Marvel Studios Update – Benedict Cumberbatch, Luke Cage & More

Warning: If you are a fangirl, fanboy, fanpet, or anything that even remotely has a heartbeat, you should sit down and take a deep breath before continuing.

Doctor Strange FINALLY Cast:

As if it wasn’t hard enough to distinguish which Marvel Studio’s actor was your biggest crush, things just got harder . . . or should I say STRANGER. After months of rumors, Marvel has finally put the talk to rest and announced that Benedict Cumberbatch will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as none other than Doctor Strange, who’s film by the same name will be released in 2016. I’ll give you a moment to process this.

Hiddleston and CumberbatchNow contrary to most sources, talk of Benedict’s potential running ACTUALLY started back in June when he was in consideration along with Jared Leto and Tom Hardy. At the time, Cumberbatch didn’t think he could do it due to scheduling; but I for one am glad he was able to make it work. An ironic little aside is that Leto and Hardy are now both attatched to DC’s Suicide Squad film. Though that’s all besides the point because this is HUGE news and answers the prayers of many fans.

You only have to see one episode of Sherlock to see that Benedict Cumberbatch has everything it takes to play the Sorcerer Supreme and introduce the MCU to a world of magic and demons. If you wanted icing on top of this sweet treat, then you’ll love to know that Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) are actually really good friends – much like Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo. So imagine seeing these two on screen together bantering like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner do? *passes out again*

Jessica Jones & Luke Cage Casted:

As Marvel’s first Netflix series Daredevil continues with its filming, work has begun on the second in the series, which will be named – and feature – Jessica Jones. So who will be playing this superheroine? Well, it seems Krysten Ritter – best known for her roles in Breaking Bad and Gilmore Girls – will be stepping up. Although she isn’t the only hero in this series.

Photo courtesy of Marvel Cinematic Universe on Facebook

Photo courtesy of Marvel Cinematic Universe on Facebook

The Jessica Jones series will also feature Luke Cage, another hero who will then get his own series after Jessica Jones so it makes sense for both to be cast around the same time. As for who will be playing this powerhouse, that honor is given to Mike Colter – best known for his roles in The Good Wife. Not much is really known about these series yet. Though these three series along with the fourth in the series – Iron Fist – will all combine in a special movie called The Defenders where all will unite in a very Avengers-esque situation.

Deadpool Casted – WAIT WHY IS THIS HERE?!?!?!

No, No! Deadpool hasn’t made the jump to the Marvel Cinematic Universe; but considering his patented style of breaking the fourth wall and crazy crossovers, I felt it fitting to put a quick casting update about him here. No surprise really; but Ryan Reynold HAS been confirmed for Fox’s Deadpool movie, which we saw test footage for a few months ago. Considering how hilarious the footage was – as well as Reynold’s delivery – this is another casting for a Marvel character we should be excited for – even if it’s FOX and not Marvel Studios.

'Hi Marvel Studios. I'm right here... Sitting in the corner… Miss you'

‘Hi Marvel Studios. I’m right here… Sitting in the corner… Miss you’

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