A Closer Look: Arrow – “Vigilante”

This Season of Arrow has been a roller coaster ride, and now that Prometheus has been fully introduced it’s only going to get crazier right? Well, yes and no. As a wider season arc, yes. But in terms of this episode, things slowed down. Maybe it’s because of the show’s new ‘tell the truth’ angle or maybe it’s because its spending more time setting up some major twists.

If there was one thing this episode focused on more than anything else, it was nothing is black and white anymore. So let’s take a Closer Look Arrow “Vigilante” to figure out what’s going on and what’s being set in motion.


“Who’s To Say Who’s The Monster And Who’s The Hero?” – Vigilante, Romance & Betrayals:

The main theme of this episode was revealed perfectly in this week’s flashback as Kovar tells Oliver “Who’s to say who’s the monster and who’s the hero”. As the episode title suggests, this question of perspective is aimed directly at the new vigilante in Star City named Vigilante. In a very Punisher-like fashion, he sees Green Arrow as a half measure and is waging an all out war on criminals – regardless of collateral damage. Paired with last week’s glimpse back at Serial Killer Oliver, this was the perfect time to introduce this juxtaposition to Oliver. Does Vigilante have the right idea or is Oliver’s current method truly the proper path?

Though the idea of ‘perspectives comes into play again at episodes end as we see Artemis talking with Prometheus. For starters, this does explain how she was able to survive the encounter; but at the same time some facts still don’t add up. Sharp was shocked to learn about Oliver’s role as the Hood, and yet Prometheus already knew due to the killings. Did their partnership just form after their first encounter? If Prometheus is talking in Sharp’s ear about his/her perspective of things, perhaps this is why she’s recently been even more critical of Oliver despite their making amends. Then again, could this be a trap Oliver is setting up on his end for Prometheus?

It’s too soon to tell either of those scenarios, as is the endgame with Susan Williams. We know she has shocking details on Oliver’s past in Russia and she’s betrayed trust before. Is she getting close to Oliver just to take him down even harder or is she genuinely enjoying their time together. OR is it multiple levels and she is Prometheus? As of the moment, who are we to say who’s truly a friend and who’s a foe?


Rapid Fire – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Considering all the other times Oliver’s been screwed over by a girl originally characterized as bad news, IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!!
  • Wild Dog really stepped up this episode with helping give Diggle some family time while also having some pretty great lines, such as how when everyone was complaining about how hot it was to wear masks, he was “used to it”.
  • The whole Quentin not Prometheus thing was resolved rather quickly, but does serve to confirm to Oliver that whoever is targeting them DOES know Oliver is the Green Arrow.
  • Continuing the theme of referencing the 1st and 2nd Season, it was great that they brought in the murder or Moira Queen. We’ve heard so much of Thea and Malcolm, Moira is sometimes overlooked.
  • There was definitely a focus on the idea of “is the system broken or do they just not use the system”. This can be seen not only in Oliver’s crusade but also the incarceration of Dunn. He was originally an innocent kid but due to prosecutors needing someone to blame they threw him in jail and thus created a criminal. Is this the system of “justice” failing or did it fail because this wasn’t actually “justice”.
  • Curtis has officially taken the title of Mr Terrific
  • So Vigilante is almost certainly the DA, but where in the world did he get so much tech? Those goggles alone were an excellent touch to the episode and added a read RoboCop / inhuman feel.

Next week Arrow is off and the next time we see the team will be for the special Four Way Crossover Event. So we’ll have to revisit these troubles in a few weeks; but for now stay tuned for “Invasion” in two weeks.

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