A Closer Look: The Flash – “Welcome To Earth-2”

The Flash Welcome to Earth 2

This season of The Flash has continually reminded us of why we love this show. From its perfect balance of humor and heart to its incredible action and effect, this show nails it every week. Although this week it went above and beyond the call of duty to bring us quite possibly the best episode of either season yet! From hilarious doppelganger face-offs to heart-wrenching hellos and goodbyes, this episode combined the greatest expectations with the most shocking of surprises.

So let’s take a Closer Look at The flash “Welcome to Earth – 2”

A Chance At The Life He Never Had – “Welcome To Earth-2”:

It’s great that the Earth-2 story arc was split into two parts because seeing Barry and Cisco act as our intermediaries for all these strange counterparts and happenings was perfect. Sure it might have completely thrown Harry’s rescue mission off course – I’ll get to that more in the next section – but it allowed us (and the characters) to explore multiple What-Ifs. Sadly, many of these ‘What-Ifs’ just happen to be a dream come true for Barry.

Despite what Barry told Iris at the start of the episode, there’s a lot of things weighing heavily on his mind. Recently he lost Patty and at the start of the season he started wondering if he had made the right decision and if he should have saved him mom. And throughout the whole season, he’s constantly been pondering if Eobard Thawne was right: will he never be happy? So enter Earth-2 where Barry learns that he’s not only still a CSI (something constant and familiar), but his mom is still alive and he and Iris are married (two things he’s always wanted. So by time Earth-2 Joe is in trouble, Barry is already focused on helping these shadows rather than continue on the mission – and this will only get harder by next episode when he has to leave this all behind.


The Flash — “Welcome to Earth-2” — Image FLA213b_0137b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Candice Patton as Iris West and Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The DC-TV Multiverse Explored – Past, Present & Future Adventures:

This episode was a treasure trove of Easter Eggs. I’m not even sure if I got them all below, so if there’s something I missed please let me know. Though the one part I didn’t miss anything of was the Earth-1 to Earth-2 travel scene. After last year’s Season Finale, I know that super-speed travels lead to some excellent Easter Egg placements – and this episode’s “in flight” did not disappoint as it connected Flash past, present, future and … multiverse?

During the travel scene we saw a shot of Gorilla Grodd, no doubt a nod to his growing importance in the series and potential role as Season 3 bad. Additionally, we also saw a strange version of the Green Arrow. Was this a future version of the Green Arrow (like the armless Oliver Queen scheduled to appear on Legends Of Tomorrow) or someone else in the Green Arrow costume? But that wasn’t the only potential Legends of Tomorrow character we saw as the gunslinger Jonah Hex appeared in a brief cameo as well.

Though the greatest moments of this segment was the first two flashes which showed the old 90s version of the Flash and … Supergirl? That’s right, as a sort of set up for the crossover with Supergirl scheduled this March – and more perhaps – we just got confirmation that both shows are a part of the DC TV Universe, but just take place in different universes (ie: Earth-3 and Earth-4). By confirming this, The Flash just opened itself up to countless possibilities for future stories and crossovers. Perhaps one day he’ll crossover with 90s Flash and find that was an alternate fate for his dad (both 90s Flash and Henry Allen are played by John Wesley Shipp). But what of that final scene showing a Ring with an L-insignia? Well that refers to the Legion of Superheroes, and where that will show up remains to be seen. It’s usually a futuristic version of the Justice League, so one could say it’ll be part of Legends of Tomorrow; but with the way the Arrowverse is ever-expanding, perhaps there’s something even bigger coming in the not so distant future.

Earth 2 Cisco Reverb

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Much like how Barry’s lack of speed ended up in Iris getting injured last episode, this episode Joe died because Barry was trying to keep up ‘normal’ appearances.
  • Stylistically, I love how Earth-2 is both incredibly advanced and yet still stuck in the 70s/Jazz Age. Unless old timey phones and jazz lounges are about to make a big comeback lol
  • With Nora Allen still alive, Leonard Snart being mayor and past references to Earth-2’s Green Arrow being Robert Queen, it’s not crazy to think that Earth-2 could be Flashpoint Paradox Universe. If/when Barry does eventually go back and save his mom, will he find Earth-1’s history rewritten to being eerily similar to Earth-2. Just think how great a misdirect that could be! He gets back and thinks he’s back on Earth-2, but instead learns that it’s been Earth-1 the whole time.
  • If you remember Season 1 of The Flash, it was revealed that Iris had wanted to take a Police exam, but Joe didn’t let her. This exchange probably went differently on Earth-2 seeing as how Iris is indeed an officer.
  • It’s unknown whether or not Earth-2 Cisco, Caitlin and Ronnie all worked at Star Labs, but they did get their powers from the Particle Accelerator. Though considering 2/3 have the exact same powers (Ronnie still fused with Stein even), you have to wonder if Caitlin’s powers will one day manifest.
  • Team Arrow wasn’t the only former heroes and villain roles reversed. We saw Henry (aka Tokomak) as a mild mannered man working at Star Labs, Frank (Deadshot) as a bumbling officer with awful aim and Barry’s former Captain as a fedora-wearing mob guy.
  • So I actually knew an Earth-2 death was coming. I had learned about it from Robbie Amell during Heroes & Villains that Deathstorm would kill a series regular. And the moment Cisco mentioned a ‘Goodbye note’ I was worried it’d be him. Thankfully it was Earth-2 Joe. I can live with this. But if it was Earth-1 Joe, HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!
  • So it turns out Jay’s dying not because Zoom took his speed but because of Velocity 6. Velocity 7 seems to be a bit better, but still has some kinks to work out. Either way it was awesome seeing Jay back in speed form and what new tricks he had up his sleeve… even if momentarily.
  • WOW! What is it with evil Speedsters killing Cisco’s by vibrating a hand through their chests? Zoom and Reverb was like Season 1 (Reverse Flash and Cisco) all over again.
  • In the comics, Reverb was Vibe’s brother. Additionally, here’s Reverb’s look is very similar to Vibe’s look Post-Flashpoint
  • Atlantis name drop … again.
  • Who was the guy in the mask banging on the glass? Was that another Speed hostage? Was that someone’s doppelganger? Does Earth-2 have Marvel comics and someone dressed up as Doctor Doom?
  • Favorite Quotes – Winner: Cisco (both of them)
    • “Are you Cloud City Vader’ing me right now?” – Earth-1 Cisco to Earth-2 Cisco
    • “Dopple….” – Earth-1 Cisco
      • …Ganger” – Earth-2 Cisco

Team Flash reunites next week in a very different way as Earth-2 Barry and apparently Killer Frost join Harry and Cisco in tracking down Zoom and rescuing Barry. Considering Zoom just killed her love (Deathstorm), perhaps we’ll get a good Killer Frost after all …. Okay maybe that’s wishful thinking; but we’ll at least get a not as evil version.

We’ll find out next week as the 2-Part Earth-2 Adventure continues!

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