San Diego Comic Con 2014: Highlights From Day 1

And so San Diego Comic Con 2014 kicks off in full. With Preview Night behind us, let the true madness begin. With tons of panels scheduled for today and tomorrow, Day 1 (Thursday) might seem like a chill day; but I assure you there’s more than you’d think. Between new posters, trailers and panels for some great Showtime and Dreamworks productions, this day is packed. So let’s jump right in.

Ant Man Poster

One of the first quick highlights of the Day was a new poster from Marvel for their upcoming film Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglass. Now originally this film had been the longest Marvel film in production with Edgar Wright at the helm; but after some creative differences Wright left and Peyton Reed is in. With no more delays this film is finally under way and this poster shows off a different side of the Marvel Universe.

Ant-Man EW

It has a very 80s feel to it between color scheme that makes you remember Back to The Future, Star Wars, etc as well as a “giant ant” that makes you think of Honey I Shrunk The Kids”. Though as you can assume this isn’t a giant ant; but rather a normal ant; and Ant-Man just shrunk in size.

It also appears that a giant Ant-Man (aka GiANT Man) will be in this film as well. Usually Pym (Douglass) was the only one to assume this form; but this film will probably be telling a different tale than the original comics since Pym is older and it’ll primarily follow Scott Lang’s journey (Rudd). Either way, I’m very excited to see this film and any other updates we might get. Though this isn’t the only Marvel Poster that’s causing buzz.

Avengers 2 Posters – Some Assembly Required:

 Remember on preview night how an Ironman poster and Scarlet Witch poster were handed out? Well two more posters were handed out for Black Widow and Captain America; and we realized something: all these concept art posters connect. With some help from our good friend Jung Ji Ho, we have organized all the exisiting photos together and can already see where the others would fit.

Avengers Assemble Poster Thanks to the Captain America piece were can see Hawkeye will be next to him as we see an arrow or two sticking out of some Iron Legion eyes. Next to Blackwidow on the right will be Hulk as we can see his fist. To her immediate left will be Thor as his mighty hammer Mjolnir is see in her panel as well. To her far left will be quicksilver as we can see a lightning fast blur coming out from behind Black Widow and a bunch of Ultron bots being tossed aside in it’s wake. Needless to say, I am nerding out over this revelation.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Reveal … Kinda

So if the Avengers are getting a lot of press at this convention, you can be sure DC is going to try to get some attention to. So they obviously decided to release … another dark and grainy super close-up photo . . . . yay? The fact that people are getting excited over this image makes me sad that their expectations are so low. With it being the 75th Anniversary of Batman, you’d think they could do something a little more than just one dark close up and call it a day. There wasn’t even anything stand alone. This photo was part of a 75th Anniversary montage.

If you think this is grainy and dark, you should've seen it before i fixed it up

If you think this is grainy and dark, you should’ve seen it before i fixed it up

Hopefully they’ll give us something more in the coming days, but right now this “big” development for DC still pales in comparison to other film franchises out there. With Gal Gadot’s controversial casting as Wonder Woman, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Jesse Eisenberg as a not balled Lex Luther and a lot of returning cast from Man of Steel; this film is looking more and more like it’ll either be incredibly long or leave a lot of explaining out. Time will tell if this is the summer blockbuster we’ll remember fondly or regret immensely.

Benedict Cumberbatch Makes His Debut:

Dreamworks held the honor of being the first major presentation at Comic Con this year; but that’s not all. It also featured Benedict Cumberbatch in his first time at San Diego Comic Con. From Sherlock to Doctor Strange rumors, there’s a ton of questions on everyones minds, but panel moderator Craig Ferguson joked that if anyone asked about Sherlock, Comic Con is canceled.

The actual purpose of the Panel was for the Madagascar Spinoff film titled Penguins of Madagascar, where Cumberbatch will be playing a heroic wolf named Classified. Cumberbatch said he was drawn to the project for it’s Bond-like style. Also, Cumberbatch is FINALLY playing a good guy in a film. So there’s that to be excited about too.

Penguins of Madagascar Classified

As far as the Doctor Strange rumors, MTV News got to interview Cumberbatch and asked the question on everyones mind. Will he be playing Doctor Strange. Cumberbatch responded:

 “As far as I’m aware, even if that was the case, it couldn’t work out because I’m doing a little play called ‘Hamlet’ in London,” he said. “So I don’t think I could even if that was in the cards. It sounds like a fantastic project. It’s a shame if I miss out, but who knows?”

But who knows! So it doesn’t look likely; but it could still be possible. I’m sure if Marvel did choose him they’d do everything to make him say yes. And considering he’s BFF with Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki), I think it could happen. All we need is for Marvel to want it.

Fandom Awards by mtvU:

MTV Fandom Awards

Photo by Abigail Hapil

Day 1’s evening attractions included a Fandom Awards hosted by MTV’s College Channel mtvU, which celebrated all things fans and fandom. “Harry Potter” took home the award for Best Fandom Forever Award, while Veronica Mars won Fandom of the Year – an apt award since the fans literally brought it back for a movie. There were tons of other awards for the night like Game of Thrones which won the OMG Moment of the Year; as well as other spectacles like performances by Lincoln Park and rapper G-Eazy.

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer:

Another big announcement during San Diego Comic Con – well, happened during it – was the trailer release for the upcoming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, aka the S&M version of Twilight. Seriously though, Fifty Shades of Grey actually started as a Twilight fanfiction called Master of the Universe and later changed a few names and details.

I myself will not be covering or analyzing this film in any way, shape or form. But I’m sure some readers might want to see Dakota Johnson become Anastastia Steele and Jamie Dornan don the role of the title character Christian Grey. So if you’re a fan, enjoy the trailer. If not, pretend this section never existed and quickly join me on the next highlight.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2:

As with any time-travel-based storyline, you always have to accept the consequences of your actions – especially when there’s a hot tub involved. In keeping with this tradition, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 released the red band trailer for their upcoming film. Now don’t expect it to be as ‘red band’ as A Million Ways To Die In The West’s from a few months ago; but it’s still definitely worth a watch. Also, considering how the trailer ends, I feel like we just got confirmation of Hot Tub Time Machine 3 as well.

Penny Dreadful Panel:

Despite it’s late start this season, Showtime’s new show Penny Dreadful has quickly erupted into a wildfire of fandom. From it’s explicit spectacles, beautiful writing and its talented cast there is something for everyone in this show that truly takes viewers out of their comfort zone.

At the panel, we learned a lot about Season 1 and how Season 2 will expand upon those stories. The first season left many questions: What is Ethan? How was Vannessa possessed? Are we just going to pretend the Ethan and Dorian scene never happened? Well the panel taught us that all this and more will be addressed in Season 2. In addition to this, Season 2 will expand upon the theology and cosmetology of the series while also including many more characters from Victorian and Irish literature.


Creator John Logan told us the purpose of Season 1 was to build a family. Season 2 will allow more exploration into sexuality, relationships and threats. Also, whereas Season 1 Ethan was very much afraid of what he was and what his limits might be; Season 2 will show him the full extent of what he’s capable of and what he’s been hiding all along. One of the main antagonist of Season 2 has been revealed to be Madame Khali who appeared in a few Season 1 episodes and will be the voice for all the supernatural that threaten this world.

Where the story will progress beyond that we’ll have to wait for Season 2. Though he did tease that the Dracula story will be expanded upon – as Dracula himself has not yet been met – and that if the series continues further he wants to bring in Doctor Moreau.

Sometimes the only thing more amazing than Comic Con itself is the amazingly talented cast of cosplayers in attendance. Here's Angelica Danger Dawn as a female Arno from Assassins Creed: Unity. Photo by Mike Rollerson

Sometimes the only thing more amazing than Comic Con itself is the amazingly talented cast of cosplayers in attendance. Here’s Angelica Danger Dawn as a female Arno from Assassins Creed: Unity. Photo by Mike Rollerson

From Godzilla Con, Zip-linning and of course amazing cosplays, there are tons of more things to cover this year! So stay tuned for more updates and exciting things happening at this year’s San Diego Comic Con!

*Special thanks to Abigail Hapil for being on site for all of this

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