Assassins Creed: Unity Teaser Uses Familiar Imagery

Quickly following the image leak this Wednesday, Ubisoft has released a quick teaser of its upcoming Assassins Creed: Unity for the PS4/Xbox One. Although this is only a brief glimpse into some of the game’s Alpha footage, it seems Ubisoft is harkening back to its roots for this French Revolution centered game.

Lately we’ve seen an ever expanding playable universe in the Assassins Creed games. From the induction of tree-running in AC3 to the open world sailing of Black Flag, Assassins Creed has evolved a lot from its originally city-centered stealth story.  Unlike it’s past two fore-runners, this brief teaser focuses on a limited view rather than the open world hints of its predecessors.

In fact, this teaser seemed more reminiscent of the original Assassins Creed and Assassins Creed 2. The city architecture and large city map reminds viewers of Renaissance Florence (AC2) while the crowd of rioters and execution  calls to mind our first look at the original Assassins Creed set during the Crusades. Between the urban atmosphere and ringing bells, this very much felt like one of the original games.

The new Assassin robes seems very similar to that of Ezio's in AC: Revelations

The new Assassin robes seems very similar to that of Ezio’s in AC: Revelations

The fact of us witnessing an execution – during the French Revolution  – might give us a hint to story element as well. Perhaps Arno – the protagonist of this story – has a personal connection with one of the executed and this is a tale of vengeance much like Ezios. Even the costume seems to recall Ezio’s in Assassins Creed: Revelations. Although if you remember Haytham’s outfit from AC3, it is entirely possible that the Anglo/Franco Assassins/Templars have a much more noblemen dark outfit than the iconic white robes.

Whether future updates will reveal a wider scope – naval battles, etc – remains to be seen, but thus far this title looks promising. If the rumors about a second title being released for PS3/Xbox are true, then it makes sense that the scope of this game would be much smaller – which is not necessarily a bad thing. So stay tuned!

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