Ratchet & Clank – Coming To A Theater And PS4 Near You!

Fans of the Ratchet & Clank series has known for some time that Insomniac wanted to make a big screen adaptation of their fan-favorite franchise. Though thanks to E3, we finally have a trailer as well as some great news for the franchise’s future. The next chapter in the series is actually… the first chapter… but different. That’s right; it’s a reboot people. But before you loose hope, let’s see what we know thus far.

 We are happy with how production is progressing as everything feels authentic to the spirit of Ratchet & Clank. In fact, our key characters are voiced in the movie by the same fine folks who bring them to life in our games – talented actors such as James Arnold Taylor (Ratchet), David Kaye (Clank) and Jim Ward (Qwark) reprise their famous roles while we have a surprise or two still planned – Brand Development Director Ryan Schneider

If you watch the trailer, you can see exactly what Schneider is talking about. From Qwark’s egotistical self to even the enemies, everything here feels true to the originals. This film is set to be released for the first half of 2015 along with a brand new game for PS4.

That robot! That weapon. I can't help but feel I've seen them both before.

That robot! That weapon. I can’t help but feel I’ve seen them both before.

Now as for this being a reboot, I have yet to decide how I feel about that yet. After all, it’s the character’s we’ve fallen in love with rather than their stories – although I’m hoping Dr Nefarious and his robotic butler Lawrence make it in at some point. Either way, the film will be a new origins story for the duo; and the game will be a follow up to that and be released as well in 2015.

Ratchet & Clank was originally a PS2 title that eventually made the transition into the PS3 era with its Future series. Now I have yet to pick up the final Ratchet & Clank game Into The Nexus; but maybe it is better that this is a reboot. The PS3 titles were good, but not as amazing as the PS2 series; and maybe part of that is due to the story still evolving. The Future storyline was a little confusing; and the whole “last of the Lombax’s” was a little confusing since we met another Lombax in Going Commando. Also, PS3 is where the team started to experiment with some very different gameplay options that ultimately failed – I’m looking at you All 4 One.

If you're me

All and all, this could be a chance to go back to their roots and introduce a whole new generation to the beauty that is Ratchet & Clank. I mean, look at the bright side. At least Insomniac still has control over Ratchet & Clank, rather than have it taken over by Universal like what happened with the Spyro the Dragon series. *shiver* Never Again!

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