A Closer Look: Supergirl – “Hostile Takeover”

Supergirl Hostile Takeover Analysis

Last night Supergirl aired its Midseason Finale; but in many ways it seemed like the Midseason Finale had already passed… or at least is still yet to come. Sure this episode had some great moments and revelations; but it left off on less of a cliffhanger and more of a climax moment as Kara began to fight her latest opponent Non, her fanatical uncle.

Betrayed By Those Closest – Cat & Kara:

Again, last night’s episode was fairly straight forward – so most of my notes will be bulleted in the section below – but that’s not to say there wasn’t anything of massive substance running through the episode. And that thing was the idea of being betrayed by someone close to you – and whether or not you saw it coming.

The obvious example of this is Cat Grant and how her board was trying to sabotage her. In this case, she knew the perpetrator was lying to her face and couldn’t be trusted. Although when it came to Kara’s situation, things got a little more complex. On one hand, she has the overwhelming feeling of betrayal by her Aunt Astra. So when it was revealed that Astra lost the fight on purpose to throw Kara off, it didn’t come as much of a surprise.

The surprise came when new details were revealed about Kara’s mom and how she used Kara years ago to draw her Aunt Astra out of hiding. An underhanded tactic to be sure; but at the time there was sound reasoning especially considering Astra’s ties to her fanatical husband Non – who was wanted for killing some guards and perhaps more. The problem of course comes from how this all adds to an idea Kara previously expressed: that Earth was also a sentence for her. Like Astra, Kara feels that her mother sealed her fate.


Thankfully Cat and Kara solve each other’s problems in the end: Kara stopping the Board’s “hostile takeover” of CatCo; and Cat stopping Astra’s “hostile takeover” of Kara’s memories of her mother. It is those truly closest to us that can offer a solution to our problems; but also sometimes cause them – and that’s what seems to be happening as Non appears to be calling more and more shots over his wife Astra’s plans and operations.

Up, Up & Away – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • It’s about time the whole “You should ask Kara out” talk happened between Winn and James; but with talk of Cat’s estranged son soon returning to the show – and possibly as a love interest for Kara since he’s played by Melissa Benoist’s real life husband – is this all for nothing?
  • Having Cat figure out Kara’s identity was a big – and necessary – step. It always made no sense why people couldn’t tell the difference between Clark Kent and Superman. So by the show taking this step it not only causes a dramatic shift in Cat and Kara’s relationship; but also shows Cat Grant to be an incredibly intelligent – and thankful -woman.
  • So Martian Manhunter (John Jones) is revealing/confirming his alien powers more. Remember we saw his telepathy during the Livewire episode when Alex was hacking the system. And we also learned that this ability doesn’t work on Kryptonians AND that Superman knows about John. Guessing we’ll have more backstories in the future.
  • For the moment, Lord does seem to be a good guy; or at the very least an opposing force to Astra’s crew. He’s been developing anti-krypotonian weaponry so there’s no telling what he planned to do with that.
  • During the final fight scene we not only saw a couple of Kryptonian prisoners, but also some other alien convicts as well. One had the ability to split into multiple entities of himself and the other had the ability to spew toxic breath.
  • There was a mention of Opal City on tonight’s episode, which is important to note due to it being mentioned also on Arrow last season when Deathbolt was introduced. This is important since this show is by the same company. Future crossover maybe?
  • If you don’t know anything of Superman beyond Man of Steel, then you might not know that Superman doesn’t kill. That’s actually a pretty big part of his story as he’s afraid of breaking things around him… usually. In fact, the best instance of this is in the Justice League Unlimited animated series where Superman fights an empowered Darkseid and rejoices in finally being able to “cut loose”
  • So apparently Cat got turned down by Idris Elba; but thankfully John Stamos was there to soften the blow…
  • “You and your abs wouldn’t understand that” – Winn to James

All in all, this episode could have been better in terms of its ending. Everything was great and set up a good pace; but a Midseason finale is supposed to drop a bombshell and leave it there until it picks back up. This episode had a couple of small bursts; but always put more on top thus watering the reveal down until it ended in a very Sopranos-like moment with the title card coming up right as something is beginning. Overall though, this show still has promise and now that it has a full season order we might hopefully see just how far it can go!

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