The Amazing Spiderman 2 Final Trailer – Sinister Consequences

It’s finally here, our last look at Spidey before he returns to the big screen May 2nd for The Amazing Spiderman 2. So what was so big about this ‘final trailer’? Honestly, nothing that wasn’t already hinted at. So if you haven’t gotten hooked on Spiderman yet, this is the trailer to do it. Action, betrayals, loss, and family secret are all fair game; and this trailer spells everything out.

As the trailer opens we see Spiderman swinging through New York City as he comments on how “everything” about being Spiderman is awesome. Though as he hits the top of his jump and slowly starts to dive down, so too does the mood of the trailer.


Uncovering His Father’s Legacy:

As we saw at the end of the first Amazing Spiderman, there is particular interest in Peter Parker’s family, especially his father. In this trailer, we learn that Peter’s father Richard discovered what Oscorp was planning on using his research for. We also find Peter inheriting some super secret abandoned subway base – guess every hero needs a hideout.

This scene also reveals 6 storage bunkers in Oscorp that – judging from the timing – seem to be the end result of Oscorp working with Richard Parker’s research. Though with the talk of all the villains in this movie and the next – as well as a Sinister Six spin-off film – could these 6 bunkers actually be the Sinister Six?

Harry Osborn – Old Friend / New Foe:

This time around we get to see more of Harry and Peter’s friendship, but it is quickly spoiled when Harry reveals that Peter has been under surveillance by Oscorp. Whether Harry’s always know or is just finding out now remains to be seen, but Harry soon finds himself working closely with Electro and his own father’s legacy.

We later find Harry suiting up as the Green Goblin, and judging from his face, well he doesn’t look well. It seems as though Harry has completely lost it as he and Spiderman fight inside some glass tower structure – with Gwen dangerously nearby.

Gwen Stacy – The Heroes Weakness:

Really Gwen? You scream "Peter" when your upset Spiderman doesn't take you along to the big villain showdown. . .

Really Gwen? You scream “Peter” when your upset Spiderman doesn’t take you along to the big villain showdown. . .

Between accidentally blurting out his name to trying to follow him on his heroic escapades, Gwen certainly is good at making herself a target – perhaps too good. If Oscorp has been following Peter then they obviously know he’s Peter Parker; and if they know that, they’ll know he is quite in love with Gwen.

We see Spiderman grabbing Gwen as she falls through a glass roof. This structure is also where Spiderman and Green Goblin fight so intensely, so could this be where/how she dies? Does the fight come after it or before it? Since this film seems to be sticking to the comics more faithfully, I wouldn’t be surprised if the fight happens and then Green Goblin whisks Gwen away before dropping her off the bridge. Though considering we just saw Spiderman jump to catch her and use his body to take the brunt of the fall, it’s hard to imagine him doing something different if the situation was repeated.


The final thing to note about this trailer was the extended look at Rhino, the cybernetic monstrosity Spiderman also does battle with. From reinforced armor and missile launcher to both bipedal and quadrupedal attack modes, Rhino is a virtual tank.

Wait, I think Rhino just went beast-mode . . .

Wait, I think Rhino just went beast-mode . . .

As I said, with teaser trailers and full length trailers all having been released already, there wasn’t really much new in this last trailer they could show without spoiling the whole movie. In fact, I’ve noticed a lot of movies this year have been showing multiple versions of trailers – or maybe this is the first time I’ve ever paid this much attention. Either way, there is something comical/noteworthy about how Sony decided to title this as the “Last Trailer”.

It’s still a great trailer and definitely gets you excited for the movie, but that’s it. Nothing to read into. Nothing to overanalyze. All of that has passed. Now it’s time for us to just sit back, relax, and wait for the movie to be released. Sony has already proved they know what their doing with this title thus far, so let’s leave it to them to put on another great show.

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