A Closer Look: The Flash – “Invasion!” (Heroes Vs Aliens Part 1)

It’s the most wonderful time of year: The Yearly Arrowverse Crossover, and this year things are even bigger as Supergirl, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow join The Flash in a massive crossover event titled Heroes vs Aliens. With more heroes comes more action and more jokes, but that wasn’t all as this episode blurred the lines of who’s episode it really was. Was this an episode of The Flash? Or was it Legends Of Tomorrow? All? None?

We’ll be looking at that and more, so let’s take a Closer Look at The Flash “Invasion!” Heroes vs Aliens Part 1.


Who’s Episode Is It Anyway? – Where Heroes & Major Plot Points Unite:

What really makes the current Arrow-verse wonderful is how each show is connected. They’re not merely spin offs but all contribute to the same universe and have repercussions for their sister shows. Never has this been more apparent than in this Crossover. Despite the title being The Flash, this episode dealt with major plot points of each show as well as detailing some major revelations to come. It’s hard to write this in long form, so I’ll break down what was explored/ important for each show.

  • The Flash – Changes & Repercussions

Since this was an episode of The Flash, it makes sense that it’d be the one most prominently featured in this episode and there were several Season 3 plotlines to be explored – and all of course related to flashpoint. That being said, almost everything this Season of Arrowverse can be blamed on Flashpoint so that’s a given. The real focal points were all on the supporting cast and what trouble Barry may or may not have brought about. We see Cisco is growing more and more distant from Barry as well as Wally whose powers are growing just as fast. Though the twist here comes with HR accepting Wally’s offer to become a mentor. HR has seemed off all season and those once strong ‘bad feelings’ we had are back. Is there any way HR could be connected to Savitar and Alchemy? Is this playing right into the villains’ hands of claiming Wally?

Though the troubles don’t end there as Barry continues to wonder what he’s done as he sees the infamous future new article has now changed to be written by someone else. Does Iris die? Does she and Barry never get married? Did she simply quit journalism and go back to being a crime fighter like in Flashpoint? It’s too soon to tell. Though the one bit of reassuring details we got this week was Caitlin getting some advice from Stein who told her that she shouldn’t fear her powers and that they’ll all be there for her.

  • Arrow – Vigilante, Oliver’s Regrets & Second Chances?:

As the man/ show who started it all, you knew Oliver/ Arrow was going to play a major role in the crossover like it does every time. Last year we saw Oliver learn he had a son, which eventually led to his breakup with Felicity. This year, Oliver once again returns to the role of trainer as he did way back in the first Arrow/ Flash crossover. Though beyond that, there’s wasn’t much of existing Arrow plot besides a shot of them tracking down and facing Vigilante (the current minor menace in Star City) and a reminder that Diggle used to have a daughter named Sara. Beyond that we also got a reminder that Lyla is the new head of Argus. The real focus of this episode as it concerns Arrow was Oliver recounting the loss of his parents and how’d do anything to change it. It might seem small but these are events we haven’t had referenced in Seasons for Arrow. Additionally, it looks as though all of Oliver’s regrets and dreams will be dangled in front of him on the next part of this crossover as Oliver and company find themselves in one big shared dreams – where his parents and Laurel are alive. Will this be a one time thing or will there be a chance to further explore these down the road? Will Oliver meet his father from Earth Two? Will he and Earth Two Laurel meet – and get together? We will have to see, but this crossover did a great job of bringing our minds back to early Season Arrow – something this season of Arrow has done a great job of thus far as well.

  • Legends Of Tomorrow – Distortions, Future Messages & Stein’s Flashes:

With the Time Masters destroyed, this season of Legends Of Tomorrow has been largely about them fixing temporal distortions caused by time pirates. So think how they must feel when they learn their best friend caused on of the biggest. What makes it even worse is that Sara has struggled with Barry’s choice earlier this season and chose wisely. Unlike Barry who risked the whole timeline for his mom, Sara decided to uphold the timeline and not kill Darhk in the past to save her sister Laurel – even though Laurel had gone through hell to get Sara back. If there was a word that could sum up the Legends feelings of Barry right now, it’s disappointment. Though you have to wonder, if the Time Masters WERE still in power would Flashpoint have been able to happen in the first place?

That’s most likely a question for another time because there’s two other major Legends Of Tomorrow plot points that found their way into this episode and they both have to do with Stein. Earlier this season Stein and Jax found a message from Future Barry warning them about a future war and Barry not being trusted. Though we have to wonder, was THIS the war future Barry meant? Considering it’s 40 years in the future probably not. So what is coming? And was Flashpoint what the future Barry meant or was it something else? Does this have any relation to the Future Newspaper article? Again, so many questions to figure out, but we were given one more plot point as Stein’s memory flashes were revealed to involve a daughter he never had previously. Is she all that’s different or is there a new wife as well? Were these changes due to younger Stein or Flashpoint? Again, we’ll have to wait to find out.


Considering Supergirl isn’t a part of the Earth One continuity, it’s easy to see why there wasn’t much given for her show. For many viewers this might have been their first exposure to Kara Danvers. Additionally, Supergirl had its MidSeason Finale last night so there’s less future plot to continue exploring at the moment. That being said, we did get some interesting pieces of info as we learned that Kara is Earth-38 and that despite them being universes apart, the Dominators do exist on Earth-38 and once attacked Krpyton.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Favorite Quotes:
    • “Think we might have a prodigy on our hands” – Cisco
    • “Why the hell not, just another lie between friends right” – damn Cisco
    • “Let me stop you right there BA” / “Don’t call me BA” – HR/ Barry
    • “Right because we ain’t got enough crazy here in Central City” – Joe
    • “I swear to god Barry my life was somewhat normal before I met you” – Diggle
    • “Aww that’s so cute, you guys are just going to get together and fight some aliens…. Have you lost your mind.” – Feliicty
    • “Egotistical but catchy” – Thea
    • “You know I’ve never done drugs, cause I’m always afraid I’d see weird stuff” – Diggle
    • “Best. Team Up. Ever!” – Felicity
    • “Oh my god he just got so much hotter” – Iris about Oliver
    • “Are we just supposed to pretend like we don’t hear him” – Sara
    • “One sci-fi problem at a time” – Oliver
    • “Yah, it’s kinda hot” – looks like Sara’s got a little crush on Supergirl’s badassery
    • “Having powers isn’t a death sentence, no matter who your doppleganger is” – Stein to Caitlin
    • “You can see everyone’s bits with those peepers huh?” Sarah
    • “I burned my family alive and I like to light things on fire” – Mick
    • “Well that’s… a… colorful backstory” – Kara to Mick
    • “Well if nobody else is freaked out by it, far be it from me to panic” – Ray
    • “You go first, it’s your office” – Feliicty to Cisco
    • “You didn’t kill me, so my day’s looking up” – Barry
  • Don’t you love it when a Flash Arrow Crossover starts ‘in media res’ before flashing back? I love it when a Flash Arrow Crossover starts ‘in media res’ before flashing back.
  • Random thought, but what if HR isn’t actually Wells but that “business partner” he keeps mentioning taking his place?
  • HOLY CROSSOVER! That “Old Hanger/ Hall” is the Hall of Justice. Super Friends/ Justice League confirmed!!!!!!
  • Oh yah that’s right, Barry never heard of Snart’s sacrifice in the Season Finale of Legends.
  • I love how Olvier screams at Barry “You really did it this time” moments after telling him that none of this is Barry’s fault.
  • If you’re wondering where Citizen Steel and Vixen were, Sara explained that the “newbies” sat this one out. This also explains why Mr Terrific, Ragman, Mad Dog and Artemis aren’t here yet.
  • Is it just me or does anyone else think that Government Agent lecturing Lyla is a Dominator in disguise?

The Crossover continues tomorrow with Arrow “Invasion” as Team Flash heads to Star City to find Oliver and Company – and bring in the rest of Oliver’s new team. So tune in tomorrow and check back here for another Closer Look.

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