Ted 2 Analyzed – Easter Eggs, References, Metaphors & More

Seth MacFarlane has done it again; and this one might be his best work yet. Even though I loved A Million Ways To Die In The West, I’ll admit its brand of humor wasn’t as accessible as Ted due to its period piece nature. Well now with Ted 2 out, MacFarlane brings his A-list comedy – and star – material to the table while also making a surprisingly powerful sentiment about equality.

So whether you’re hear for the deeper metaphors of the film or the TONS of Pop Culture references/ Easter Eggs you might have missed, you’ve come to the right place! So let’s get started!

Continuity & References To Ted:

Considering this is Ted 2, you have to ask yourself: does it tie-in to Ted? With so many returning characters (Guy, Donny, etc) and continuing jokes (wishing someone you don’t like gets a crazy illness), it would make sense; but where’s Lori? Considering Ted left off with John vowing to change his ways and be with Lori, it seems strange that Ted 2 would see no Lori whatsoever. Sure this is because Mila Kunis was pregnant during filming, but that could have been written into the story couldn’t it?

Well as we learn in the film, about 6 months after John and Lori got married John realized he wasn’t himself anymore and wasn’t happy so they got divorced. At first, it does seem like quite the co-out and destroys any character development John had during the first film; but then we meet Samantha. The more we get to see Samantha, the more we’re reminded of Lori and how her and John were complete opposites. I’m not going to say who’s better; but by the end of the film it’s incredibly clear that Samantha is a much better match for John. In fact, Samantha is basically the more well-adjusted version of John. She’s intelligent, funny, has the voice of angel but can still hang out, get high and be one of the guys. This gives Sam and John a common ground in which Sam could bring out the best in John without changing who he is at the core.

Ted 2 Legalize Ted

Beyond romances though, there were also a ton of stylistic nods to the original Ted. For example, when we see Ted and that duck get into an altercation, it immediately reminds us of Ted and Ming’s duck fighting during the Flash party in Ted. Donny of course returns for this film as well, which makes perfect sense since even though he was arrested at the end of Ted, he was immediately released after they realized how dumb the charges of “stealing someone’s teddy bear” sounded. Additionally, throwing in his affinity for the Tiffany song “I Think We’re Along Now” was another great nod.

All in all, Ted 2 is the focal opposite of Ted in that unlike the original, here Ted really is the main character. Sure Ted introduced us to the loveable bear, but at the end of the day it was still a story about Johnny and how Ted helped/aggravated his problems. Ted 2 on the other hand is Ted’s story. Yes Johnny is along for the ride and has a few stories of his own, but it’s all secondary to Ted’s plight of being considered property or a person. With these two switching roles, it makes sense that John would be the one to have a near death experience and then trick his buddy in the end.

The Metaphor/Lesson/Theme Of Ted 2:

Seth MacFarlane is a brilliant writer – understatement. The reason we love Family Guy and similar projects from him so much is because they all reveal deeper truths to us amidst the humor and Ted 2 is no exception. So what’s the “moral” behind this film? No, it’s not that two people arguing should gang up on a third – although that did happen a lot in this film –, but rather “what defines a person”.

Unless something miraculous happens, I don’t think we’ll be fighting for teddy bears to have equal rights anytime soon; but this whole court case was of course about a much larger issue. We the viewers watch Ted 2 and know full well that Ted is a person. So when people in the film label him as property we understand how upset Johnny and the others get. He might not look like us but he talks like us, understands complex emotions, is capable of love and – as we learned in the first one – is capable of being hurt. So if it’s so easy for us to see Ted as a person, why not other people?

Ted 2

The court case directly relates Ted’s fight for equal rights to African Americans and the LGBT community, but it doesn’t end there. It’s the 21st century and yet there is still racism, sexism, classism, religious persecutions and disdain for other political parties all over the world. If we can look upon a teddy bear as a person and want it to be treated fairly, then why not our fellow men and women as well? Food for thought I suppose.

Easter Eggs, Cameos & Other References:

  • Once again, we have the amazing Patrick Stewart to narrate
  • “I’m going to go 50 Shades of Bear on you tonight” an obvious reference to 50 Shades Of Grey and its sexual themes of S&M, Domination etc
  • As commenter Joel pointed out, the opening musical sequence has Ted on top of a multi-teared wedding cake, which isn’t too different from the opening of Family Guy where Peter starts off on top of a multi-teared stage.
  • We learn that during Ted’s bachelor party instead of going to Vegas, hiring strippers or any of the usual ideas, the gang instead watched a Nature documentary with actual bears having sex – classy
  • The concept of doing lines with Flash Gordon/Sam Jones was of course in the first film, but seeing a hyperactive person on drugs punching things and jumping out window is classic MacFarlane humor – ie: Family Guy

  • As commenter JP pointed out, the opening fight between Ted and Tami was actually an homage to Raging Bull. This also explains the argument with the neighbors and Ted’s wife beater shirt.
  • Be careful in Boston bars. You never know which mens room is being patrolled by Jay Leno lol
  • Liam Neeson returns as an overly concerned customer who isn’t sure if he’s allowed to have Trix cereal or not due to the slogan “Trixs are for kids”. Considering how we find him beat up in the post credits, it looks like Trix are indeed for kids only!
  • Ted and Johnny finally give the Law & Order theme song some lyrics, which will now be stuck in my head every time I watch Law & Order
  • After finding John’s extensive porn collection, they go about destroying the evidence and burying/hiding the remains as if they just committed murder. I guess they’ve also watch CSI high
  • Sam Jones compares his last remaining sperm with Will Smith from I Am Legend, in which he’s one of the last surviving members of humanity in a post-apocalyptic world – which says a lot about Sam Jones health lol
  • Sam says he’s going to watch Sister, Sister, a show from the early 90s staring twins Tia and Tamera Mowry
  • As we saw in the trailer, Tom Brady is indeed in this film as one of Ted’s initial ‘sperm donor’ options. What we didn’t know was that MacFarlane would add in a Deflate Gate reference – “You’re not a cheater, your balls are perfect” – despite it happening after the film was filmed.
  • The yellow raincoat Ted puts one when attempting to… extract a sample from Tom Brady is a Paddington Bear reference – another talking bear
  • As insightful commenter Josh pointed out, the ‘glowing junk’ scene is more than a hilarious compliment to Tom Brady, but also a reference to Pulp Fiction when Vincent opens the briefcase. Thanks Josh!

Ted 2 Pulp Fiction Reference

  • It seems so many people want Tom Brady’s baby, police code has been invented for it – 317 by the way.
  • Speaking of Code 317, Commenter Kallizm pointed out that ‘317’ is actually an Indianapolis Area Code. Why is this important? Well Indianapolis’s team is the Colts, and the Colts vs Patriots rivalry is very strong there!
  • Ted singing “Hold me closer Doctor Danzer” is a reference to the Elton John song “Tiny Dancer”, which has had quite a few ‘mishead’ lyrics over the years ie: ‘Hold me closer, Tony Danza’
  • The Fertility Doctor is Dennis Haysbert or as you may know him, ‘The Allstate Guy’. Sadly, Allstate doesn’t cover artificial insemination so things aren’t going to be ok
  • The Harrison Ford film Ted is referencing is called Regarding Henry, in which Ford plays a lawyer who – as Ted explains – gets shot and becomes a good guy lawyer rather than a bad guy.
  • Ted and John’s financial knowledge goes as far as the game of Monopoly, as you could tell by all their references of railroad, owning places and running around the block and coming back with $200.
  • Was it just me or was anyone else hoping for a Judge Judy appearance?

Samantha Jackson Amanda Seyfried

  • We already knew about the Frozen reference and Samantha being ‘Sam L Jackson’, but was a fun aside was hearing all the random pot names – Help Me Get Home, Here Comes Autism, How Long Has That Van Been There – each of which references the paranoia usually experienced when smoking pot
  • Ted wants his last name to be Clubber Lang, named after Mr T’s Rocky III character James “Clubber” Lang
  • While Samantha chooses landmark legal cases of Civil Rights, Johnny chooses Kramer vs Kramer (a film about two parents fighting over child custody) but then devolves into Alien vs Predator and Freddy vs Jason (two non legal films). Ted takes the opposite approach and rather than ‘mistakenly select’ non-legal films, he purposes selects all Earnest films – the last of which, The Important of Being Ernest, actually has some common themes of identity to Ted’s current situation.
  • As commenter Terry pointed out, the Dance Scene during the Study Montage is from the 80s film, The Breakfast Club.
  • Is Ted more human than Steven Tyler? Maybe that’ll be explored by Ted 3 lol
  • When Samantha tells Ted to shut up, he grumpily takes out his phone and plays Angry Birds as you could tell from the music
  • In the court room sketches, Ted is represented by a drawing of Yogi Bear
  • In the list of media round ups after the court hearing we find Jimmy Kimmel, Saturday Night Live (SNL) as well as a bunch of other news channels – even the always diverse Fox News (yes, sarcasm) haha
  • As Commenter L@u pointed out, the SNL sketch where they spoof Ted and have him say “I’m not an animal” is actually a reference to the Elephant Man by David Lynch.
  • Ted considers calling Beetlejuice (Betelgeuse) for help, which in the film always comes at a steep price and does more harm than good.
  • Ted sing Nelly’s 2000 hit “Ride With Me” in the car and – like most of us probably have – messes up the lyrics pretty badly.
  • All the jokes about Arizona State University (ASU) were in reference to its history as an infamous party school

Samantha Ted Johnny

  • When Ted tells Samantha that instead of “F#ck Me” eyes she has “Give Us The Ring My Precious” eyes, this is the first of many Gollum/ Lord of the Rings jokes because of her large blue eyes
  • As commenter Susan pointed out, Ted’s time driving isn’t just a ‘what NOT to do while driving – texting, swerving, high, etc -‘ but also a reference to John Candy driving in the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
  • When Ted, John and Samantha find the field of rare pot growing, the Jurassic Park theme plays in the background. Add in their wide-eyed expressions plus Ted quoting the famous line about how “They move in herds”, and you have an excellent Jurassic Park reference – especially since Jurassic World is in theaters right now.
  • As commenter Kristi pointed out, when ted first discovered the weed, it was while sitting by a stone wall. Finding a hidden gem by a random stone wall? Sounds like a well placed Shawshank Redemption reference!
  • As commenter Grizby pointed out, the Campire Scene was a reference to The Three Amigos starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase
  • Amanda Seyfried singing and playing the guitar was enough to tame anyone’s heart, even the animals. In classic fairytale/Disney fashion, we have nature surrounding a beautiful girl singing; but this time it gets out of hand as fish, monkeys and animals not even remotely native to the area all line up to hear her sing – even a deepsea lobster
  • Samantha again shows off her lack of pop culture knowledge and confuses Star Wars characters with Star Trek characters
  • Commenter Vilppu revealed that the building with a “GetALife” sign in New York City is actually a reference to GTA4 – in which the MetLife building has its title replaced with “GetALife”
  • Morgan Freeman makes an appearance and much like all of us, Ted would love to sleep on a bed made of that man’s magical voice.
  • Ted could have been a role model, but instead he wasted his life and contributed nothing to society … much like Justin Bieber. Ouch!
  • At Comic Con, Guy is dressed as The Tick, an early 90s cartoon superhero, who also got a short lived 2001 live action series where he was portrayed by – you guessed it – Patrick Warburton (the guy who plays Guy).

Patrick Warburton The Tick Ted 2

  • As commenter Zero pointed out, Guy’s partner “Rick” – played by Michael Dorn – is dressed up as Worf, the character he actually played on Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • As commenter M pointed out, during the Comic Con scenes, there were a lot of times Guy and Rick picked on “nerds” until finally they all joined forces and fought back. One could say this was the “Revenge Of The Nerds” lol
  • There’s one shot during the Comic-Con Fight scene were we see a female Planet Of The Apes character fighting Bumblebee from Transformers. The Transformers one should be easy to get, but thanks to commenter Mr X we learned that Mark Wahlberg was actually in the 2001 Tim Burton remake of Planet Of The Apes. Ergo, we have two Wahlberg movies fighting it out.
  • During the Fight scene we see a woman’s top getting ripped off, revealing 3 breasts. This is a reference to Total Recall (1990s) as pointed out by commenter The Cli3nt.
  • Ted laments being confused at Comic Con for an Ewok, a race of teddy-bear like warriors in Star Wars
  • Seriously, when has anyone refused to sing along to the Neil Diamond song “Sweet Caroline”
  • There’s been a lot of crazy surprise Superhero castings the past year or so, but Jonah Hill as Superman! Please say it ain’t so!
  • The Comic Con fight was a treasure trove of different anime, sci-fi, superhero references. From a DragonBall Z cosplayer trying to go Super Saiyan to a girl dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element doing her iconic multi-flips.
  • When they rescue Ted and ask who the Hasbro Head is he responds Mattel – Hasbro’s Rival – and runs away.
  • It’s a usual plot device in films where Person A wants Person B and when Person B finally agrees, Person A realizes that maybe they don’t need Person B anymore. Well this isn’t one of those times! Ted, you need Morgan Freeman (Patrick Meighan) so shut up!
  • Commenter entjgorilla pointed out that Morgan Freeman’s character’s final words to the jury to “change the world” is a reference to Bruce/Evan Almighty where he plays God.
  • Ted’s son is named Apollo Creed, another Rocky reference

The Funniest/Most Unrealistic Moment:

Despite this being a film about a foul-mouthed teddy bear voiced by Seth MacFarlane, I found the funniest – and most unrealistic – thing to be how Ted, Donny, John and Samantha were all able to just walk into New York Comic Con and buy tickets last second. No lines, no hassle, just success. Well played Seth!

Ted Tuxedo

So what was your favorite moment of the film? Were there any Easter Eggs/references I might have missed? I’m only one Panda so I’m sure there must be something. Sound off in the comments below to let me know!

63 thoughts on “Ted 2 Analyzed – Easter Eggs, References, Metaphors & More

  1. There was a reference from pulp fiction, whenever they lifted the sheet over tom Brady balls the same glowing aura came off as the suitcase in pulp fiction, “now that’s at rest”. Lol

    • Don’t mean to hijack this post but I could find a place to reply but, the scene with Ted driving is a reference to John Candy driving in the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

      • OH, good catch! And don’t worry, you’re not hijacking. I like it when people comment with something I might have missed. This way I’ll add it in (give you credit) and we can have the most complete list of Easter Eggs/References around. Thanks so much Susan; and if you have any others let me know 🙂

  2. Peter Griffin and giant chicken in the fight scene. The real life Peter Griffin who goes to all the comic cons and does perfect impressions.

      • It’s for a split second near the end of the fight. You really have to be looking for it. I was expecting them to have him somewhere when I saw Ted going into NYCC.

  3. Great List! The campfire scene was also an homage to the Three Amigos! campfire scene 🙂

    The one scene that I find so familiar, but I can’t quite figure out where it’s from, is the final scene where Ted is tied to the table and about to undergo surgery. The way that the CEO says that he’s not a part of this and runs away…

  4. Loved your thorough analysis. Was hoping you would point out the “appearance” of a Fox News booth in the Comic Con! How clever and subtle was that! It took me 2 seconds to realize the reason why then it it clicked! Very suitable LOL. Also, I found that Ted 2 had even some social messages, in a funny way, i.e, on how heave drugs use can mess up the reproductive organs, etc. etc

  5. I’m pretty sure there are Breakfast Club dance scenes when Ted, John and Sam are doing their legal research.

  6. Also besides Patrick warburton dressing up as the tick you also have Michael Dorn( Rick) dressing up as the character Worf he played on Star Trek the next generation.

  7. The line “it’s so beautiful, they should have sent a poet.” Was said by Jodie Foster’s character in Contact.

  8. You missed the Shawshank reference. When he was just about to discover the field, he found the weed at a stone wall the line he used was Shawshank

  9. also the musical title sequence has Ted on a large wedding cake tiered platform just like Peter I. The title sequence of family guy.

  10. I missed the giant chicken fight, and regrettably didn’t remember the song, but there was a Revenge of the Nerds song listed, I think. Also, an actual revenge of the nerds. Various bespectacled guys were getting bullied by Guy during Comic Con, with him calling them “nerd” each time. Come the big fight sequence, they ganged up to knock him and Worf over. They may have played the song then.

  11. During the comic-con fight scene, we see a female planet of the apes character (Time Burton PotA) fighting Bumble Bee Transformer. Both movies Wahlberg was in.

  12. “” they do move in heards” after they find the pot field is a reference to Jurassic park. Also with accompanying music.

  13. Ok and what about the last scene after the credits where Liam Neeson walks back into the supermarket and returns the box of trix cereal. He was all beat up. what was that about. Anyone? I reall y didn’t het that joke.

    • I actually talked about this in the article; but I’ll spell it out more. You see, the whole time he was wondering are Trix really “For Kids” like the box said. He didn’t know if they were ‘safe’ for kids or for kids ONLY. This is why he asked Ted so many questions before purchasing them. The fact that we see him come back all beaten up shows that Trix ARE for kids ONLY, and any adult who tries to buy them for themselves will apparently be beaten up lol

  14. There was reference to gta 4 when they were walking in New York there was a building with “get a life” sign on top of the wall 😀

  15. Great post, wanted to add that the scene were Ted and Tami-lyn argue while she’s cooking the steak is an homage to Raging Bull…inclusive of arguing with neighbors outside the window and Ted wearing a wife beater just like DeNiro.

  16. On saturday night live show, the character playing Ted says “I’m not an animal”, reference to David Lynch’s “Elephant man” trial.

  17. In the SNL sketch she claims she gets attacked by the ”bear” cause shes on her period.

    C’mon, how can you forget brick?

  18. The scene where they are in the lawyers office and Mark Wahlbergs character wants to take a candy and the response was ‘those aren’t supposed to be out’ was also in another movie, but I can’t remember the other movie. Can you name the other movie that it was in?

  19. So no one is going to point out that ted 2 recycled the “so are these hard candies just to take” home from family guy twice?

  20. During the jurassic park scene, she says “no words, no words, poetry, should have sent a poet” which is from “Contact”

  21. I don’t think any mention of a bicentennial man reference was made in this forum… I’d argue that one exists in the film.

  22. Tammy-Lynn said she should have married Robert DiChico….Reference to Dan Akroyd’s character in Coneheads. “My name is Robert P. DiChico.”

  23. Macfarlane’s known to be a massive fan of Sinatra. Ted walking out of the courtroom at the end is very similar to Sinatra walking out of a courtroom in one of his films Robin and The Seven Hoods. For reference, youtube Frank Sintra My Kind of Town

  24. John and Sam falling in love by a stone wall next to a run down building while looking over a field? Shrek and Fiona anyone?

  25. I thought that the Ted reference to Johnny being covered with rejected Black Sperm reminds him of a Kardashian was a great dig.

    I also loved the comments that they shouted at the Improv as suggestions for their improvisational idea starters, 911, Fergusson Missouri, Bill Cosby, these events are an attempt to find some humor in disasters.

    This movie made me laugh more than any movie I can remember. I was watching it home by myself late one night on one of the movie channels and was totally entertained.

    I think the serious metaphors to me is that we are all looking to be more than property and finding purpose and love is a universal idea. Does the world even recognize us untill we are a loved person,

    Remember Ted saying he had worked on his job, didn’t pay taxes, etc… Then he got fired because he wasn’t a person. In this world we don’t exist till we achieve a 30 year mortgage and have our future imprisoned to a society by accepting the Traditional Role.

    They do move in herds, We do move in herds, and Sam’s comment, from “Contact”, “they should have sent a poet” was very poetic, although we as a society almost never listen to poetry, perhaps as music lyrics, but usually we just listen to news journalists, and truly what they say doesn’t even csome close to poetry in my book.

  26. The car crashing through the barn roof is so familiar. I related it to “back to the future” although Marty did not get stuck in the roof as I look back at it. He only crashed into a very similar barn. Maybe Seth pulled it from another film.

  27. I found it funny that the antagonist was named “Donny” an obvious reference to Donnie Wahlburg; especially when he danced. It seems that they were making fun of Donnie Wahlburg by naming a freak after him and having that freak dance like a new kid on the block. In many scenes, Donny had to correct people when they called him Dannie. So they wanted to make sure everyone knew his named was Donny.

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