A Closer Look: The Flash – “Running To Stand Still”

The Flash Running To Stand Still Analysis

It’s been a Season and a half of The Flash, and it still amazes me how much this show can accomplish. This week’s episode wasn’t just an incredibly powerful episode to bring the Fall Season to an end, but also an extremely enjoyable and festive Christmas episode – complete with multiple Holiday Puns. So let’s take a Closer Look at the Mid Season Finale of The Flash’s second season and see just how wonderfully organized – and enticing – this episode titled “Running To Stand Still” was.

“The Meaning Of “Running To Stand Still” – Trying To Hold The Peace:

From the moment this episode kicks off, we find “Harry” Wells running for his life from Zoom; but of course with Zoom, Harry might as well be standing still. Though whereas this might be a direct relation to the episode being titled “Running To Stand Still”, there’s actually a much bigger feeling this incorporates throughout the episode. From Patty going off on a revenge fueled rampage and some two homicidal villains trying to destroy Central City, Barry is literally running around trying to make everything calm – so that he can stand still and enjoy the holidays.

Patty’s Grief – Combining Joe’s & Barry’s Dilemma’s:

Compared to some of the other motivations we’ve seen in this series, some viewers might not have cared to hear about Patty’s past and relation to Metahumans. In fact, if the “previously on” moment hadn’t aired, most viewers probably would have forgotten that fact. But as the episode continued we found that Patty’s own storyline was beautiful combination of both Barry’s and Joe’s.

They say the longer you date, the more you start to resemble each other. And that was especially true of Barry and Patty this episode. Much like Barry was last season, Patty sacrificed any chance of having a life all in the pursuit of getting justice for her father. Barry sees how this drives Patty to being reckless; and in the end this helps Barry to finally forgive Wells. He sees that the hatred just eats you up inside and he doesn’t want that kind of feeling sabotaging his relationship again.


Though Patty’s story didn’t just mirror Barry’s path; but Joe’s as well since this episode he finally learned about his long lost son Wally. Joe blames himself for Wally growing up without a father. He feels that he could have done more and given his wife yet another chance to make things right; but he was too afraid and hurt to try again. We see these sentiments repeated in Patty this episode as she says it’s her fault her father died because it was supposed to be her at the bank that day. Both feel their selfishness made them loose someone; but in the end both have the opportunity to make them proud – Parry not being a murderer, Joe accepting his son in on Christmas.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Never has “Merry Christmas” ever sounded so evil. Thanks Zoom…
  • We all knew Snart wouldn’t side with Mardon or Jesse. They’re far too unruly to be a part of his plans… And he’s going to be a Legend very soon, so this is a good time for some soul searching.
  • Wait, so there’s a Flash action figure but no Green Arrow action hero? And sure Joe said “why would anyone want a toy of that crazy man”; but as we learned last time there’s already a Captain Cold action figure…
  • “A gift with a not so hidden message” okay everyone keep your eyes peeled for gifts and what their messages could be.
  • Yet again showing a difference between the Lances and Wests, Iris told Joe and he survived. We knew he would, but the set up and worrying about it “killing him” was pretty verbatim
  • “Let it snow”? I swear to God Mardon, if you start pulling Mr Freeze style ice puns…
  • Jay and Caitlin finally kissed!!!! Although knowing her luck I’m a little worried.
  • Let’s take a moment to point out how this show ROCKS when it comes to continuity. Most shows can barely remember what they did in a season let alone last season. As you’ll remember Barry’s initial time travel happened before the weather wand was created.
  • “Every Earth has The Godfather”…. and Big Belly Burger
  • Again we hear how he “shouldn’t have messed with the timeline”, which he just did last episode in Part 2 of the Arrow/Flash Crossover. So something’s coming… more likely for Oliver though.
  • The helicopter propeller bounce was a nice touch in that run sequence.
  • Favorite Quotes – Winner: Cisco (As Always)
    • “Oh dear lord just kiss already! Ugh, the thirst is real!” – Cisco
    • “Hey do you think Zoom decided to take Christmas off?” – Cisco
    • “Holy Hannah… hi” – Pair this with the later ‘Best Of Both Worlds’ comment and it seemed like Cisco was on a Hannah Montana kick lol
    • “How do you like dem magnets bitch?” – Cisco
    • Joe “Strong enough?” – referring to Eggnog
      – Cisco “We’ll see”
    • “Deck the halls with the body parts of a girl named holly falalalala…” – Trickster
    • “Marky Mark” – Trickster
    • “So what do you say Speed Freak, wanna roast chestnuts?” – Trickster
    • “That was beautiful…” – Wait, is Trickster referring to the Flash talking Patty down or Patty’s attempted murder vengeance?

The Flash Wally West

So now we know Zoom’s plan all along. The Metahumans and now his plan for Wells is to make Barry faster so that when Zoom finally does rob him of his speed, he gets to steal that much more. It’s rather fitting that both Midseason finales mark the moment where we have to worry about Dr Wells – and both in post credit scenes! Though since Harry helped Barry in this episode with his impossible decision (die or let kids die), perhaps Barry will help Harry with his and save Jessie/ stop Zoom.

Either way, we have a new threat and a new character, which makes me think someone is going to die very soon. With all the talk of Joe giving “his son” Barry his watch, I can’t help but think it might be Joe. Although if the teaser for the next half season is to be believed, it might be Patty’s time to go. After all, Barry going on about how happy he is with her is kind of asking for an unhappy end.

So as The Flash enters it’s Midseason hiatus, here’s wishing all of you a very happy holiday season! And see you when The Flash returns January 19th!

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