Looking Forward: OUAT In Wonderland “Dirty Little Secrets”

Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga? 

With only several episodes left this season, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland is certainly looking to end things with a bang. With dark pasts revealed and new motives apparent, Wonderland might never be the same. The stakes have never been higher and it seems as though evil might win in the end.  So can everything be tied up before the season – or series – finale; and what effects – if any – will this have on Once Upon A Time itself.

Fear the Jabberwocky:

Last week hinted at how demented The Jabberwocky – portrayed by Peta Sergeant – might be, but this week we got more than we could have possibly imagined. From threatening babies to cutting out Lizard’s eyes after she had died, this is one seriously demented and evil character. Her and Jafar’s alliance seems to be working well – sometimes even seems a little sexual – but Jafar knows to not let his guard down with this one.

With powers over fear, mind reading and lightning fast movements the Jabberwocky is just as much a threat as an asset. The most frightening display of her powers came during her torture of Anastasia. The Jabberwocky uses such seemingly simple words that call to mind such horrors for her victims. It seems as though she’s just skimming the surface of some seriously nasty stuff.

Stalking the Queen

The Red Queen’s Anguish:

This episode we got to see that the Red Queen truly is repentant for all that she’s done. After a quick visit to the White Rabbit to say she’s sorry and ask that he tell all of Wonderland it’s time to fight, she decided to face the Jabberwocky rather than run. Fun Fact: She should have tried to run.

After being broken and forced to use up her wishes, one of the Tweedles comes to the Queen to help her. She is stunned by this and is still determined to help save Wonderland – but how? Also, we got some great foreshadowing this episode that there’s more darkness in the Queens past, so hopefully we find out about this next episode – most likely has to do with Cora’s time as the Queen of Hearts.

Cyrus’s Dark Secret:

Up until now, Cyrus has been the charming, calm and composed voice of reason; but ever since he heard about Jafar holding his two brothers, something’s seemed off. Now if a sorcerer was holding my two bothers hostage, I’d be in a hurry too. Though as time went on, he seemed to be making this more and more personal – and leaving Alice out of it.

"Does this dress make me look undead?" - No, your undead makes you look undead!

“Does this dress make me look undead?” – No, your undead makes you look undead!

Turns out Cyrus was keeping a ‘Dirty Little Secret’ and the blame keeps falling to him. Years ago, he caused an accident that left his mother badly burned and dying. In order to save her, he decided to follow the legend of a magic well whose waters can alter ones destiny. The catch is that it is only to be used if their fate has yet to be written, as the undead looking water guardian warned.

Despite her warning, Cyrus took the water and forced his brothers too as well. The water healed their mother as promised, but as a result the guardian turned the three brothers into genies. Since they disregarded fate to serve their own desires, it would now be their fate to serve others’ desires. In addition to this, they would have to live with the new fate they had caused, a fate that would cause the rise of Jafar. In a shocking twist of fate – or not – Cyrus’s mother was Amara, the woman who taught Jafar.

Amara – Driven to Evil or Misunderstood?

Amara’s identity as Cyrus’s mother raises many ideas. For starters it explains how Cyrus learned magic that didn’t rely on genie powers. It also might make you want to ask if this makes Jafar Cyrus’s almost-step-daddy. Though on a less awkward note, it makes you wonder how Amara became so evil.

Amara was once the Dark One of sorts for Agraba, so how does she seem so nice in this? Simple, a mother will do anything to get back her child. Losing her children would’ve made her hard and search for a way to bring them back. Now remember that spell she wanted to use to change the rules of magic? Starting to make sense right! If she could change the rules of magic she could set her children free and get revenge on that water guardian.



This also explains why she told Jafar that the two of them had to use the spell. She was probably even aware of the spell Jafar used on her to turn her into the staff. She only said that both had to be present so that she could do what she had to do. It would give Jafar what he wanted for helping her, and give her her children back.

It looks as though this season might actually get wrapped up perfectly. It might not be as amazing as the original Once Upon A Time, but Wonderland has done a great job at telling a confined,self-sufficient story. The rules of magic are going to change and we still need Jafar to get a chance at redemption – not to mention backstory on the Jabberwocky. Will we get all of that in these last few episodes – I believe so.

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