San Diego Comic Con 2014: Highlights From Preview Night

Comic book fans, movie/TV lovers, cosplayers, fan-girls, fan-boys, collectors … ASSEMBLE!!!!!! And so begins the most wonderful time of year, the true Christmas in July. I’m of course talking about the one and only Comic-Con International. Now in its 44th year, San Diego Comic Con has grown in leaps and bounds to embody everything that is awesome. Between movie trailers, celebrities, panels and memorabilia, there is something here for everyone. And with over 100,000 attendees this Con might just be the biggest yet.

Though it’s not just the number of guests and attendees that makes this Convention special. This year will also bring a ton of new interactive attractions that can bring everyone in on the fun. From virtual reality devices to a fully functioning parkour courses, they truly want everyone to be a part of the action this year. With huge titles like Marvel, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and even more surprise guests rumored to be taking the stage, you can be sure this will be a fun-filled next few days. Though the festivities are already underway. For Wednesday night began Preview Night; and it’s a lot more than just a ‘preview’ of the convention.

Sure you can roam the halls early and get some fantastic give-aways like these limited edition concept art posters from the Marvel booth; but the prime attraction of Preview Night is to get an exclusive world premier screening. On the docket tonight was a special screening of the Pilot episodes for The Flash, Constantine and iZombie – as well as a brand new episode of Teen Titans Go!

The Flash will air on Tuesdays at 8/7c this Fall of the CW; and is a spin-off of another CW show called Arrow. Both shows are based off of the DC heroes by the same name. The Flash will follow Barry Allen – an everyday guy with a heart of gold – who suddenly finds himself with the ability to run at super speeds. This ability not only helps Barry in his day job as a Central City Police scientist; but also in tracking down his mothers killer – a man who seems to possess the same mysterious abilities as Barry.

In addition to The Flash, NBC will be airing a new show called Constantine which will follow a man wage war against the forces of darkness – both from within him and the world at large. Despite the channel, Constantine will be based upon a DC character of the same name much like the Flash. It’ll premier Friday October 24th at 10/9c on NBC.

Premier Night

The final show that will be premiered on Preview Night is called iZombie and will follow the adventures of a 25-year-old medical resident that gets turned into a zombie; and starts solving crimes when she learns that she gains the memories of those whose brains she has eaten. So it’s basically CSI + The Walking Dead. Once again this will be a DC related property and will premier midseason on The CW. As for my predictions on it

As one of the most guarded traditions of Comic Con, we obviously don’t have the footage that was aired. You’ll have to wait for the fall to see that. But the buzz seems to be going over well and people are just as excited as they were before the Conn. Though it’s never the first episode that’ll make or break a series; but the second. Much can change between the Pilot episode and the rest of the series, so only time will tell if these shows are hits. Though with the popularity of its predecessor, I’d place my money of The Flash’s success.

So now that we’re caught up with Preview Night, let’s move onto the main events:
Highlights From Day 1
– Highlights From Day 2
– Highlights From Day 3

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