Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal: The Final Battle


The campaign for Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal has come to climactic end. As I’d hoped – and others predicted – the final match against the Champion Red – the protagonist from the first game – was fought with the original team we raised. So in this match of Gods vs ‘Mon, Lord Helix vs LazerGator, who won?

Well if we defeated the game, we clearly won the battle – and what a battle it was. With our inability to really use healing items and fighting our way through Mt Silver, we certainly came to the champion with a disadvantage. It seemed almost impossible. So much so that the developer announced the countdown clock for Pokemon Emerald and said that if we hadn’t completed the game in time, too bad.

I find it hard to believe that the developer actually posted that, but with the countdown clock to Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald already up, it seems legit. Though despite these threats and lack of faith, we did it. We defeated the Gods of old in record time – and with only five Pokemon.


Whether you’re a follower of Helix or choose to preserve on your own strengths, a team of five Pokemon – 4 actually – defeating the Champion’s team of six is admirable. So rejoice in our victory and wait for Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald – a generation three title. I won’t be following this one as closely as I have others, but I will certainly keep up to date on the stories that will be created – and make a Top 5 at its close.

Till then, HERE is the video of our final battle – its  18 minutes – and some more fan art by the insanely talented Twitch fans over at Praise The Helix Fossil and Twitch Plays Pokemon Fan Page. These pieces commemorate the conclusive battle between our Crystal heroes and the Gods of Red:

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