Transformers 4: Age of Extinction – New Dinobots Revealed

Ever since we first saw the Dinobots in the Superbowl teaser for Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, there have been two questions on our mind: how many are there and what do they look like transformed? Well  at the 2014 International Toy Fair in New York City, we finally got a chance to look upon these Dinobots in all their toy-form glory. So lets finally get a proper introduction to the biggest addition to the Transformers universe and meet the full cast of Dinobots.


First up is Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots. You might know him as that giant T-Rex Optimus Prime was ridding in the teaser trailer/fighting with in the official trailer. If he was that large in beast form, imagine him fully transformed.

GrimlockLuckily we don’t have to imagine anymore. As you can see above, Grimlock’s robot form is incredibly imposing and primal looking. He really sets the stage for the robot forms of the other dinobots. As you go through them you’ll see each has a very primeval look to them even in robot form.


I originally thought this twin-headed Pterodactyl was a re-imagining of Swoop – the Pterodactyl member of the original Dinobots – but is actually a complete remake of the Autobot Strafe. From plane to twin-headed flying terror, Strafe is personally my favorite of the Dinobots in this film, and the last trailer-confirmed Dinobot to appear in the movie.



Although we haven’t seen him in any trailers yet, Slug – or rather Slag as he is sometimes known – was one of the original members of the Dinobots. Of the three new revealed Dinobots, Slug has the most chance of being in this film. Between his name and Triceratops form, Slug remains true to his original 1984 design.


If Slug is actually in the film, it will be interesting to see if Michael Bay also kept his original personality as well. If the Dinobots are known for being violent and destructive, Slug is their poster child. Between his ridiculously short temper and affinity for fighting dirty, it’s a wonder he’s not a Decepticon.


Whereas Scorn was never one of the original Dinobots, he’s certainly a unique addition to the team as a Spinosaurus. With it being larger, lighter, and faster than a Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus was in many ways superior to it late Cretaceous cousin. Whether or not Scorn will be superior to Grimlock, is doubtful.


Whatever their beast forms are based upon, Grimlock is the undisputed leader of the Dinobots. And before you think Scorn is a Decepticon counterpart, he’s an Autobot – as you can see by the insignia on his chest.


The final Dinobot toy that was revealed at the Toy Fair was a Velociraptor-based transformer named Slash. He might not seem that special at first, but any fans of Transformers: Beast Wars will recognize him as THE Dinobot. In the mid 90s, Beast Wars was a popular alternative to transformers where all the transformers took animal form rather than vehicle. Dinobot was a Maximal (Autobot) who was rebranded as a Predicon (Decepticon), but eventually returned to his Maximal roots.


Unlike the last velociraptor-based transformer, Slash is covered in what appear to be blade-like appendages. In actuality these are feathers to reflect the new concept of what Velociraptors looked like.

There may still be one or two more Dinobots revealed. Of the original team, we are still missing Sludge – a Brontosaurus-based transformer. Another thing to take into consideration was that the original Dinobots could fuse much like how Devastator did in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Whatever the case, between the movie footage we’ve seen already and these new toys, this movie keeps looking better and better.

Edit as of 5/3/14: If you want to see the big screen counterparts for these toys; click here for concept art and their new Dinobots Unite footage.

13 thoughts on “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction – New Dinobots Revealed

  1. It is truly a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. The dinobots didn’t combine? Well at least not in the g1 us series. I like the figure line, and am looking forward to the movie. There are so many different universes in transformers that no one person likes them all. I just picked up slug, scorn and grimlock. Look for my yt reviews.

    • I believe they combined in the comics into The Beast – but not in the show. If i remember correctly it was a last resort right when the Autobots were about to be killed. But the beast was so uncontrollable the Autobots had to destroy it in the end.

      And OHHHH, they’re out already? *runs to the store* lol

    • Where can I purchase them from? I bought Grimlock, but he doesn’t look anything like the one pictured here. RAD!

      • Target, Toys’r’us. Toywiz. – to name a few. And they all begin with ‘T’ hahaha did not plan that one lol

        Also, its important to make sure the ‘class’ is right. For some such as Grimlock, there will be different class levels. The Dinobots are all ‘Deluxe’ class while the Grimlock pictured here is ‘Voyager Class’ I believe.

        There’s smaller/bigger versions of each; but these are the best in my opinion – great quality for fair price. The Grimlock at Toywiz right now is on sale too. Which i wish i knew last week when I bought mine from Toys’R’us lol

  4. “Whereas Scorn was never one of the original Dinobots, he’s certainly a unique addition to the team as a Spinosaurus. With it being larger, lighter, and faster than a Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus was in many ways superior to it late Cretaceous cousin. Whether or not Scorn will be superior to Grimlock, is doubtful.”

    The jury is still out on Spino. What it looked like and how it killed or what it could kill. Since no complete Spinosaurus remains have been found there is little to go one except JP3 and Planet Dinosaur fantasies. That should change this year with new remains having been discovered and a paper coming out on the beast. I would take the more powerful, robust, intellgent, bone crushing bite force and binocular vision of the Grim… I mean Tyrannosaurs over the less advanced fish eater any day.

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