Batman: Strange Days – A Return To Better Days

Batman fans rejoice! In honor of his 75th Anniversary, Bruce Timm has released a new animated short for the capped crusader. If you’ve never heard of him, then you might be wondering ‘Who is Bruce Timm and why are people so excited about a 2 minutes video?’.  The Dark Knight Dossier had this to say:

“Bruce Timm, co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series, helped to bring what many believe to be the most faithful version of Batman to the screen. As part of the 75th anniversary offerings he has returned with a short that shows why it received the critical and commercial success it has, and gives the audience another version of what became known as the Batman animated style, elegance simplicity and moodiness.”

In honor of his 75th anniversary, Bruce Timm decided to make this entire adventure in a sepia color scheme in order to honor the 1939 film style. Even the subject matter of mad doctor and monster, as well as a monster who stole a beautiful blond call to mind the greats of 1930s cinema – Frankenstein and King Kong.

The End

Bruce Timm defined a decade of animation. His work with Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995) continued all the way up to Batman Beyond (1999-2001) and then expanded into Justice League (2003-2004), while all maintaining the same universe. In many ways, he embodies what the Marvel Cinematic Universe did with their film series – create a universe where multiple interlocking stories can come together and diverge into spin-offs.

Honestly, DC has been in a mad scramble to even come close to what Marvel has when in reality they’ve had that answer all along – Bruce Timm. So watch this 2-minute special; and if you’ve never seen it, go back and watch The Animated Series. For it is truly how Batman – and DC – was meant to be shown on screen.

75 years


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