A Closer Look: The Flash – “Family Of Rogues”

The Flash Family Of Rogues

The wonderful thing about The Flash is how it not only makes you feel for its villains, but also treats them just as important as the heroes. So it should come as no surprise that with the re-re-re-re-return of Captain Cold this episode, we were in for a wild ride. Although, I’m not exactly sure we were ready for such an emotional one.

“Family of Rogues” might mark the 3rd episode of The Flash Season 2, but it in now way shows any signs of this season slowing down. In fact, this episode had just as much punch – if not more – than the Season Premier considering its incredibly hard-hitting theme of family dysfunction and the usual Flash-levity we’ve come to know and love.

So let’s take a breather and catch up with The Flash Ep 2.03 “Family Of Rogues”

The Hidden Woes Of Rogue Families – The Snarts & Wests:

With a title like “Family of Rogues” you know this episode was going to deal with the Snart family. I mean let’s face it, almost every episode he’s been in has “Rogue” in the title. Although this episode handled it much differently as we got a look into Leonard and Lisa’s tragic childhood. Neither has much love for their father as he is shown to be a brutal man who not only beat his daughter, but also plants a bomb in her in order to force her brother into assisting on a heist. There is ZERO sympathy given to Louise Snart by his children or the audience; and the ending scene with Leo killing his father felt completely justified. Although he wasn’t the only hated character this episode, and that brings us to the second source of “rogue family” this episode – the Wests.

There wasn’t a single chance we’d feel any sympathy for Francine West who we learned not only abandoned her family; but also was a drug addict and left her child around an open flame and gas. It was because of her messes that Joe decided to lie to Iris and create the idea of a perfect mom for her so that she wouldn’t have to bare the burden. With so much going right in Iris’s life, he didn’t want a selfish ghost from the past ruin her life – 20 years later.

The Flash Family Of Rogues 3

Thankfully though, Iris accepted everything Joe told her and understands why he lied. We love Joe and we know this couldn’t have been easy for him. That is why it’s so satisfying to see that she forgives him. Additionally, it also brings up an old parallel we saw last season between Joe West and Quentin Lance. Both have kept secrets about a loved one’s fate; but Joe and Iris’ dynamic is almost the exact opposite of Quentin and Laurel’s.

Let The Flirting Continue – Barry & Patty, Caitlin & Jay, Cisco & Lisa:

This season we’ve started to get some possible now romantic relationships; and even though they might not work out, the groundwork for feelings are certainly being set. On the lowest end we have Barry and Patty who are really cute together and almost moved forward; but God bless Barry Allen. He’s so good at flirting he doesn’t even know when he’s doing it. And thus Patty’s offer of her number was masked with a work conversation. So close!

Next up we have Caitlin and Jay who we saw some slight attraction on Caitlin’s part last week. This week though we see the start of what could be mutual attraction as Jay invites Caitlin to help him with his work. Although the biggest moment came when Jay was getting ready to leave and Caitlin was begging for him to stay. What the future has in store for these two is still very unknown and will deal in largepart with the fate of Friestorm and if the upcoming appearance of Killer Frost will be this Snow or Earth-2 Snow. Either way, at the very least these two are incredibly attracted to the others intelligence and represent a shoulder to deal with their loss.

Though the biggest romantic step this episode was actually for a pairing we saw last season slightly – Cisco and Lisa. Since the start, it seemed as though Lisa was playing Cisco. Although as things progressed last season, it looked like Lisa actually was attracted to Cisco’s intelligence. So when this episode came around, we found that same attraction and so much more. This was a huge episode for Lisa and showed her to be very vulnerable and Cisco was there for her. There was definite concern for the other; but even more so was the feelings of trust they shared. It’s not just Cisco’s intelligence Lisa enjoys but his kindness as well. Honestly, Cisco and Lisa might just be my new favorite couple. Can we get #Cissa to start trending or something? Or at least Golden Vibe? 😉

The Flash Family Of Rogues 2

Setting Up For Legends Of Tomorrow – Captain Cold’s & Firestorm:

As I’ve been saying in each of my Arrow and Flash analyses, the early part of these seasons are supposed to set up the chess pieces for Legends of Tomorrow. Right now we need each of the ‘Legends’ to slowly make their way back to the board so that when the team up proposal happens, each is available, alive and likely to say yes. And this episode of The Flash set up two. The first of which was Leonard Snart/Captain Cold. Barry’s expressed confidence in his ability to be good and we also see how Snart is now sort of in Barry’s debt for saving his sister. There is most likely going to be another episode in the works, but this episode got Snart back on the board and at least open to considering a team up.

The other set up this episode began to work with was Firestorm. We learned that Stein’s condition is connected to Firestorm still being a part of him and by the looks on next episode, the team is going to have to find a replacement half. Does this mean Ronnie won’t be back in Legends of Tomorrow? This would make sense since much of it is still filming and even Hawkgirl’s look has changed drastically since that first ‘teaser trailer’. This will be further explored as the season progresses, but as of the moment we know that Firestorm as a being isn’t truly gone.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, References & Other Notables:

  • Linda Park made a cameo return. I wonder if we’ll see more of her in the future, especially since Wally West – her actual romantic foil in the comics – is supposed to appear later this season
  • It makes sense that the biggest breach is in the STAR Labs basement since that is where the original paradox opened up – after Eddie killed himself and his descendent Eobard only a few feet away from each other
  • Thermal threading added to the Flash suit? God we love you Cisco!
  • If Jay got his powers from the Earth-2 particle accelerator, then that means Earth-2’s explosion happened before Earth 1’s since he’s had his powers longer.
  • Stein again said “Excelsior” – crossing the streams into a Stan Lee Marvel reference
  • Favorite quotes:
    • “I didn’t get this scar being a criminal, I got this being a daughter” – Lisa Snart
    • “Yah, but I like it when you smile” – Lisa Snart to Cisco
    • “He broke my sisters heart; it’s only fair I break his.” – Leonard Snart

Next week we’ll of course deal with the evolving Firestorm mystery; but the more pressing problem might be who is this Doctor Wells. The entrance was certainly menacing looking but was that a red herring? Is this Wells to be trusted or not? I guess we’ll find out … eventually.

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