Will Chris Evans Pass The Captain America Role To Sebastian Stan?

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With Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier due out later this week – and already out abroad – many are getting to reacquaint themselves with Chris Evans’ character of Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Although this movie not only serves as the lead up to Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, but also marks the halfway point for Evans’ Marvel career. But they’ll resign him right? Whether Marvel wants him or not, Chris is onto other things, but don’t worry. Marvel had this covered from the start.

Originally, Chris Evans signed on with Marvel for six movies. To date, those movies have been: Captain America, The Avengers, Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, and Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. This means Chris only has two more movies with Marvel until his contract is up – possibly around 2017 if his estimates are correct – or even fewer if they count his cameo in Thor 2: The Dark World. So what can Marvel do?

As with any huge franchise, you always worry about switching actors. This couldn’t be more true for films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure they changed from Ed Norton to Mark Ruffalo for the Incredible Hulk, but that was different. Chris Evans has become the embodiment of Captain America – much like how Mark has himself now become for the embodiment of Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. Thankfully, this time Marvel can make an actor switch and make it part of the story. In fact, this might have been something they were planning from the start.

Evans It has recently been revealed that unlike Chris Evans’ six-film Marvel contract, Sebastian Stan actually has a Marvel contract for nine films. That’s right! Nine films! Those who knew about Bucky’s role in Captain America’s story from the start won’t be surprised. So why does Stan have a larger contract than Evans? Well, it could be to give Evans room to renegotiate – which could still happen if Marvel offers him enough – although I don’t think he’ll be interested since he’s spoken at great lengths about wanting to leave acting for directing. So what does Sebastian Stan’s larger contract mean for the film franchise? Simple, if you know the comics.

*Warning: Mini Spoiler Ahead*

 After his time as the Winter Soldier, Bucky joins Captain America and fights along side him. Though after the events of Marvel: Civil War, Bucky takes up Captain America’s role. It’s safe to assume that this is also how it’ll play out for the cinematic universe. Thus far we’ve seen Stan in both Captain America films. Where to from here remains to be seen. He has yet to be confirmed for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, but he will certainly be in the Captain America 3. He will also most likely be in Avengers 3, which is where the turnover will probably take place. This leaves five more films to play with.


What exactly will happen is far out in the future, but if they had to replace Chris Evans’ Captain America, they couldn’t pick a better actor than Sebastian Stan. If you’re a fan of Once Upon A Time, then you know how amazing and likable a character he is. Whether as Jefferson the Mad Hatter, Buck Barnes the Winter Soldier, or the successor to Captain America, he’s your guy!

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One thought on “Will Chris Evans Pass The Captain America Role To Sebastian Stan?

  1. Chris Evans is a great Cap, after the success of Cap 2 many people looking forward to see Cap3 .How dumb it would be to replace Evans and continue the same story but different actor to be Captain America Hoping Chris Evans will stay and see him in Cap3 , Avengers 2 , and 3 hearing rumors that Cap will die on either Avenger 2 or Cap 3 and be replace by Sebastian hoping only for a while and have the return of Captain America and keep Chris Evans as Cap

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