – which will lead to Optimus riding Grimlock into battle like we saw in the Teaser last time.

Sure this movie will have tons of explosions and action, but as we learned from the last two Transformers movies, you need more than that.  You need a story that people can relate to, that’s easy to understand and seems at least somewhat realistic. The fear that comes after catastrophic events and the want to protect your family are all feelings we’re familiar with – especially in this day and age. This might not be your kids’ Transformers, but it’s certainly yours! If you were a fan of it growing up, you’ll love the new – more grown up – take on this classic when it hits theaters June 27!

For now, enjoy these screenshots and stay tuned for more updates within the coming weeks.

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