Assassins Creed: Unity Leaks French Revolution Setting


For the past few years, Ubisoft has made it a point to release one main Assassins Creed title per year. Well this time around we’re getting two; and we just got our first peak at one. Earlier today, Kotaku released exclusive images that apparently come from the new Assassins Creed: Unity. Not much is known about the title thus far, but there’s certainly enough to get excited about.

The Two Games:

The game in question here today is entitled Assassins Creed: Unity and will be a next-gen title making it exclusive for the PS4 and Xbox One. The screenshots that were sent to Kotaku – by a source wishing to remain anonymous – show a very AC:Revelations-like Assassin named Arno roaming around the streets of 18th century France.

The other game will be entitled Assassins Creed: Comet and will be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Nothing has been released about Comet yet, and it is unknown why none of these games will be released on the same system or if there will be any crossover elements. We will obviously learn more in the coming months.

Time Period – French Revolution:


Despite these images showing VERY early development in terms of graphics, the Parisian landmarks are quite noticeable. From the Seine River to the famous Notre Dame in the distance, we can already see the French influence – and that’s just the beginning.

The 18th century in France marks the French Revolution, quite possibly the most famous – or infamous – time in French history. This is a time period that people have been hoping for since Assassins Creed 3. Whether or not this title will include some tie-in to Connor – as many fans believed at the end of AC3 due to the proximity of dates – remains to be seen.

We will most likely get our first glimpse at these game trailers as San Diego Comic con and E3 approach. Right now there is still much to be done as you can see by the graphics as well as the ‘parkour up’ and ‘parkour down’ button prompts – which seem a little simplistic, but might be the new game mechanic that Ubisoft has been hinting at. Only time will tell.


With two different console systems coming out this year, the old debate over Ubisoft overuse their lead title is sure to arise again – if it hasn’t already. Sure AC3 had a ton of problems, but AC4:Black Flag more than made up for it. How will two lead titles affect game promotion? Will Comet for PS3 be a smaller scale download only game? Again, time will tell; but I am putting my faith in Ubisoft as always. Black Flag was a tremendous hit, so hopefully they learned from the successes and failures – rather than let their latest smash hit go to their heads.

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