AC4 Multiplayer Event – Miserly Shadows: Tips and Tricks

Use the shadows to take your opponents by surprise, before they surprise you.

Use the shadows to take your opponents by surprise, before they surprise you.

Just in time for the Holiday Season, the fourth multiplayer event for Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag entitled “Miserly Shadows” is the most straightforward event we’ve seen yet. No play restrictions. No forcing you to play in a new way. Play however you wish – just add in a few taunts.

All team objective game modes are active, which means you’ll get to choose between Domination, Manhunt and Artifact Assault. Whereas this is a very straightforward, open-ended game event, I did discover a great tip for these night maps while I was playing yesterday.



Taunt a locked player (20 times)

‘French Empire Flag’ Emblem

Complete a session in the event playlist

Earn the title “The Shadow”

Help reach the community objective

Unlock night versions of all multiplayer maps

Using the Shadows

During a game of Domination yesterday I realized that 9/10 of the kills I got was because of people running around and alerting my teammates and me to their presence. Now of course I always say take your time – as do most other seasoned players – but on the night maps it is especially important.

If you walk, even if you’re not blended, it is extremely difficult to be seen. During a match on the Virginia Plantation map yesterday an opponent snuck up on me from a rooftop while I was defending my zone. Between the dark roof and dark clothing, I was only able to finally see him when he activated a smoke bomb by mistake.

So embrace the shadows in this holiday event assassins. It’ll be your best friend.

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