Fear The Walking Dead SDCC Trailer Analyzed – The End Begins

Not long after releasing the Trailer for Season 6 of The Walking Dead, AMC and San Diego Comic Con have just released the first full trailer for the new kinda-prequel series Fear The Walking Dead.

So it’s a show about fighting off the walking dead… what’s so special about it? Whereas there are familiar themes of family (nuclear and social) and survival, the most pivotal aspects of this trailer – and show – will be about everything they get wrong. Rather than a show about finding stability in chaos, this show will demonstrate stability crumbling into chaos. As the trailer says, ‘when the world ends, it ends fast!’ – and thankfully most of that end is televised/tweeted.

Handling The Dead – Disbelief & Dealing With It:

In The Walking Dead, Rick and the gang learned pretty early that head shots were the only way to kill walkers. They didn’t know what the walkers were, but they knew what attracted them, caused them, etc. The characters in Fear The Walking Dead know none of that.

In the trailer we see swat teams with loads of supplies and ammunition trying to stop one Walker and failing. We see a lot of medical personal not immediately taking precautions. We see the panic and fear spreading as people don’t understand what’s going on around them.

This show is going to be emotional, not only to those in the show; but also to us viewers as well. We know these walkers by now. We know what it takes to survive in this world and contain the spread. Sadly they don’t, and we’re going to see people with exponentially more resources than Ricks group make terrible mistakes and ultimately fail. If only they knew then what they know now, things would be different – and nothing says that more than seeing a squad of Officers unload into a walker and not one do it damage due to lack of headshot.

Documentation – Social Media & News Reports:

Now The Walking Dead might have given us some early stages of the outbreak via flashbacks, but Fear The Walking Dead will tell it all – even in social media. Yes this show has kids like The Walking Dead, but Fear The Walking Dead gives us teenagers! The difference is a lot more than just a few years as we learn in this trailer when we see the kids on their cell phones. Additionally, this show gives us a look at news footage of the day.

With all of this, we find multiple occasions of videos going viral as well as frightening news videos of what’s going on. This will in many ways make Fear The Walking Dead seem far more realistic than The Walking Dead in that it will start off in a world like ours. The Walking Dead was always the story of surviving Hell; Fear The Walking Dead is the story of the world descending into Hell. Too bad you couldn’t Tweet Walker Killing Tips.

Walkers Never Looked So Good … And Young:

It’s California! So the walkers should look good right? Well that’s not… entirely wrong. These are the early stages of the outbreak so as the Walkers seen on The Walking Dead have been getting more and more decayed and skeletal, the walkers here are very fresh. Although with all the riots shown, I have a feeling they’ll be some pretty messed up ones soon enough – but still not decayed.

Fear The Walking Dead SDCC Trailer Walker

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