A Closer Look: The Flash – “Gorilla Warfare”

The Flash Gorilla Warfare Analysis

When we last saw the Flash, Zoom was LITERALLY wiping the floor with him. With the hero of Central City not only broken but humiliated in front of the entire city, Barry’s body and ego needs sufficient time to recover. Too bad he won’t get any as one of the Flash’s strongest villains has returned – Grodd.

With various role reversals, some incredibly inspiring pep talks and stunning graphics, “Gorilla Warfare” demonstrates the best that The Flash series has to offer! But what does this all mean for the future of this season? Find out in this Closer Look at The Flash “Gorilla Warfare”.

The Meaning Of “Gorilla Warfare” – Role Reversals & Making Do:

For starters, “Gorilla Warfare” was a famous Flash storyline in the comics where Grodd attacks Central City with an army of – you guessed it – gorillas. Though not everyone would get this reference, so what else could it mean?

Considering this episode featured Gorilla Grodd, it’s easy to see what “Gorilla” warfare was the punny title to go with. Although we must also keep in mind what this phrase is a play-on – “Guerrilla warfare”. Guerrilla Warfare is an irregular type of warfare where instead of soldiers a small group of makeshift fighters take on a superior force. These fighters usually use “hit-and-run tactics” and the opponent is usually a “larger and less mobile”. Is any of this starting to sound familiar?

With their main hero – Flash – out of commission for most of the episode, it was Cisco and Harry who had to step up to save Caitlin. In fact, Barry even pointed out how this whole situation was a role reversal where he was stuck in STAR Labs while Cisco, Caitlin and Dr Wells were out in the field. Add in Cisco and Dr Wells plans of deception and literally hitting Grodd with an overdose and running away; and we have unusual combatants and methods usually associated with guerrilla warfare – or should we say “Gorilla Warfare”.

Broken Men Rise To The Challenge – Barry & Harry:

When Barry fought Zoom last week, much more was broken than just his back. Barry’s confidence in himself is shattered as he – and now all of Central City – knows that he cannot defeat Zoom. The man to whom they named a holiday after has failed them, so how can he possibly go back to being ‘the hero that failed’.

Meanwhile, Harry Wells is just as broken as Barry. He not only feels responsible for Barry’s current condition; but he also witnessed his greatest chance at saving his daughter get crushed. Broken Wells feels like he should just return home and try to figure out a new plan.

The Flash Gorilla Warfare Reverse Flash

Both of these men felt defeated until the power of ‘fatherhood’ stepped in. For Barry, his dad returned to Central City to give Barry one of the most inspiring talks ever. We all have moments when we feel like we can’t do things and we have to live with a weight; but Henry totally overshadowed all those feelings when he reminds us and Barry that he overcame the stigma of being suspected for murdering the love of his life in front of their child. He knew that if he could overcome this low, he would be able to survive anything – and the same goes for Barry with Zoom.

As for Wells, it was also the power of fatherhood that perhaps spurred him. Henry told Barry that he was only able to overcome his condition by looking at how Barry still looked up to him. This is also what drives Wells as in an office full of people who distrust him, Caitlin still stands by him and wants him to be the hero he can be. It’s not too hard to think that Caitlin reminds Harry of his daughter; but even if that isn’t the case, we still have a man who overcomes his shattered confidence by the admiration of someone. It is because of this Harry returns and puts his life on the line – to save Caitlin, and restore his confidence that he can still fight the battles he needs to.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • As it usually goes with this show, this episode takes place exactly one week after last week’s episode
  • Oddly enough ‘Harry Wells showing up on their earth, screwing everything up and then wanting to go home’ DOES sound very familiar.
  • That shot of Grodd on the security cam was REALLY freaky! Too bad Bigfoot footage isn’t that clear… Wait… Is it just me, or does anyone else suddenly have the urge to put on a Flash costume, go into the woods and fight a bigfoot? No? Just me? Makes sense lol
  • Between Caitlin’s white dress and more humanizing look at Grodd, “Gorilla Warfare” did an amazing job at sewing in some King Kong references.
  • Did anyone else think “this is how Caitlin becomes Killer Frost” when Grodd was insisting she recreate a dark matter explosion?
  • Did anyone else forget that Barry’s dad was actually a Doctor?
  • Harry Wells putting on the Reverse Flash suit was a WONDERFUL idea.
  • In the comics and animated series, Grodd was always much more intelligent and verbal. We’ve seen him grow over his appearances and this was the best yet; but the next time we see him he’ll be even more advanced as the drug overdose they shot him with will make him even smarter.
If you look closely, you can see a Gorilla mountain statue in the back

If you look closely, you can see a Gorilla mountain statue in the back

  • Highly intelligent gorilla’s exist on Earth-2 as well; but much more pronounced. The place where Grodd is sent is the fabled “Gorilla City” and we’re certain to see this place again in the future.
  • Again, we get a quick reminder that Joe DOES indeed have an actual son… whom Iris is still keeping secret.
  • Favorite Quotes – Winner: Cisco (Again)
    • “Looks like he left his bachelor pad in the sewers” – Cisco
    • “The only reason we couldn’t find him before is because he upgraded from a bachelor pad to a penthouse… like a baller!” – Cisco
    • “This time up the creep factor… like a lot more. And sincere… Like you really love me… but you’re going to have to kill me” – Cisco
    • “I’m pretty sure one telepathic great ape is enough” – Cisco

A Date With A Legend – Cisco & Kendra:

Chocolate, flowers, Princess Bride movie night AND using a Boombox to serenade you with Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”. Cisco is the king of dating! And he’s going to need it considering the lovely lady he’s taking out: Kendra Saunders aka Hawkgirl. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is just over a month away and we need a final puzzle piece of two to be placed on the chess board – and Kendra is that piece. Even though Cisco hadn’t “Vibed” since attacking Zoom, being with Kendra set his senses a blaze with images of a winged angle figure who he soon realizes is Kendra. So when is this all going to play out? When will Kendra first take flight? Well the answer is a lot sooner than you think.

Arrow will skip next week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday; but will return December 1st with Part 1 of this year’s The Flash/Arrow crossover. In it we will not only see Hawkgirl and Hawkman take center stage; but also will introduce us to the upcoming immortal Vandal Savage. So enjoy next week’s break because when we come back The Flash and Arrow will return with their massive crossover special and then proceed to their stunning MidSeason Finale!

The Flash Gorilla Warfare Hawkgirl

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