A Closer Look: Supergirl – “Medusa” (Mid Season Finale & Crossover Primer)

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Ever since we first saw Supergirl and The Flash crossover last season in “World’s Finest”, we’ve been dreaming of a massive crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow & Legends Of Tomorrow. And this week gave it to us…. sort of.

Whereas the marketing for this week’s episode of Supergirl relied heavily on it kicking off Heroes Vs Aliens, it’s true purpose was actually to serve as the shows Mid Season Finale. Though despite this representation, it was still an absolutely superb episode that tied up multiple Season Two Plot lines and set up some big twists for the rest of the Season following Winter Hiatus.

So let’s take a Closer Look at Supergirl “Medusa” and what it wrapped up, what it set up and why it was the way it was.


What About Heroes Vs Aliens? – The Crossover Episode That Wasn’t:

First thing’s first: Yes, I know this was marketed as a Crossover episode but be serious – ‘could it ever have been more than what we got this episode?’. With this week being the Mid Season Finale Supergirl had to wrap up a ton of plot lines; and sure Barry and Cisco could have arrived sooner rather than just their portal pops. Personally, I’d have loved to see them literally drop in on thanksgiving dinner and then try to work with Kara this week; but it would be too crammed an episode. As I’ll explore below, this episode had so much character driven plot points to deal with the addition of two outsiders would have taken focus away.

Though more importantly, be realistic. Supergirl is on Earth -38, a completely different universe than the rest of the Arrow-verse. Yes, they might crossover and bond but they’re still worlds apart. So any threat affecting one wouldn’t the other. How could the rest of the Arrow-verse fight a war on two worlds? I mean one day if they adopt the Convergence storyline, but for now the alien invasion by the Dominators is affecting Earth One, no other Earths. There was never an alternate universe where Barry and Cisco didn’t show up at just the end once everything was wrapped up. Perhaps that’s why the actual hastag for this week is #DCWeek and not all shows as #HeroesVsAliens because whereas Supergirl IS there, that threat is not affecting her world.

Revealing Your Hidden Identity – Alex, James, Lena, J’Onn & Mon-El?

From the start of this week’s episode it was pretty clear that the main theme was going to be all about hidden identities coming to light. Seeing James and Alex fighting about which would reveal their secret at Thanksgiving Diner was pretty enjoyable, but in the end only one got to share their secret – and that was of course Alex. Though she didn’t win because of some magic coin toss, but rather because Alex and her mom served as a perfect foil for Lena and her mother.

Whereas Alex came out to her mom, Lena wanted her mom to come clean about what she was really doing. These two mother daughter relationships couldn’t be more opposite as Alex is Eliza’s biological daughter and there’s genuine love her. Lena on the other hand is only an adopted daughter and you can see there isn’t much love here. Though where the situations might be reversed, Lena and Alex couldn’t be more similar as both are incredibly strong women. This actually works wonderfully as Bookend Moments as we originally saw Lena and Alex team up to take down John Corben in the season premier.

Beyond all these revelations, we also had plenty of other identities brought to light as Cadmus has now been dragged into the light and its head arrested. J’Onn came clean about his White Martian transformation and in the end accepted it so he could battle Cyborg Superman (as a Light Green Martian?) and was later cured thanks to Eliza and the Medusa Virus. Even the Medusa Virus has a sort of revelation about it as it shows Kara’s parents again as not saints, but in the end the virus saved the life of someone she loved – so that should count for something. The final person to mention in this topic is Mon-El who revealed his feelings for Kara – but then conveniently forgot them. WE the audience knows he cares from that final look on his face when Kara left, but it seems both Mon and James will have to wait for the second half of the season to let their hidden sides out.


Supergirl — “Medusa” — Image SPG208b_0143 — Pictured(L-R): Chris Wood as Mike/Mon-El and Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Supergirl Season 2.5 – What’s Next, New Threats & Lingering Questions:

So that was a very packed episode and we got resolution to almost all of this seasons initiated plot lines. For starters, Alex and Maggie are finally together! Additionally, we learned that Kara was right and in the end you can trust a Luthor – if that Luthor is adopted and named Lena. Though we did have some hints that maybe Mr Luthor was a nice man – perhaps helpful like Lionel Luthor was for a while on Smallville. Regardless, our trust in Lena also resulted in the fall of Cadmus – or at least Cadmus’s present course of actions. So where to next?

Well we got that answer with a mysterious scene of a bunch of Aliens searching for Mon-El. Are these Daxans who are trying to find a fallen comrade or do they think he committed treason? What if his escape story was only half true and the prince didn’t give him the ship? It’s way too soon to figure this one out; but there’s still plenty of other plot points that haven’t been completely solved yet. Are Kara and Mon-El going to get together – or will the previously mentioned hunt put a damper on that? Also on the “bonding front”, J’Onn might be healed but he and M’Gann still have some unfinished business, and I’m sure these two will reconnect.

Additionally, the man with J’Onn’s face – or tha man whose face J’Onn stole – is still out there. Will Cyborg Superman cause more problems and head up Cadmus? There’s sure to be a little more to this story as Jeremiah is still being held by Cadmus and Cyborg Superman/ Henshaw is sure to still want him held prisoner seeing as Jeremiah was one of the ones responsible for his death.

Up, Up & Away – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Favorite Quotes:
    • “I think Mon-El is hitting on Eliza” – Kara
    • “Be your own hero” – Kara to Lena
    • “You might be a cyborg, but you’re no Superman” – Kara
    • “This better be the right place, because if it isn’t the right place, someone is about to be real confused” – Cisco
  • It was a nice touch that in Season One Kara learns that her mother failed saving Krypton and wasn’t as perfect as she thought; and here in Season Two we see Kara learn her dad’s research didn’t protect all lives but just Kryptonians at the expense of others.
  • Is it just me, or does anyone else hope this isn’t the last time we see David Harewood vs David Harewood … I mean J’Onn vs Henshaw lol
  • Since this is #DCWeek, it’s safe to assume some Flash fans were watching tonight and we had a little treat/foreshadow for them as when Barry introduced Cisco as his friend Cisco responded “Friend is a lose term, we work together”. As we saw last week in “Killer Frost”, old wounds reopened concerning the death of Cisco’s brother and the way things are looking now, it seems like Cisco might indeed be the one to go bad eventually and use his powers for bad.
  • There was some confusion with the Medusa Virus, but thankfully that final scene with J’Onn being cured of the White Martian DNA solved it. Originally it was said that Kara was the only one not effected because she’s Kryptonian but right before this is was said only humans were spared. From a Krpyotnian perspective, Earthlings are aliens so they should have been affected too. It could mean that Cadmus changed it to only help humans, but then that line about Mon-El hanging on due to Daxan genetic closeness to Kryptonians. The answer is that they Cadmus and the DEO inserted a new gene for the virus to ignore. So by time it got to J’Onn it was ineffective against Krpytonians, Humans AND Green Martians.
  • As for how Cyborg Superman knew about the alien bar, if Maggie and Alex frequent the bar it’s not a major kept secret. It’s just a bar where aliens can be themselves.

Well now that the first half of Season 2 is done and Barry has come for the Girl of Steel’s help, it’s off for the big Heroes vs Aliens Crossover! So be sure to stay tuned here for a Closer Look at each episode as well as more on Supergirl when it returns after the Winter Hiatus!

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