Supergirl – The Truth Behind DC’s Exciting New TV Series

Oh yah, Supergirl's got this!

Oh yah, Supergirl’s got this!

My faithful readers know that I have no problems making fun of DC/Warner Bros’s current attempts at a Cinematic Universe. That being said, there is one realm where DC has and is still at the top of its game: Television. From the iconic Batman: The Animated Series (1992) to new hit Arrow (2012), DC’s knows how to handle a television series. So needless to say I was excited when I heard that DC was developing a Supergirl series. Though with so many false reports spreading across the Internet like wildfire, I’m here to set the record straight.

Original reports claimed that Michael Green, the man behind Heroes, some of Smallville and the Green Lantern movie – *shiver* – , was behind this new project. Thankfully that is not the case because I can’t handle another alien training montage – *cough* Green Lantern. The actual men behind the show have a much better track record – and super hits of their own. Greg Berlanti, one of the executive producers of Arrow and The Flash, will be lending his talents reimagining Supergirl. Joining him will be Ali Adler, whom you might remember from a little show called Chuck. With both Berlanti and Adler working on this project, I’m expecting big things; and that’s good considering DC’s cinematic mandates.

Laura Vandervoort played Kara in Smallville - and was awesome

Laura Vandervoort played Kara in Smallville – and was awesome

With so much press lately for Batman vs Superman, some might think Henry Cavill might make a cameo on the show since he and SuperGirl – aka Kara Zor-El – are cousins. Though unlike Marvel Studios, DC/Warner Bros has no intention of making their cinematic and television universes cross over – like the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done with Agents of SHIELD, and the upcoming Agent Carter and Netflix Defenders series. So how do you introduce Supergirl without Superman? Well, not as hard as you might think.

There is nothing official now; but there has been talk that this Supergirl story might follow Kara quest to discover who she is and learn about Krypton. Regardless of how it’s handled, Supergirl would fill a critical segment that has been missing from both DC thus far – a female centric program. Marvel is already working on Agent Carter, which will air in the Winter hiatus on ABC, as well as Jessica Jones, which will air on Netflix as part of the Defenders series. DC/Warner Bros tried something like this a while ago with Birds of Prey; but Supergirl will most likely be much more successful considering its writing talent and more popular lead character.

I can't be the only one who thinks Yvonne Strahovski - aka Sarah from Chuck - would be an AWESOME Supergirl. Let's face it, she already is!

I can’t be the only one who thinks Yvonne Strahovski – aka Sarah from Chuck – would be an AWESOME Supergirl. Let’s face it, she already is!

Now just because Supergirl won’t have any connection to the Cinematic Universe doesn’t mean it’ll be a stand alone continuity. Considering Berlanti is involved, I’m hoping that the show will take place in the same universe as Arrow. Though to be honest, I just started watching Arrow – and love it – so I’m not sure if Supergirl could fit in the universe. Although considering The Flash is a spinoff of Arrow; superpowers definitely are becoming a thing in that universe, so it’s possible. I’m also willing to think this is a possibility since I know Star Labs exists in the Arrow/Flash universe and could be a good point to help tie Supergirl into play – since they’ve had various run ins in the past.

Whatever comes of this series – and whatever we hope for it -, this is a great move by DC/ Warner Bros and honestly is the best news I’ve heard from them in a while. I’m excited to see where this will go and what will come of it. Whether this show will be picked up by the CW or another network could also determine the path of this show. Too bad we don’t have super powers so we can fly around the globe and speed up time.

So what do you want to see from the new Supergirl series? Any fan-casts? Sound off in the comments and let me know!

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