Analysis Of Batman v Superman Trailer – Wonder Woman, Jason Todd, Motivations & More

Last year at San Diego Comic Con, DC refused to share their special ‘leak teaser’ for the new Batman v Superman film. A few months ago, we got a more substantial teaser trailer which while being interesting still had a couple of weird moments – and quotes. Though now – almost a year later – we find ourselves back at SDCC and this time DC is willing to share the full length trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice – and it is both the trailer we need and deserve!

So check out the trailer below and I’ll meet you directly below to discuss the footage and see what we learned.

When/Where Does Batman v Superman Take Place? – Timeline:

We as we learned a while ago, this film will mostly take place about 2 years after Man of Steel; but looking at this trailer we realize that that isn’t the case for the entire film. As the trailer begins, we see Superman on trial as well as Bruce Wayne looking on in horror as Wayne Financial comes crumbling to the ground. This would all suggest that there will be some moments early on in the film that take place almost immediately after/during Man of Steel. To be fair, the trial and destruction COULD be an additional / more recent incident; but considering Superman’s mini-army, it’s safe to assume he wouldn’t be given that if he’d destroyed major cities twice.

Batman v Superman trial

As for where this film will take place – Gotham or Metropolis – the answers is both at the same time. During the Panel, Synder revealed that Metropolis and Gotham are truly sister cities position right next to each other – with a bay in between. This proximity would also give versatility to why Wayne’s building was destroyed – was this a remote building OR did the Superman Zodd fight spill over into Gotham for a brief moment?

Why are Batman And Superman Fighting?

Though the more pressing question of the film is certainly WHY are these two fighting? Well this trailer makes that explicitly clear while also explaining Alfred’s quote from the last trailer. “That’s how it starts, the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel”. Remember that line? Well it turns out this line was directed at Bruce Wayne and perfectly sums up what we see him go through here.

Bruce was powerless to stop his Wayne Industries “family” from being killed; and now we hear him speak about how many “Good men” are left in Gotham. This is why Bruce comes out of retirement and goes on a vigilante-spree. This is a much crueler Batman than we’ve ever seen before. He hates Superman because of what he caused as well as because he doesn’t understand Superman’s motivations. All he knows is there’s an all-powerful being out there and he must be stopped before he kills more people.

As for Superman’s motivations for fighting Batman, we know Batman is going to be on a vigilante-spree and this is going to attract Superman’s attention. If he is in charge of this new Superman Task-Force – I’ll get to that in a second – then he’s going to want to stomp out a vigilante who is taking the law into his own hands and hurting people. Add in the fact that he feels frustrated with people STILL fearing him after all the good he’s done – as we learned during his talk with Martha Kent – and we are able to get inside Superman’s motivations as well.

All in all, we find two heroes here who honestly don’t understand each other and hate what the other has done/is doing. Although it might be much more than just a simple lack of communication as an iconic Superman villain – and his toupee – makes his first appearance.

Let The Manipulation & Experimentation Begin – Lex Luthor Plans:

Jesse Eisenberg makes his first appearance in this trailer as the villainous Lex Luthor. And if Luthor is involved, then you know there’s going to be a plan within a plan with a back up plan just in case. So what is/are his plan(s)?

Well there are quite a few interesting shots of Luthor in this trailer. One second he’s telling a Politician that Devils come from above and the next we see Superman kneeling before him. Is he playing both sides of the field? Well considering we saw kryptonite in this trailer as well, we could always assume that was making Superman “Kneel Before” Luthor, but alas no green glow – unless that’s added in later during editing.

Whatever the situation is, Superman doesn’t look too happy to be kneeling. Though with all the shots of S-emblem soldiers, one must wonder WHO is bankrolling these men? Could Luthor be the one simultaneously sponsoring the Man of Steel while also undermining him? To be honest, if you wanted to turn the tables against this would be God, the best place might be right by his side. Though as the trailer continues, it looks like Luthor might have one FINAL trick/plan up his sleeves – Zodd.

It’s a tale as old as time: Hero defeats monster villain; someone takes remains of monster villain to study; someone ends up bringing him back and/or making something worse.Consider we’ve already got Steps 1 & 2, it’s safe to say we know where this is heading. Though by looking closer at the trailer we see some moments that could mean something even bigger than Zodd coming back.

As we see the Batwing swooping in, this time we find what appears to be an entire city on fire. The Batman v Superman fight wouldn’t cause that – esp if Batman’s just entering the scene. This means there’s another super-powered being out there. Some could say Wonder Woman, but she seems the most rational and stable character in this film. And again, the destruction is too widespread.

Batman v Superman Destruction Batwing

Could the experimentation on Zodd’s be used to make something completely new – and more destructive? This would also explain WHY Batman Superman and Wonder Woman decide to start a Justice League. So what could the new threat be? Well when it comes to massive destruction, my mind always goes to Doomsday – the monster famous for killing Superman. Add in the fact that Doomsday also has a Kryptonian-experimentation aspect to his origin story, and I’m willing to bet this film would at least begin to set up this massive threat.

A New Hero Emerges – Wonder Woman Appears:

Bruce Wayne might not listen to Alfred when he’s telling him Superman “isn’t our enemy”; but maybe he’ll listen to an Amazonian. The true highlight of this trailer was truthfully Gal Gadot’s introduction as the Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. In a sort-of Selena Kyle (Dark Knight Rises) style, Diana is first seen at a couple of social gatherings. She’s the figure of exquisite elegance and exotic beauty; but as the trailer continues she adds ‘epic badassery’ to that list!

The dress comes off and the armor goes on as we finally see Gal Gadot in full armor. I’ll be honest, the ‘photo’ we got of her last year didn’t do Gadot justice. She looked more like Kim Kardashian in a Halloween costume. But here Gadot looks incredible! And the few battle shots we get are glorious as Wonder Woman is quickly shown to be an immensely powerful character in this universe. This is the Wonder Woman we’ve always wanted! In fact, forget Batman and Superman. Can we just call this film Wonder Woman and her Bitches? Let’s make this happen people!

Random Observations #1 – Setting Up The Joker & Jason Todd:

Batman v Superman isn’t the only DC movie due out next year as Suicide Squad will also hit box offices later in the year. And it looks like Batman v Superman WILL set up slightly for it – or at least the crown prince of crime.

In case you missed it, we find Bruce Wayne in his Batcave with classic Joker spray paint over one of the suits mocking how Batman failed. This most likely isn’t in regards to the Wayne Financial destruction – since Joker doesn’t know Bruce is Batman – so there must be some other failure in Bruce’s past that he was being guilted over in this spray paint. Well upon closer inspection you can see that this suit is actually a Robin suit, specifically the suit of Jason Todd – the Robin famously killed by the Joker. This is most likely the incident that made Batman ‘retire’ in the first place. Either way, seeing a history between Batman and Joker already starting to form is incredible.

Batman v Superman Joker Jason Todd

Random Observation #2 – “The Red Capes Are Coming…”:

I guess it wouldn’t be a Batman v Superman trailer without it ending on some odd and forced line. First it was Batman saying “Tell me, do you even bleed? You will!”; and now it’s Lex saying “The Red Capes are coming… The Red Capes are coming”. Aside from this being a Revolutionary War reference ‘The Red Coats are coming’, it just makes no sense. But it is ear-catching! Perhaps Snyder wants to keep leaving us off with an ear worm … or Meme material?

Then again – as one Insightful commenter below pointed out – what if Luthor really does intend on making an army. But not of soldiers wearing the Superman emblem, but rather an army of Superman. This could explain why he says ‘CapeS’ plural and this could be part of a scene where he’s discussing the tactical advantages of weaponizing Superman’s DNA. With these ideas in mind – and Kryptonian DNA already in play – we could eventually see our first Live-Action version of Bizarro Superman as well. *crosses fingers*

Random Observation #2 – Heat Vision:

This one is self explanatory, but I just wanted to take a second to point out how incredible the Heat Vision graphics were at the start of this trailer. Seeming them cut through the buildings like a hot knife through butter was an incredible sight to see – unless you’re Bruce Wayne…

Batman v Superman Heat Vision

All in all, this trailer looked glorious! I was very hesitate to of DCs Cinematic Universe plans at first. I sort of hopped for the best but prepared myself for another miss. Although after watching this trailer, it looks like the DC Cinematic Universe will be off to a spectacular start. God, it’s a great time to be a nerd!

For a look at the Suicide Squad Teaser Trailer or any of the other Highlights Of San Diego Comic Con Day 3, please check out those linked articles!

11 thoughts on “Analysis Of Batman v Superman Trailer – Wonder Woman, Jason Todd, Motivations & More

  1. $1000 says that the Superman soldiers are part of a dream sequence. It’s a dystopia where The Batman emerges to free the oppressed from the tyrannical Superman. Think “Red Son”. I’m telling you, there are no Superman soldiers or task force in “reality”. Especially not a task force that would gun down people execution style, which you clearly see in the trailer.

    • That could be true. Would also make sense why Superman’s base is in an apparent desert lol Though if they are funded by Lex, then gunning down people and making things crazy – while wearing the crest – could be just the bad press Lex was counting on to turn everyone against superman. We shall find out in February, but nice theory!

  2. I’m hoping that the Jason Todd costume is a hint at the next Solo Batman film… as I know many fans would love to see Batman take on Todd as the Red Hood.

    • There is a solo Batflick planned, and adding the Todd/Red Hood angle would be something we haven’t seen before. Also would keep with the whole darker and ‘consequences’ theme the DCU is going with. So yes, I hope and suspect that is the case as well good sir!

    • Considering Snyder’s franchise is all about consequences, I don’t think this Joker knows yet. Also, he addressed the message to ‘Batman’. That being said, I can certainly see a point when Joker finds out in the future of the franchise and makes things awful for him

  3. “The red CAPES ARE coming” Why many? I belive Lex saing not about Superman, but about army of supermans clones. So maybe we saw Bizorro in trailer?

  4. I am not thinking Doomsday. I am thinking Red Son Bizzaro. Think about it, how would the U.S. Approach this; they would create an equally strong being to defend the nation. This is the ultimate weapon, and how do they think they can control superman. Why not have your own superman? Look at the red son creation of Lex Luthor. It is too soon for doomsday but a Bizzaro superman would be the right amount of threat for the three of them. The “red capes are coming” is a take on Paul Revere announcing the British advancement, and Lex’s is simple foreshadowing a krypton advancement. He is warning the senator to be prepared and that he probably has the answers. Give me Zods body, and I will give you an equally powerful weapon. Batman is more of a Red Son batman – much crueler. What do you think.

    • Well Bizzaro is always a clone of Superman, so I don’t know how it’d be born from a different existing Krpytonian – thus why I though Doomsday initially. HOWEVER, the main problem with my theory is that Doomsday does seem like WAY too powerful an opponent for this early in the game. Now if Zodd returns and slowly transforms into the Doomsday we know in a post credit and sets up Justice League – that’s a different story. But as far as THIS battle is concerned, I actually love your theory!

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