Ted 2 – Spoiler Free Review

Ted 2 No Spoilers

Ted 2 just hit theaters this weekend and if you’re a fan of Seth MacFarlane then you owe it to yourself to go see it. Though there is much more to this film than just the usual MacFarlane charm. Between humor, characters and overarching theme, it’s quite possible that this might be MacFarlane’s greatest work yet. Though if you’re still on the fence, then this Spoiler Free Review is for you.

Comedy – The Best Is Yet To Come:

Let’s face it, the main reason you’d think of seeing this film is for the joke; and you will not be disappointed. Usually with comedies there’s a risk that they’ll use all their best jokes in the trailer and then leave nothing for the film itself. This is not the case with Ted 2 as there are plenty of jokes we never expected to see. From celebrity cameos to even more over-the-top dirty jokes, this film’s trailers only gave a taste of what’s to come … phrasing.

Interestingly enough, when the funny moment we did see in the trailers arrive we get even more enjoyment out of them because they are preceded and followed by content we didn’t see. Though the greatest comedic aspect of the film is that many of these jokes do have a theme/commentary behind them. Fact is funnier than fiction, and Ted 2 uses that to its full advantage. All in all, Ted 2 is a very worthy successor to Ted.

Ted 2

Characters & Continuity:

Speaking of Ted 2 being a worthy successor to Ted, Ted 2 is full of tie-ins to the first film, the largest of which is the returning characters. From simple supporting cast to a surprising – or not so surprising – returning major character, this film did well in keep on track with it’s former self.

That being said, one of the real joys of the film is newcomer Amanda Seyfried (aka Samantha L Jackson). Unlike most characters in these films, Seyfried plays an incredible well-rounded character that is both intelligent, classy and yet a worthy partner in crime/antics. As much as A Million Ways To Die In The West made you feel ‘Meh’ about her, Ted 2 will make you fall in love with Miss Seyfried – so be ready.

Is There A Post Credits Scene

Where Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World have failed, Ted 2 shines in a hilarious POST credits scene. Again, not Mid-Credits, but Post-Credits. So get comfortable and wait for the credits to finish rolling; and then get ready to laugh.

So there you have it, now go see Ted 2! And when you do, come back and Check Out all the Easter Eggs & References in the film.

Ted 2 Shocked

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