A Closer Look: Legends Of Tomorrow – “Compromised”

This season of Legends of Tomorrow has been simply wonderful – so wonderful that the CW ordered more episodes for this season. With the attention to detail and multiple story threads, it shouldn’t be too hard to extend this season without making it feel dragged out – and this episode gave us the perfect vehicle to do that: establishing the Legion of Doom!

Whereas it wasn’t said directly, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed that this is the groundwork for the Arrow-verse’s version of the famous league of super villains, the Legion of Doom. What’s Darhk’s and Thawne’s plan? Who will join the Legion next? What’s going on character-wise with the Legends?

Let’s look at this and more in this week’s Closer Look of Legends Of Tomorrow “Compromised”.


Defining Who You Are – “What’s Does It Mean To Be You”:

This week we saw the group dealing with defining themselves with special regard to who they used to be vs who they are now. Though not the first to exhibit this struggle, Martin Stein is the one who first points it out to us in his conversation with Ray.

“What does it mean to be you? What’s your place in the world. To live, and hopefully through the act of living we discover who we truly are and learn from that.” – Martin Stein

Martin’s words echo a feeling everyone has at one point or another – maybe even a few times. What makes us who we are? And Martin’s words played out perfectly as each character struggling this episode did exactly that: find out who they were from living – but it didn’t happen without some questioning of who they used to be. For Martin, he was trying to reconcile who he is now with his younger self/selves who seem like completely different people compared to the man he is now. And they are, but through living he learned that no accomplishment means as much to him as his wife. Fans of The Flash will know this to be true as it was Clarissa who was able to bring him out of his Firestorm fog when he first merged with Ronnie Raymond.

For Ray, he was struggling between being an suit-less Atom or the next Captain Cold. He’s been struggling to define himself for a few episodes now that his suit is gone. While seeing Ray try to be Snart was hilarious, in the end it couldn’t work, but it is through that trial and error that he’s reminded that he’s Ray Palmer and he can “science his way out of anything”. Needless to say, this will most likely lead to him making another Atom suit, and the feelings stirred up in Mick also hint at a return of the real Captain Cold – but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Though it wasn’t just the tech guys this episode who struggled with finding out who they are now compared to their past selves as Sara must figure out if she’s still an Assassin or the Time Captain. Will she throw the timeline in ruin to bring back her sister – like Laurel did for her – or will she respect the timeline and remain above it. In the end, Sara did what she does best – puts everyone to shame. Sara realized she’s no longer the killer she used to be and isn’t about to lose her soul a second time out of revenge; but she can be above all of this while still making Darhk’s life hell. By telling him that everything he sets out to do – even find love – ends in a terrible mess was the most damaging thing she could do to him. So damaging in fact, he’s finally ready to form a full time partnership with Eobard Thawne.

Reverse Flash Timeline Evidence (Part 2) – Pre Season 1, Post Flashpoint Or Both:

It’s still hard to pinpoint which Reverse Flash this is, but we are getting some more details. The Reverse Flash we last saw was all about knowing how bad it is to change the timeline. This one seems more reckless and wants to effect big changes. Even Darhk’s line about “speed not being everything” hints at this being a less practiced Thawne. Is this the post Flashpoint Reverse Flash who feels he has nothing to lose since he’s now on borrowed time. OR is this the pre-season 1 Reverse Flash who’s just learning about the intricacy’s of time Travel?

In the final moments we see him give Darhk the same time orb he used in the Season 1 finale; but not the same since that one was destroyed and subsequently built. That could have been him remaking this one (if it is indeed pre-season 1 Reverse Flash). Then again, we still have to remember that second (in costume) Thawne who knew about Rex’s future meddling. Could both pre Season 1 Thawne and post Flashpoint Thawne be involved here? We’re going to need more information, but our timetable from “Out Of Time” still stands.


Top is Pre-Season 1 Scenario while Bottom is Post Flashpoint Scenario where he tries to change the world before heading back to his fixed point.

Legends Of The Episode – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Favorite Quotes – Winner: Mick
    • “You killed my beers” – Mick
    • That’s the one rule, THE ONE RULE WE FOLLOW” – Mick about don’t cross the streams. Which is a Ghostbusters reference and a Flash reference to how he first beat Heatwave and Captain Cold
    • “I HATE THE 80s!” – Mick
    • “You again…. I mean me again” – Martin younger
    • “Would you please shut me up” – Martin elder
    • “You should have let me punch him” – Mick
    • “now that we’ve got your attention…” – Ray
    • “Do we hug?” / “Just this once” – Nate/ Sara
  • As if the clothes this week weren’t 80s enough, Darhk’s initial attire in Miami was straight out of Miami Vice…. Nice!
  • 52 Action News, gotta love those New 52 Easter Eggs
  • The line “if you are lucky enough to find love again, embrace it” to Amaya has me concerned. We need Amaya and the totem to eventually go back to the Zambesi. Either love will take her there or she will love someone on the team and then end up leaving. Either that or we need a new way to fix that continuity issue since Mari’s immediate family came from Zambesi.
  • Sorry Ray, but we actually already have/had a Colonel Cold, and it was Snart’s father.

Next week the Legends head back to the old West and their friend Jonah Hex is waiting for them. Could he maybe have details about Rip’s whereabouts or just a familiar face for a weekly getaway? We’ll find out next time on Legends of Tomorrow! So stay tuned!

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