The Marvel DubSmash Wars 2015 (Part 2) – TO THE DEATH… for Charity

Marvel DubSmash Wars For Charity

A long time ago, in a Comic Con far far away, a war began! This war would come to be known as the Marvel DubSmash Wars of SDCC 2015. The battle waged on fiercely for a whole weekend as the cast of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter battled it out to see who was the best. In the off chance you missed any of that, we got you covered with a Full Recap Here!

The Battle came to its triumphant end a few weeks afterwards as Hayley Atwell and James D’arcy were joined by Chris Evans in order to deliver a finishing blow to Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet and company. Though beaten, the war was far from over as Clark and Chloe rallied together, put their pain aside and (at 4:59 PM on July 28th) issued a bigger and better challenge to their would-be competitors – A Deathmatch!

“You are challenged to a 3 Round #DubSmashWar Deathmatch FOR CHARITY! Let the Fans Decide!! (Details To Follow)”

As if we didn’t love these Marvel Agents enough as it was, they not only decide to bring us more of their epic DubSmash Wars; but also decide to do the rest of their battles all for charity. Seeing these wonderful videos is reward enough; but deciding to make this battle official and adding a charity aspect to it will turn this humorous face-off into something that will brighten your day AND warm your heart!

Never one to turn away from a challenge – or making people smile – Hayley Atwell and James D’arcy gracious accepted! Though this time around, it is us the fans who will decide the champion! So grab your costumes, pick your songs and assemble your teammates because on August 21 we will learn all the details of this new battle ground and what rules – if any – they’ll have to play by.

And just like we did last time for Part 1 – which you can again Recap Here – we will be giving a play by play of each round of this DubSmashWar Deathmatch Challenge For Charity! But the real heroes in this battle will be all of us as we’ve now learned. So may I present to you the Lords & Ladies of DubSmash explaining the Rules – and some Insults – of DubSmash War For Charity… TO THE DEATH!

Beginning September 2nd, a 3 Round Battle will begin in which each Team will post their video and we will donate to the team we felt won the round. Each vote costs $1 and you can vote as much as you like. All Votes/Donations for Team Carter will go towards the Stop Out Bullying program, while all Votes/Donations for Team Shield will go towards the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

At the end of the full tournament, the Losing Team will donate $2,000 to the Winning Team’s Charity. Additionally, the Winning Team will then get to Choose, Direct, etc a Dubsmash Video for the Losers – oh the devious possibilities! But that’s not all because the Voters ALSO get a reward!

Each Vote/Donation also counts as an Entry to win awesome prizes. The main GRAND PRIZE will be a trip to California where you’ll get to dine with the Agents of Shield past and present – “IF they’re still talking”. So get ready for all the MARVELOUS action and incredible good you can do. So keep your eyes peeled to once the videos drop and the voting opens. And in case you ever want to check back upon any of the rounds, you can find those here once they’re posted. So let the DubSmash Wars – TO THE DEATH! – For Charity Begin; and may the beats be ever in your favor!

Marvel DubSmash Wars Art by @hanyak_nim

photo courtesy of Twitter user @hanyak_nim

To watch DubSmash War Videos – Go Here –

Round One: “Single Ladies” vs “Wrecking Ball” – Winner Is Team SHIELD

First up was Team Carter who decided to take an adorable approach by enlisting the help of their newest Agent, Miss Piggy. With The Muppets coming to ABC, this was a great crossover opportunity. Further more, with Miss Piggy being a “single lady” now, this was the perfect song of choice as her and Hayley – also single apparently – knocked it out of the park. The added joke came when it was James D’arcy’s turn as he is neither single nor a lady and we saw another example of his straight man humor. Though as great as this video was, it lacked the knockout punch of their other videos. A good video, but a little too safe with Team Shield up next. And sadly, they “came in like a wrecking ball!”

A Miley/Wrecking Ball spoof is hard to compete with – just ask Anne Hathaway & Emily Blunt – but Team Shield DOMINATED with this one. Chloe Bennet rocked the scene like always, but then Clark Gregg came in and just added to the power. (Side Note: MY GOD he’s in great shape!) Though as if this power duo weren’t enough, they recruited Adrianne Palicki and Patton Oswalt. Palicki always nails the femme fatale vibe and Oswalt’s sense of humor pushed this DubSmash over the edge to make it one of the most glorious things I’ve seen all month! BRAVO Team Shield, Bravo!

DubSmash Round 1

On a final note, I just want to point out that both videos were not released at the same time. In fact, #TeamShield released their video almost a week or so after #TeamCarter. Honestly, if you’re going to do a head to head battle, both videos should be uploaded at the same time so you can make an informed decision. Though to be fair, you can vote/donate as much as you want – so in the end there’s no loss. Additionally, even though #TeamShield had substantial donations before their video debuted, I think we all can agree they won this match.

Wait a second, did the #TeamShield voters know about this awesome video ahead of time.  Could one of them actually be . . .  a clairvoyant? *GASP* Someone get The Index! And as for everyone else, let’s eagerly await Round 2. Until then, here’s the ‘Making Of’ video courtesy of the man, the myth, the legend himself – Clark Gregg.

Round Two:  “Lola” vs “Why Can’t We Be Friends” – DRAW!

Round 2 has commenced – which you can again find on Crowdrise – and the Cameo Game is strong with these two! Though while one was a symbol of togetherness and ending decades old feuds, the other hit way below the belt.

On Team S.H.I.E.L.D.’s end, Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet decided to end multiple rivalries when they decided to join forces with Deadpool, Batman, and … wait… is that? That’s right, Clark and Chloe brought in none other than Melissa Benoist aka Supergirl in the highly anticipated new Supergirl series airing on CBS starting October 26. Who cares if Deadpool is owned by Fox, if Batman is DC and Supergirl airs on CBS? Because as the song goes “Why can’t we be friend?” Though after what Team Carter just pulled, Team S.H.I.E.L.D. might prefer these new friends.

DubSmash Wars Round 2 Lola Friends

On Team Carter’s end, they recruited the man, the myth, the legend himself – Stan Lee – to join them in their latest attack on Team S.H.I.E.L.D., but it end there! Sure, it might seem like Hayley and James found themselves in a “mixed up” world where “girls will be boys and boys will be girls”; but they new exactly what they were doing this time around. You see that no ordinary car they’re sitting in; but in fact Agent Coulson’s baby, Lola! And no one touches Lola except Coulson! And to add another level of insult to injury, the song they’re Dubsmashing to is “Lola” by The Kinks. You play dirty Carter… very dirty!

I honestly can’t decide who won this round. The levels of insult and planning that went into Team Carter’s is brilliant. On the other hand, Team S.H.I.E.L.D.’s brings a level of togetherness we need to see more of – and it’s a personal mission of mine to lessen the Marvel/DC Hate. Then again, Steve Rogers/ Chris Evans did return to tell us to vote Team Carter…

ARGHHHHH I can’t decide!!!! I hereby declare Round 2 as a draw! But how about you? Who do you think won? Go vote, let your thoughts be heard and let’s get ready as Round 3 approaches! Until then, we have some more behind the scenes footage of Team S.H.I.E.L.D. making friends.

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