Galavant Season 2 Finale – The One True Season (& Series?) Finale


*It’s a NEW Season, why am I singing this song? A NEW season, and it ended so strong!*

Even if I wasn’t writing episode by episode analyses, I was still very much following Galavant this season. Sure I was a little upset that the seemingly one Season special got drawn out into two, but I decided to stick with it. And I’m SO happy I did! Season 2 Galavant not only kicked up the songs, comedy and character development; but also added a TON of self-referential humor while wrapping everything up in a wonderfully fulfilling season – or series – finale.

Larger Scope & Storytelling – Character Development & Flushing Out The Realm:

Initially, having our main cast split up at the start of the season seemed like a strange idea; but what it actually did was allow for some stunning character development as incredibly contrary characters began to interact with each other. In doing so, this helped turn seemingly stereotyped characters (ie: Richard the bumbling king, Gareth that macho man, etc) into incredibly complex and exciting characters. Even Madelena who started off – and pretty much remained – and evil B, got some really good character development. She got her backstory and gained some potential points of ‘she can be saved’, but ultimately grew into the ‘One True Antagonist’ of the series.


Although the real hero of this season was indeed King Richard. In fact, Season 2 was more of Richard’s story than it was Galavant’s. We already knew that “Gary” Galavant could save the day and we did get to see him rectify his ‘daddy issues’, but this season was all about Richard going from zero to hero and – like Galavant at the end of Season 1 – waiting for “his moment”. He now has the girl, the crown, the love of all kingdoms, more friends than he could ever ask for and – most importantly – he has a f#cking dragon!!!!

It’s actually rather fitting how the initial pairings of Galavant/Isabella and Richard/Madelena worked out. Galavant and Isabella of course remained our standard from Season 1 and went back to being the heroes we knew they could be. Galavant and Isabella’s love remained largely unchanged – besides some bad video call WiFi – and this was cemented with their Happily Ever After wedding. But each also got to do things that we’d waited since Season 1 for: Galavant resolved his daddy issues and realized he was the knight he always wanted to be, Isabella went back to being a kick-butt princess, had an EPICLY choreographed fight scene and finally had her show down/rap battle with Madelena.

Galavant Unicorn Richard Heroes Sword.png

On the other hand, Richard and Madelena of course separated and found real love with Roberta and Gareth respectively; but what these two truly did for the series was expand it. On one end, Madelena opened up the world to Dark Magic and on the other Richard now has a DRAGON!!!! If the series is renewed for a 3rd Season, both will factor in wonderfully. #RichardAndTadVsTheWorld

The Perfect Kind Of Conclusion – ‘Desire’ Rather Than ‘Need’ For Season 3:

So will there be a Season 3? The fact that the show was renewed for Season 2 was shocking as it is, but makes sense since everything last season was left off on a cliffhanger – a move that the show made extended fun of this season. Although this time around, they went a completely different route – and it was pure perfection. Unlike some shows that decide to ruin happy endings in the last minute or so and make a next season mandatory, Galavant’s second season resolved basically everything we needed resolved. Are there things that still need resolving? Yes, and it’s just the right amount!

Galavant & Isabella, Richard & Roberta, the Cook & the Hand Maiden all had their happy endings – some happier than others. All the rightful rulers have returned to their thrones, there’s peace in the land and Tad Cooper was INDEED a dragon! Everything we needed resolved is resolved; but there’s still more story to tell if you – the viewers – so desire to hear. Madelena has now been seduced by the Dark Arts and Gareth and Sid will venture to save her from… herself. This will give a buddy adventure story like we saw with Galavant and Richard this season; but it’s not completely necessary. So unlike last season finale, which made us NEED a Season 2 to answer all our questions; this season finale gave us everything we wanted so we might WANT to see a Season 3. And if there’s going to be a Season 3, the groundwork has already been laid.


Only time will tell if there’ll be a Season 3. But hey, maybe there will be but it won’t be on ABC – as they hint at with their finale song about moving to Cable. Either way, this Season Finale not only made Galavant Season 2 the hit we wanted it to be, but also made Galavant as a series the hit we wanted it to be! Now we just need them to release both Seasons on DVD/Blu-Ray as an all-in-one set – like a movie, the way we wanted it to be watched from the start!

*And SO, that seems to be the end of our story. A real funny and rip-roaring SHOW! We’re off and here we GO! Will it be renewed, WHO KNOWS! For a Third Season of GAAAAAAAL-AAAAAAA-VAAAAAANT!*

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