Analysis of Wonder Woman SDCC Trailer – Feminism, Origins, Ares & More

Wonder Woman Analysis

From the moment we met Wonder Woman on film, we knew we were on the verge of something very special. In a film that bounced back and forth between bad, good, back to bad and then back to good, Wonder Woman remained a constant source of epicness. As such, it makes perfect sense that the first trailer for her stand alone film would be just as epic.

Much like how Supergirl was the first superheroine-centered TV Show in decades, DC does it again as Wonder Woman represents the first stand alone superheroine-centered film in decades – or perhaps ever! So let’s take a closer look at the trailer and analyze everything about this epic new trailer.

Why The Need For A Love Interest – Preserving Feminism & Origin Story:

As I was saying earlier, the one thing that set apart Wonder Woman from all the Batman v Superman drama was how she remained above that whole conflict and was her own person. She owned every scene, and everyone around her suddenly became secondary to her. So WHY – you might ask – does this film and trailer seem to highlight Diana’s relationship with a man? Simple: It’s her origin story!

Diana/Wonder Woman comes from Themyscira, an island that is not only home of the Amazons but also devoid of men. As we learn in the trailer, Diana believes Zeus simply “brought her to life” – whether they eventually go the route of revealing Zeus (or Hades) as her biological father remains to be seen. Steve is not only the first man she’s ever met, but also the first outsider she’s ever met. This isn’t a Little Mermaid-esque “meets a man, falls in love and sacrifices everything to be with him” tale – and claiming that is what lessens Wonder Woman as a character.

Wonder Woman Batman V Superman Meme

She isn’t just a princess who becomes enamored with this outsider “man”; but she actually becomes enamored with the outside world as a whole. It is because of Steve that she decides to venture into the world of men and fight along side him. She’s not making some deal to lose her voice or change who she is. She is a warrior through and through, and yes love made her open herself up to the rest of the world, but it isn’t diminishing who she is. Without Steve – or any outsiders from the rest of the world – Wonder Woman would have no reason to leave Themyscira because she wouldn’t know of it.

And if you’re still upset our first female-centered solo superhero film has a “love interest” to define her; think of any male-led solo superhero films in recent years. Deadpool, Man of Steel, Ant-Man, Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Batman, Green Lantern… *shiver* All had a romantic interest. The majority of movies in general have some sort of romantic pairing. Wonder Woman – like most women – can be a princess, a lover, a fighter and whatever else she wants. Those aren’t mutually exclusive titles and this film will show how she left the shores of Themyscira and joined the world of mortals to become even more – a hero.

A Battle Of Gods & Men – WWI vs Amazons, Potential Villains & More:

Now Steve might be the person who first gets Diana involved in the affairs of ‘man’, but I’m willing to bet other – godly – forces will force Diana and Themyscira into battle. In the trailer we see a full on battle between the Amazons and WWI soldiers; but how? Why? Does Wonder Woman’s decision to join the realm of mortals cause the mortals to invade her home – or is there something else going on? We see a conversation between Diana and her mother Hippolyta, which seems to go pretty well consider Diana would have broken Themyscira tradition. This means there is some sort of ‘approval’ – whether before or after – for Diana’s actions, which could mean that this isn’t the daughter of a god interfering in the affairs of men; but rather the daughter of a god joining the world of mortals to combat another godly force.

Think of the Marvel film Captain America: The First Avenger. Cap’s role for WWII might not be that different from Wonder Woman’s role for WWI in the sense that these are superheroes joining a historic battle where super villains have been inserted as well. So whereas Captain America found himself serving in WWII to counter the evil Red Skull, Wonder Woman could find herself in battle against a super villain entrenched deep in the politics of WWI Era. Again, I doubt she’ll initially join because of this factor; but it’ll soon become apparent that she was destined to take part in this battle to unravel the plan of a villain – but whose?

Wonder Woman Battle

Well there are two potential candidates revealed in this trailer: the first of which is a mysterious woman at the gala who appears to have a somewhat dislocated jaw. Since we are dealing in Greek mythos and dislocated jaw reminds me of a snake, I can’t help but think Medusa or a gorgon of sorts. This would certainly be an opponent for Wonder Woman and a Gordon’s presence in the realm of men would make Diana question if this World War was part of some bigger plan – but again, WHOSE?!?!?! My theory – and a theory I’ve seen a few others ponder – is the God of War Ares.

Wonder Woman is an absolute badass and is seen taking down an entire platoon of men with only a shield and lasso. So why does she need to sneak a sword into a gala to – presumably – slay someone – that general perhaps? If she’s that close, couldn’t anyone else slay this general. Thus in keeping with the ‘don’t use cannon to kill mosquito’ idea, this man might not actually be mortal. Additionally, the idea of the ‘God of War’ stirring up animosity in the human world isn’t too farfetched and would be the perfect foil for this Grecian Heroine – at least in this pandas humble opinion. And considering early theories revolved around the villains being Circe and Ares, we might be onto something!

Balancing The Light & Dark Tones – Getting The Tone & Visuals Right:

What will certainly stand out about this trailer is the tone. There’s jokes and … people smiling. WHAT DC IS THIS?!?!?!? Well judging by the Justice League trailer that was released as well, DC learned from their overly dark tone and are finally getting that proper balance – hopefully. Though it’s not just the tone of the film that’s lighter but also the visuals. Wonder Woman’s costume in Batman v Superman was very rusted and tarnished; but this time around we see a bright and shining costume color scheme closer to her classic look. Is this because this is the exact same costume we saw in Dawn of Justice – just decades newer? That would be a pretty nice touch and show that THIS is indeed special timeless armor and not just the latest fashion trend.

Wonder Woman Beach

The Proper Balance Of Period Piece & Fantasy – DC’s Captain America?

 One final quick item of note is how this film perfectly holds true to the fantasy genre while also portraying a period piece. The first shot of Steve awakening on the beach with Diana seems to come straight out of one of the classics as it portrays this beyond beautiful setting. Yet despite that it also has a dated feel to it in both cinematography and style. It’s almost as if the original Clash of the Titans merged with Captain America: The First Avenger… but better!

I’m exceptionally excited and hopeful for this film as it looks like DC has finally found their perfect balance of striking familiarity and yet difference from Marvel. This feels like a Captain America style but with a completely unique scope. If these all pay off, Wonder Woman might very well become the cornerstone upon which a decisively powerful DCCU is born.

2 thoughts on “Analysis of Wonder Woman SDCC Trailer – Feminism, Origins, Ares & More

  1. This was a really solid analysis. Very excited to see the first trailer for the film and it’s great seeing the overall response to the film. It’s been a long time coming for Wonder Woman and 2017 looks to be a good one for her and fans. The theory of Danny Huston being Ares is solid as Sean Bean was originally rumored for the lead villain role, which ultimately went to Huston so… Ares? We’ll have to wait and see. Again, great work.

  2. Really, really in-depth review and a very interesting read too. I can’t believe we’ve had to wait to so long for Wonder Woman to appear on the big screen but i’m glad the day has some. May I ask if you’d be interesting in sharing your writing on Moviepilot/Creators? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you’d like me to expand on that. I’d love to hear from you. My contact details are on my blog.

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