Analysis Of Suicide Squad SDCC Teaser Trailer – Best Of The Worst & Darkest Of The Dark

Suicide Squad SDCC Teaser Trailer

“It’s take some work but I finally have them, the worst of the worst” or at least that’s how the SDCC Teaser Trailer for Suicide Squad begins. With so many panels being so nice and sharing their videos, we knew sooner or later something was going to be exclusive. Now DC might release this teaser trailer in full once the hype for Batman v Superman Trailer dies down – or not. But until then the usual game of ‘leaked and deleted trailers’ commences.

UPDATE: DC was a gem and decided to officially release the trailer, so give it a watch below and let’s begin our full analysis of what it entailed as well as what you can expect from Suicide Squad next summer. – Of course with plenty of screenshots/screencaps to explain our points 😀

Set Up & Tie-Ins To Batman v Superman:

As the trailer opens we find Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis) sitting at dinner with some men and telling them how she’s finally assembled the team she wanted. As the conversation continues we hear how some of these ‘beings’ even have powers and perhaps Superman was like a “beacon” for them to come crawling out of the shadows. Obviously this places Suicide Squad chronologically after Batman v Superman. This is further supported when Waller reveals that she wants them all to become a task force for good – yet with a level of plausible deniability. Though despite this taking place after Batman v Superman, you should get ready for a LOT of flashbacks.

Assembling The Squad – Suicidal Origins:

As the trailer plays out we get various shots of the team solo – Harley hanging upside down from her cell, Deadshot using a punching bag, Killer Croc, etc – and then we start to realize that some of these moments seem a little out of order – Deadshot with his daughter, Harley being chased by Batman. It quickly becomes clear that these must be Flashbacks to HOW Waller was able to capture all of these criminals, which makes a lot of sense and is reassuring.

The last time we saw a Suicide Squad it was in Arrow and they did a fantastic job of introducing each villains separately and then bringing them all back as a team. So even though this film will rush it a bit, it will still show how each member came to be where they are today. Though things get creepy really fast as we meet The Joker and his main squeeze.

SDCC Suicide Squad Trailer Harley

The Crazy Ones – Joker & Harley Step-Up:

It’s hard to tell from the trailer what Harley’s timeline is. She’s certainly captured early on by Batman, but does she betray the team to go back to Joker OR is she trying to break the habit. Captain Boomerang tells Harley “You know what they say about the crazy ones?” so this could be them discussing how she ever fell in line with him in the first place OR rather that the crazy ones are hard to break – forshadowing that Harley WILL indeed turn her back on the Squad. Either way, their target seems to be good ole Joker, and my Lord is Leto up to the challenge.

Sure the look is a little …. unique, but Leto’s Joker has all the crazy you want and expect from the Clown Prince Of Crime. Each actor’s interpretation of the Joker has been different yet astounding, and Leto’s is no different. This Joker seems all about the torture and turning people. The trailer ends with the Joker standing over a restrained prisoner and saying “I’m not going to kill you. I’m just going to hurt you… REALLY , really badly!” So who is it you ask, well in a blink and you’ll miss it moment, we find that it’s actually Harley … or rather pre-Harley. This would mean that the ‘Attack’ was on Harley’s lab since you can see this same person being captured during that scene. Or maybe this was a ‘break out of Arkham scene, and thats where they found Harley and Joker took her with them. Btw, special props to Dave Arellano for bringing the Harley reveal to my attention!

An important point to bring out – that we couldn’t see in the ‘leaked’ version is this quick shot of someone escorting Joker – perhaps the same scene as their Panda/Batman mask heist. Here we find Joker but in what appears to be something closer to his iconic clothes. Long purple trench coat … a little different but again it definitely has style.

Even though we initially saw this with reduced viewing qualities, the teaser looked great. Now that we have the official version, it looks even better. And the creepy rendition of the Beegees “I started a joke” was very fitting and made this trailer even more disturbing. If those rumors about the Suicide Squad cast needing on-site psychologists were true, then I can certainly see why! Either way, Suicide Squad hits theaters August of 2016. So stay tuned her for more news!

Suicide Squad Trailer Title

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