Game Of Thrones Season 5 Trailer Analyzed – Revolts in Meereen, Tyrion & Daenerys Team Up & More:

Well the new Game of Thrones trailer got released – or rather leaked – after fans from across the country packed IMAX theaters in order to watch the last two episodes of Season 4 and got a sneak peak at what’s coming in Season 5. There is A LOT going on in this trailer.

For starters, Arya Stark has finally made it to the home of the Faceless Men, aka the giant Black and White Doors you see her outside of in the trailer. After Tywin’s funeral, Cersei is still just as crazy and irrationally vengeful as ever towards her brother Tyrion. Littlefinger and Sansa Stark still have their ‘vengeance-ship’ going strong. And in a shocking twist of fate, Margaery Tyrell and Tommen Baratheon marry and it seems like no one dies … yet.

Game of Thrones is an immense story with numerous different plots and sub plots to follow, so I don’t even know how I could touch upon all of them here; however, there is one narrative vein in particular for this trailer that I felt I’d explore a little deeper – considering it involves my two favorite character groups.

Men Of Talent – Tyrion and Varys:

When we last saw Tyrion, hes escaped prison thanks to his brother Jamie, killed their cruel father Tywin and was sealed up in a crate by Varys and mailed to who knows where. Well it appears our favorite ‘men of talent’ have found themselves in a tropical kingdom of sorts where they must decide what their roles will be in the coming battle.

The "Lord of Tits and Wine" returns!

The “Lord of Tits and Wine” returns!

Unlike everyone else in this show, Tyrion has no desire to sit on the Iron Throne; but his services could be quite useful in helping someone else achieve the throne. Whether in battle or in political rhetoric and advising, each would invaluable be invaluable to a future king. Though then again, who said anything about a ‘king’. Between the editing of the trailer and the common knowledge of the realm, it’s clear to see that Varys is referring to them helping Daenerys reclaim the Iron Throne. She has the name, the army and the dragons. Though Daenerys is about to have a lot more on her plate.

Kill The Masters – Revolts In Meereem:

Last season we saw how Daenerys decided to give up all aspirations for the Iron Throne and remain in Meereem to look after her new subjects. Though this proved a much more difficult endeavor than she ever imagined as she sent the Second Sons to go reclaim Astapor and Yunkai after the masters have once again enslaved the city. As for ruling Meereem, she not only learned that some people didn’t want freedom; but also had to lock away her dragons – condemning her ‘children’ to the same state of slavery as she had just liberated the city from – due to their growing ferocity. Though in this trailer it seems that things are about to get even worse for Daenerys’s rule.

From scenes of fallen soldiers with “Kill The Masters” written in blood to the Harpy crest being taken down, massive revolts are about to come to the region – but which? Astapor, Yunkai and Meereem all have a similar Harpy statue crest, how can we know which city is the source of these revolts? Well based on the architecture of the pyramid beneath the statue, it seems as though the slave revolts are about to come to Meereem itself. With the Second Sons away and her dragons locked up, this would be the time to strike back against Daenerys.

Whether it is because of the people’s want to once again be slaves or hatred for her dragons and rule, we don’t know why the people are rising up against Daenerys in Meereem. Though we can be sure that a lot of people want her dead as we find her and a small group of soldiers surrounded in a gladiatorial stadium – in which we also see Jorah fighting for his life in earlier in the trailer.

The Mother Of Dragons Rises Again:

How exactly Daenerys will get out of this one remains to be seen. Though judging from the iconic shot of her dragon attacking from a dark cave, it’s a reasonable assumption that her dragons will be freed and come to mothers rescue. Beyond that, who knows? Whether Tyrion and Varys make their way to her or perhaps they sent word to her prior to the revolution and she goes to find them, I’m excited to see the possibility of these two groups teaming up and taking back the Iron Throne.

Though all of these squabbles will mean nothing if the North is ignored. The White Walkers are coming – and growing stronger. Daenerys dragons will be instrumental in their defeat, as will all the kingdoms’ assistance. So let’s eagerly await Season 5 to begin on April 12th.

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