Jurassic World Global Trailer Analysis – Humor, Chaos & An Indominus Threat

Update: The Actual Film has been released, so for a Spoiler Free Review of the film, click here and for the Easter Eggs and Analyses, Click Here!

The latest Jurassic World trailer was just released and with ‘the Park opening’ June 12, this trailer held nothing back as it revealed tons of plot as well the lead terror – Indominus Rex. Throw in some Pratt humor and some moves towards dino-realism – not much but a bit – this trailer dispels any remaining reservations about this film. So take a peak at the trailer below, and meet me afterwards for the analysis.

Right off the bat we have to point out how this film – and this trailer – weighs heavily upon the idea of brilliant scientists who can’t see the obvious hubris of their ideas. Dr Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) is immediately set up as someone who ‘can’t relate’ to the simplest things in life – and serves as a hilarious foil to Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) who seems to be the only one with common sense.
Jurassic World It’s great seeing Pratt’s character voice the concerns of everyone who saw the initial trailer. Dinosaurs are still a unique thing in that world and there’s tons of ones they haven’t explored yet. So why is there the need to make a genetically enhanced one for added ‘wow’ factor? As Grady says. “they’re dinosaurs, wow enough’. Though sadly, the brilliant yet idiotic scientists of the film set out to make something nature never intended.

Indominus Rex – A Highly Intelligent – And Chaotic – Animal:

Bit by bit, each trailer has shown a little more of Indominus Rex – the Rex formerly known as Diabolos. Though this trailer didn’t require any split second screen-grabs or reconstructive imaginings as the beast itself is front and center for most of it. Besides spins, longer arms, imposing size and armored hide, it’s actually this beasts mind that makes it by all means an ‘evil dinosaur’.

This is no mere animal that hunts for food. This creature is highly intelligent and is not only able to lure others into traps, but also remember and understand what a tracking device is. Though beyond all this enhanced intelligence comes something unnatural. As we learned in a previous trailer, this dinosaur hunts for sport and not to eat. The majority of those it kills are thrown, trampled or just left to die. It’s a killing machine that purely loves the kill; but is there more to it?

This might be a stretch, but it seems like this dinosaur is going one step further and just wants to cause chaos. In the Pterodactyl Sanctuary scene, we see Indominus Rex not attack the caged birds, but rather scare them out of the dome. The massive Mosasaur didn’t hesitate to leap out and eat one of the flyers; but Indominus just roars and lets them fly off. Why would something that kills indiscriminately suddenly hold back?

Raptors Going Rogue Raptor:

It's not feathers, but the blue line of coloring is at least … some improvement.

It’s not feathers, but the blue line of coloring is at least … some improvement.

Despite the Indominus Rex being a massive part of the trailer, we have to remember that the initial framing is on the raptors and Grady’s relationship with them. So later in the trailer, why do we see them kill people? Do the raptors go rogue? After all, we do hear talk about them ‘communicating’ and that means something is wrong. Are they talking with each other or Indominus Rex? Did the Rex turn the raptors?

“It’s not about control, it’s a relationship based on respect”

The answer to all those questions is no. Remember, these – unlike Indominus Rex – are actual animals. When we see the Raptor’s attacking people, this isn’t them going rogue, this is them going raptor. Whether there is a moment of communication between the raptors and Indominus or not harkens back to Brady’s words at the opening of the trailer. Indominus isn’t controlling them, but might earn their respect more for a certain period. Though in the end, Brady will probably earn it more. Regardless, it’s important to remember that besides Indominus Rex, all the other dinosaurs in this film will work according to the usual predator/prey dynamic.

Mosasaur – The Blackfin Special:

Cool to watch; but one flick of the head and it's all over

Cool to watch; but one flick of the head and it’s all over

As if the idea of a massive Mosasaur in containment wasn’t bad enough as it was, seeing it swimming up against glass like in an aquarium just made things even worse. Now sure we can make a bunch of Sea World comparisons, but the main point here isn’t “Free Mosasaur”. The true WTF about this is HOW are they actively keeping a creature like that contained.

Now I know better than to apply realism to this film especially since the raptor designs – despite having slight additions of more vibrant colors – are still incorrect; but the mechanics of keeping a creature that large in that tank is just … well … jumping the Mosasaur. What is that glass made of, Diamond? If they can build enclosures that strong why not use it in other areas of the park? This is probably the weirdest thing for me to focus on, but these scenes just come across as not really well thought out. Cool? Hell yes, but not feasible – even by genetically altered dinosaur standards. Jurassic World Mosasaur 2 Though crazy scenes or not, this is still looking like an awesome movie. It might demand to you suspend A LOT of disbelief, but it still looks like a fun time. Jurassic World crashes into theaters June 12th. So stay tuned here for my Spoiler Free Review and Top 5 Moments.

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